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NewsPyConWeb 2019 Call for ProposalsPyConWeb 2019 is the third edition of a two-day conference focusing on the Web stack of Python, taking place on May 25-26 in Munich. Everyone is very welcome to speak at PyConWeb, as a community conference we are simply looking for people willing to share the knowledge. PyCon 2019 Reminders and Information! Articles, Tutorials and TalksIncrementally migrating over one million lines of code from Python 2 to Python 3Over the last few months, we’ve explored why and how we rolled out our Python 3 migration, and how we ensured that the resulting application was reliable. In this piece, we’ll take a brief walk through the history of Python 3 in our desktop client, and then dive into the details of how we pulled off a gradual migration while allowing ongoing development. Programming Z3This tutorial provides a programmer's introduction to the Satisfiability Modulo Theories Solver Z3. It describes how to use Z3 through scripts and it describes several of the algorithms underlying the decision procedures within Z3. It aims to broadly cover almost all available features of Z3 and the essence of the underlying algorithms. Linked Lists in Detail with Python Examples: Single Linked ListsLinked lists are one of the most commonly used data structures in any programming language. In this article, we will study linked lists in detail. We will see what are the different types of linked lists, how to traverse a linked list, how to insert and remove elements from a linked list, what are the different techniques to sort a linked list, how to reverse a linked list and so on. Python Developers Survey 2018 ResultsResults of the official Python Developers Survey 2018 by Python Software Foundation and JetBrains: more than 20k responses from more than 150 countries. Keras: Multiple Inputs and Mixed DataIn this tutorial, you will learn how to use Keras for multi-input and mixed data. You will learn how to define a Keras architecture capable of accepting multiple inputs, including numerical, categorical, and image data. We’ll then train a single end-to-end network on this mixed data. Building a Jar of Memories IoT Button with Python, Twilio & AWSHow to send favorite photo memories via text with a click of a far-away button. Using Virtual Environments in Jupyter Notebook and PythonAre you working with Jupyter Notebook and Python? Do you also want to benefit from virtual environments? In this tutorial you will see how to do just that with Anaconda or Virtualenv/venv. Beating OpenAI games with neuroevolution agents: pretty NEAT!Getting Started with JupyterLabStrategy and Command Design Patterns — Wizards and Sandwiches — Applications in PythonGoodbye Virtual Environments?One Shot Learning with Siamese Networks using Keras BooksPython Flash Cards: Syntax, Concepts, and Examples Keep your coding skills sharp on the go! Python Flash Cards take a tried-and-tested method and give it a programming makeover. Eric Matthes, author of the best-selling Python Crash Course, distills essential Python programming knowledge into this 101-card deck you can use anywhere. Work through the deck in order or shuffle it up for a new study session every time. You can brush up foundational programming principles and vocabulary like data structures, logical control, and program flow, quiz yourself on Python syntax, and test your skills against exercises and challenges designed to keep you on your toes -- all in one sitting. Python Jobs of the WeekFull Stack Web Developer at Beauhurst Want to use your development skills to help the world understand the UK’s fastest-growing companies? To work with a smart, welcoming team of developers to build a fascinating product and accelerate your own learning? If you’re looking to kick-start your full-stack development career or to build on existing experience at an exciting, high-growth company then we’d love to hear from you. Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesRustPythonA Python-3 (CPython >= 3. 5. 0) Interpreter written in Rust. gitaManage multiple git repos side by side for sanity. Armory Armory is a tool meant to take in a lot of external and discovery data from a lot of tools, add it to a database and correlate all of related information. awesome-python-securityAwesome Python Security resources. gpu-sentryFlask-based package for monitoring utilisation of nVidia GPUs. geometerA geometry library written in Python. pylaneAn python vm injector with debug tools, based on gdb. Output A Neural Network framework in 25 LOC. XLMPyTorch original implementation of Cross-lingual Language Model Pretraining. Copyright © 2019 Python Weekly, All rights reserved.  You are receiving our weekly newsletter because you signed up at http://www. PythonWeekly. com.  Our mailing address is:  Python Weekly Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY 11209 Uvod u Python, automatizovanje dosadnih poslova VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE

