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Xamarin Mobile Development for Android Cookbook

Xamarin Mobile Development for Android Cookbook

Android - Izrada aplikacija pomoću paketa Android SDK

Android - Izrada aplikacija pomoću paketa Android SDK

Android Weekly 350

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Mocking is not rocket science: MockK advanced features(

Last month, the Kotlin mocking library MockK introduced many powerful features and Oleksiy Pylypenko shares them with you.

The state of Jetification in early 2019 (plus a bonus Gradle plugin)(

Miłosz Lewandowski describes the Jetifier tool which helps you migrate to AndroidX even when your dependencies still use the older Android Support libraries.

Receive Actionable Feedback with Instabug’s SDK(

Instabug helps you collect user feedback through detailed bug reports, automated crash reports, and in-app surveys, allowing you to debug and iterate faster. Get started for free with one line of code and get 20% off any plan with offer code AndroidWeekly2019.

One-liner Intent/Bundle extras extractor in Kotlin! (

Shk Schneider shares a nice and simple extension to Activity and Fragment for cleaning up getting extra values from intents.

Find Your Next Android Job With Hired (

Hired is the #1 job marketplace for Android Developers. We use cutting-edge technology to match you with the world’s most innovative companies. Simplify your job search - create 1 profile and unlock thousands of opportunities on Hired.

Android 9, Kotlin i Android Studio 3.2 u jednoj knjizi



Using Navigation Architecture Component in a large banking app (

In this more advanced post, David Vavra shares how he integrated the navigation components into a multi-module, single-activity architecture with ViewModels, and how he solved a couple gotchas.

Exploring the View Pager 2 (

ViewPager has been with us in the Android world for some time, but now we have the alpha release of View Pager 2. Joe Birch takes a look into exactly what’s so different about this iteration.

Android Studio Project Marble: Apply Changes (

A deep dive into how the Android Studio team built Apply Changes, the successor to Instant Run

@JvmOverloads for Android Views (

The @JvmOverloads annotation is a convenience feature in Kotlin for interoperating with Java code, but Márton Braun shows one specific use case on Android where it shouldn’t be used carelessly.

Five tips to get your code base in shape (

We have bugs that haunt us, crashes at inconvenient times and sometimes 


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