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Smashing UX dizajn

Smashing UX dizajn

Expert Data Visualization

Expert Data Visualization

UX design Weekly 132

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In defense of “users”
Dan Saffer writes that "user" is a perfectly fine, gender-neutral, activity-positive term for the person engaged with your product or service.

Questions to ask as a new designer on the team

Three simple questions to ask at the start of every project to create a collaborative environment and arrive at better design solutions.

The researcher’s journey: leveling up as a user researcher
Charting the growth of researcher-as-individual contributor from junior, to mid-level, to senior researcher.

The Most Important Part of Design You’re Probably Overlooking.
What Is information architecture, why it's important, and tips for creating good IA.

Designed to Work
Lessons accidentally learned while running a design shop.


Better Design
A social community for you to test your designs and copy using polls and to get feedback and comments in real time.

Shopify Polaris
Shopify's design system complete with design principles, UI kit, voice and tone, and component library.

Designing for Messenger
Best practices, platform design kit, platform components and more when designing a Messenger Bot.


User Research War Stories
Video and slides from Steve Portigal's talk at O’Reilly Design Conference.

The importance of identifying your ethical design red line - The O’Reilly Design Podcast
Design ethics and value systems, and what the Ford Pinto can teach us about the importance of human-centered design.


Jesse Chase
Jesse is a Senior Experience Designer at Airbnb. His portfolio features selected work with a good use of subtle animation.


The ancient design of your favorite websites
The A  to  Z of famous landing pages from a time long, long ago.

“Young designers,you need battle wounds. You need to fail. You need scars. Be curious and don’t ask for permission. ”
— Joel Beukelman



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