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Madge: Create Graphs From Your Module Dependencies — A developer tool for generating a visual graph of your module dependencies (works with CommonJS, AMD and ES6 modules), finding circular dependencies, and discovering other useful info. Modern JavaScript Features You May Have Missed — Given how JavaScript evolves all the time, it’s often worth reflecting on what’s been added, which is why articles like this tend to be popular here.  This post quickly covers some highlights of the most recent standards, ES2015 through ES2019. Migrating a Distributed System from JavaScript to TypeScript  - TypeScript can help overcome scalability issues of JavaScript. Here’s how Ably’s engineering team painlessly migrated a globally-distributed system written in JavaScript to TypeScript, and some learnings you can implement in your own migration. You Don't Know JS Yet: Getting Started — Kyle Simpson’s “You Don’t Know JS” (a. k. a. YDKJS) book has been hugely popular in the JavaScript world since its first release five years ago. He’s been working on a second edition whose first portion is now ‘draft complete’ and you can read it on GitHub. React (Experimentally) Unveils Concurrent Mode — A set of much awaited, new experimental features that will help React apps stay responsive and gracefully adjust to the user’s device capabilities and network speed. Very much aimed at early adopters and the curious. Here’s why these developments are exciting. A Look at Some Exciting New Features Coming in Vue 3 — The Vue. js Core team is bringing some exciting new features in Vue 3 (which you can see in a pre-alpha form here) such as the composition API, fragments, portals, and suspense, to name a few. Does it feel more React-like? Well, yes. The Svelte Handbook — It’s really just a very long blog post, but nonetheless, it’s a good way to quickly learn Svelte and become familiar with the intriguing compile-time framework. 10 Good Practices for Building Large Vue. js Projects — As we say in the UK, pretty much “what it says on the tin. ” What is Functional Programming? A Gentle JavaScript Intro — One for beginners or those truly new to functional concepts. Redux Starter Kit 1. 0 Released — A package designed to make it easier to get started with Redux and perform common tasks.

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UX Design Weekly: Mental models for designers, Struggling Design Systems, Power of Visioning




As the year comes to an end, I wanted to say thank you for reading each week and hope you have a happy holiday. See you again in 2020. ARTICLES Mental models for designersA look at tools Dropbox design uses for solving problems, making decisions, and communicating ideas. The Loss Of Micro-PrivacyHow small design changes rewrote the rules of messaging and how we feel about one another. Product Thinking is a Lifeline for Struggling Design SystemsDesign systems often fail because we don’t treat them like products. The Power of VisioningA six-step guide to supercharging product innovation and thinking big. The Icon KaleidoscopeMicrosoft redesigning over 100 icons with new colors, materials, and finishes. SPONSOR Start 2020 with a Career Advantage!Begin the new year on a high—get 25% off UX courses for the whole of 2020! You'll save 25% on yearly access to UX design courses and the world's largest network of designers. There's no better way to give your UX career an edge in 2020. TOOLS AND RESOURCES Bravo Studio AppTurn Figma designs into native iOS & Android apps instantly. It's Centred ThatTest your skills and judge whether the dots are really in the middle of the shapes. MEDIA Leading Design London 2019Talks from Leading Design London 2019. Design Tools Today - Design Details PodcastThe state of our industry's current design tools and what those tools could look like in the years to come. UX PORTFOLIO Dennis GecajDennis is a product designer from Germany. LAST BUT NOT LEAST BATUXAn infographic rethinking Batman’s classic outfit in a user-centric way. “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. ”— Jane Goodall

