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Expert Data Visualization

Expert Data Visualization

UX Design for Mobile

UX Design for Mobile

UX Design Weekly 144 - Better Brainstorming, Designers Code of Ethics, Dark Side of Friendly Design

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IDEO's secret to better brainstorming sessions
IDEO developed a brainstorming strategy that relies on three simple words: the phrase "How might we."

A Designer’s Code of Ethics

Mike Monterio writes about the designer's responsibility for the work they put into the world.

The Dark Side Of "Friendly" Design
Friend-washing can be disingenuous and bad for business.

How to switch your career to product design
Learn from 6 Dropbox designers with different backgrounds

Three Exercises to Teach Your Team Empathy
Exercises teams can conduct to help foster a more empathetic environment.

If You're a Junior Designer, Join an Established UX Team
Working on a large, established UX team helps her gain experience on a regular basis.

A Primer on Android navigation
A good foundation for understanding common navigation principles on Android.


Colors - Canva's Design Wiki
Everything you need to know about colors.

Abstract, the GitHub for designers, is now in beta. Read more about the release here

Cargo 2
Tools to design and build unique websites

PSD to Sketch Design Converter
Convert your Photoshop design to a Sketch file for free.

Empathy Prompts
Ideas to help consider inclusive design principles when making things for others to use.

Share and organize designs over Google Drive.


Sprinting from Google - True North Podcast
What Design Sprints really are and addressing their detractors. For more, read The Design Sprint hammer.

Design Thinking FAQ
A selection of books for each stage of the design thinking process.

Adam Alter: Why our screens make us less happy
Why all those hours you spend staring at your screen might be making you miserable and what you can do about it.

Design to Match the Medium (Jakob Nielsen)
Consider the the strengths and weaknesses of each platform when presenting information.


Matt Souza
Matt is a Dallas based designer who has a great case study on redesigning JCPenney’s mobile apps.


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