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Vodič za dizajniranje frejmvorka

Vodič za dizajniranje frejmvorka

Popust cena: 2200 rsd

101 princip za dobar UX dizajn

101 princip za dobar UX dizajn

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UX Design Weekly: Mental models for designers, Struggling Design Systems, Power of Visioning

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to say thank you for reading each week and hope you have a happy holiday. See you again in 2020.


Mental models for designers
A look at tools Dropbox design uses for solving problems, making decisions, and communicating ideas.

The Loss Of Micro-Privacy
How small design changes rewrote the rules of messaging and how we feel about one another.

Product Thinking is a Lifeline for Struggling Design Systems
Design systems often fail because we don’t treat them like products.

The Power of Visioning
A six-step guide to supercharging product innovation and thinking big.

The Icon Kaleidoscope
Microsoft redesigning over 100 icons with new colors, materials, and finishes.


Start 2020 with a Career Advantage!
Begin the new year on a high—get 25% off UX courses for the whole of 2020! You'll save 25% on yearly access to UX design courses and the world's largest network of designers. There's no better way to give your UX career an edge in 2020.


Bravo Studio App
Turn Figma designs into native iOS & Android apps instantly.

It's Centred That
Test your skills and judge whether the dots are really in the middle of the shapes.


Leading Design London 2019
Talks from Leading Design London 2019.

Design Tools Today - Design Details Podcast
The state of our industry's current design tools and what those tools could look like in the years to come.


Dennis Gecaj
Dennis is a product designer from Germany.


An infographic rethinking Batman’s classic outfit in a user-centric way.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
— Jane Goodall


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