Mobile Developer Weekly Cross-platform mobile news, views, and developments




Announcing Flutter 1. 12 Flutter 1. 12 has been released with several performance improvements, localizations for 24 new locales, new widgets and more. Web Support for Flutter Goes Beta — Flutter’s web support graduates from technical preview to beta. When enabled, creating a new Flutter project now not only includes Android and iOS host apps, but also includes a web/ directory that contains everything you need to compile and run the same project code in a browser. You Need a Bigger Nerd — No matter if you need an app built from the ground up or some support to get you across the finish line, Big Nerd Ranch can help. Five App Design Trends You Should Know for 2020 — Suzanne’s predictions are all around how progressive web apps will impact mobile app design. "Link In Bio" Is A Slow Knife — Thoughts on how the ‘link in bio’ phrase (often seen on Instagram) is a subtle, and yet pervasive, attempt to “kill the web”. Exploring SwiftUI - A Brief History of Apple UI Development and Initial Impressions — Takes a look at SwiftUI's predecessors to better understand what Apple is trying to improve upon, in addition to some initial impressions of the relatively new toolkit. A Smart Feature Flagging System for iOS — A look at how Just Eat (a popular food ordering app in the UK) has implemented feature flagging and its own JustTweak component. Preventing Tracking Prevention Tracking — The cat and mouse game of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) continues. Here’s a look at recent enhancements to ITP within Safari. The Live Streaming API Perfect for UGC — Whether you have thousands of streams or millions of viewers, automatically deliver the best viewer experience with Mux's live streaming API. Ionic 4: How to Create Mobile Apps Quickly — A quick start tutorial on creating mobile apps quickly in just a few steps. Better Android Testing at Airbnb: Screenshot Testing — How screenshot testing is used to automatically test the fragments within Airbnb’s UI. How to 'Fight Back' Against Google AMP As A Web User and A Web Developer — There continues to be push back against AMP from some within the developer community. A Cooperpress publication. Curated by Holly Schinsky, Brian Rinaldi, and the Cooperpress team.

UX Design Weekly: Expect Change in Your Design Career, Five Traits of Great User Researchers, Design Craf




ARTICLES Expect Change in Your Design Career. Choose Growth If you recognize that change is coming and help others along the way, you can future-proof yourself. Where to Send Users after They ‘Sign In’ or ‘Reset Password’34% of sites don’t take users to their intended path after they’ve signed in. Five Traits of Great User ResearchersAdvice for taking your UX research career to the next level. Setting the Table for Dynamic ChangeTo have both resilience and grit, you must be able to absorb it all and keep going. Better Design With Deep ThinkingDeep work allows designers to thrive by leveraging their skills to solve complex problems and create better products. SPONSOR Schedule User Interviews the Easy Way with Acuity SchedulingIt's time to say goodbye to the "What time works for you?" email ping-pong. Acuity's approach to appointment scheduling makes it easy and intuitive for users to self-book their own time slot with you, based on your real-time availability. With Acuity, all you need to do is show up at the right time. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. MEDIA What I mean when I say CRAFTJoel Beukelman discusses what the word “craft” means to him. Tips for New UX Designers — Users Know PodcastKate and Laura attempt to give advice to new UXers. Selected Books on DesignDesign book recommendations on different related topics. UX PORTFOLIO Justine Win Canete Justine is a Product designer at Shopify. UX JOB UX/UI Designer at Barnes and Noble Education - New York CityBarnes and Noble Education is seeking a strong UX/UI designer to create new features and products for students. LAST BUT NOT LEAST A Designer and a Nordic Guy Walk into a HallIn the world of beg, borrow, steal, and “creativity is a remix”, where, and how does one discover mastery? “Your designs are your babies. If you hire the right people, they become co-parents who can do a better job than you can with parts of the work. ”— Tim Van Damme

Android nedeljni pregled saveta,vesti, trikova




Dagger Party Tricks: Deferred OkHttp Initialization (www. zacsweers. dev) Zac Sweers shows how to leverage Dagger to defer OkHttp's initialization to a background thread and buy back precious startup time. Unit Test a ViewModel logic with Cloud Firestore operations (proandroiddev. com) Gaëlle Minisini shares a solution to unit test a ViewModel with Firestore operations. Check out our New Shows for Devs on YouTube (www. youtube. com) Square has Android SDKs for building payments into your own app or even kiosks for in-person payments. We also have APIs to help you manage a business outside of payments—including keeping track of your inventory or taking orders in advance. Check out the new Square YouTube channel for developers. Unit Testing Coroutine Suspend Functions using TestCoroutineDispatcher (craigrussell. io) Coroutines provide an elegant way to write asynchronous code, but sometimes they make it difficult to write unit tests. Craig Russell describes how to use TestCoroutineDispatcher to write efficient and stable unit tests for code written with coroutines. Bitrise - CI / CD for your Android apps (www. bitrise. io) From Android-specific solutions to full cross-platform support, we are here to streamline your Android development process through one, easy-to-use platform. Connect your repo and let us handle building, testing, and deployment for you. Sign up for a free trial! Working with RxJava Disposables in Kotlin\ (www. raywenderlich. com) In this tutorial, Lawrence Tan teaches the basics of RxJava Disposables. You will be building an app from scratch that retrieves real-time cryptocurrency data. Android CameraX: Tap to focus, Pinch to zoom, Zoom slider.  (proandroiddev. com) There’s been a lot of excitement around CameraX. With its next alpha release and its upcoming beta release next month, Husayn Hakeem takes a look at some of the new APIs and features that have been added. Learn Kotlin Through Unit Tests (medium. com) It’s a scary first step to begin writing Kotlin code, especially if no one on the team is familiar with it. David Herman suggests starting with unit tests. AnimatedIcons: Loading V3 (blog. stylingandroid. com) Mark Allison shows how to take a Lottie animated loading indicator, and implement it as an AnimatedVectorDrawable.  

