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Learning Underscore.js

Learning Underscore.js

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Web strane za neupućene

27 Amazing Web Development Tools for the Past Year (v.2018)

27 Amazing Web Development Tools for the Past Year (v.2018)

For the past year, we’ve compared nearly 7,500 Web Development open source tools to pick the Top 27 (0.4% chance).

This is an extremely competitive list and it carefully picks the best open source Web Development tools, libraries and projects published between January and December 2017. Mybridge AI evaluates the quality by considering popularity, engagement and recency. To give you an idea about the quality, the average number of Github stars is 5,260.

  • JavaScript Projects of the Year (avg. 4,866 ⭐️): Here (1 duplicate)
  • Node.js Projects of the Year (avg. 4,078 ⭐️): Here (0 duplicate)

Open source tools can help programmers become more productive at almost no cost. You can also learn by reading the source code and building something on top of the projects. Give a plenty of time to play around with Web Development open source tools you may have missed for the past year.

(Click the numbers below. Credit given to the biggest contributor.)

No 1

Public APIs: A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development. Courtesy of Todd Motto and Dave Machado [31194 stars on Github].

No 2

Hyper v2.0: A terminal built on web technologies. Courtesy of Guillermo Rauch [20633 stars on Github].

No 3

Parcel: Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler [15386 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Devon Govett

No 4

Feather: Simply beautiful open source icons [11593 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Cole Bemis

No 5

Hyperapp v1.0: 1kb library for building modern UI applications [9773 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Jorge Bucaran

No 6

Kap: An open-source screen recorder built with web technology [6318 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Matheus Fernandes

No 7

Pencil v3.0: Opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use. Made with Electron. [5567 stars on Github].

No 8

Sizzy: A tool for testing responsive websites crazy-fast [4639 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Kitze

No 9

Heml: An open source markup language for building responsive email. [3532 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Avi Goldman

No 10

Cypress: Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. [3243 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Brian Mann

No 11

Mail-for-good: An open source email campaign management tool for nonprofits [2609 stars on Github]. Courtesy of freeCodeCamp

No 12

Rtv: Browse Reddit from your terminal [2524 stars on Github].

No 13

BundleSize: Keep your bundle size in check [2309 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Siddharth Kshetrapal

No 14

Amplitude.JS (v3.0): HTML5 Audio Player for the modern era. No dependencies required. [2232 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Dan Pastori

No 15

Mitt: Tiny 200b functional event emitter / pubsub [2203 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Jason Miller at Google

No 16

Uncaptcha: Defeating Google’s audio reCaptcha with 85% accuracy. [2015 stars on Github].

No 17

Bundle-buddy: A tool to identify bundle duplication across splits. [1995 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Sam Saccone

No 18

Git-recall: Simple and handy tool to easily recall what you’ve done [1911 stars on Github].

No 19

Probot: A framework for building GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow [1802 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Brandon Keepers at Github

No 20

Hazel: This project lets you deploy an update server for Electron apps with ease: You only need to run a single command and fill out two text fields. [1775 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Leo Lamprecht at Zeit

No 21

Speedracer: Collect performance metrics for your library/application. [1660 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Nicolas Gryman

No 22

Devportfolio-template: A lightweight, customizable single-page personal portfolio website template built with JavaScript and Sass [1596 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Ryan Fitzgerald

No 23

Cell: A self-driving web app framework [1439 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Ethan

No 24

Across-tabs v1.0: Easy communication between cross-origin browser tabs [1163 stars on Github]. Courtesy of Varun Malhotra

No 25

Chimee: A video player aims to bring wonderful experience on browser [1009 stars on Github].

No 26

Propeller v1.0: A front-end responsive framework based on Google’s Material Design Standards & Bootstrap [1007 stars on Github].

No 27

Image-trace-loader: Loads images and exports traced outlines as image/svg+xml URL-encoded data [919 stars on Github].




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