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Kako da rotirate ekran u Windowsu 7 koristeći prečice na tastaturi




Da li ste znali da u Windowsu 7 možete da rotirate ekran pomoću prečica na tastaturi? Ako imate monitor koji je moguće rotirati, možda pretpostavljate da svi sistemi rade isto kao i vaš. Međutim, neki korisnici neće moći ispravno da vide vaš rad jer ne znaju kako da rotiraju ekran.   Neki grafički uređaji podržavaju prečice za rotiranje ekrana. Tako, na primer, nVidia omogućava rotiranje ekrana korišćenjem prečice Ctrl+Alt+tasteri sa strelicama. Za korisnike sa drugim grafičkim uređajima postoji drugo rešenje.   Korisnici ATI Radeon adaptera mogu da rotiraju ekran prateći sledeće korake:    Instalirajte najnoviju verziju Catalyst  Control Centera. Na glavnom ekranu kliknite na dugme Preferences. Kliknite na opciju Hotkeys. U listi, dvostruko kliknite na stavke koje biste želeli da prečica aktivira (na primer. CTRL-ALT+taster sa strelicama). Kliknite na OK

KAKO DA nađete ljude onlajn




  Kada pokušavate da nađete nekog onlajn, Google nije jedini alat koji možete da upotrebite. U zadnje dve godine, pojavilo se nekoliko novih mašina za pretraživanje koje su se specijalizovale za pronalaženje ljudi onlajn i koje nude bolje načina za pronalaženje osoba preko imena, lokacije, mesta zaposlenja i slično. Iako se još nije pojavio pretraživač koji bi se kvalitetom vraćenih rezultata nametnuo kao najbolje rešenje, sada imate na raspolaganju više načina da pronađete izgubljene prijatelje, bivšu devojku, ili potencijalnog partnera ili radnika. Sledeći put kada se zapitate, "Šta se desilo sa tim-i tim?" znaćete koje alate da upotrebite za njihovo pronalaženje. Pronađite telefonske brojeve i adrese pomoću ZabaSearch-a Pronađite bilo čiju kućnu adresu ili telefonski broj na ZabaSearch, jezivo-efikasnoj mašini za pretraživanje ljudi koja će vas preneraziti kada vam izbaci vaš broj telefona ali i spase kada vam zatreba telefonski broj vašeg bivšeg saradnika na poslu. ZabaSearch-ov indeks uključuje izlistane i neizlistane brojeve i adrse (mada osnivač kaže da se svi podaci nalaze u javnim izveštajima i dokumentima. Pretražujte "Duboki Web" pomoću Pipl Moja omiljena nova mašina za pretraživanje je, Pipl. Ova mašina za pretraživanje ljudi pronalazi informaicje o osobama koje Google obično ne registruje, navodno tako što pretražuje "duboki web" (ili "nevidljivi web. ") Pipl vraća impresivan broj rezultata za većinu ljudi koji onlajn koriste svoja prava imena, uključujući lične web stranice, informacije iz novina, MySpace stranice, i Amazon liste želja. Vi takođe možete da suzite vaše pretraživanje imena tako što ćete uneti grad, pokrajinu i državu. Pretražujte istovremeno nekoliko društvenih web sajtova pomoću Wink-a Da li psotoje velike šanse da osoba koju tražite ima Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, ili Xanga nalog? Umesto da pretražujete svaki servis posebno, unesite na Wink-u njihovo puno ime ili korisničko ime, plus druge informacije koje mogu da ih identifikuju, kao što su interesovanja i lokacija da biste odjednom pretražili sve navedene servise. Pronađite poslovne rezultate na ZoomInfo Mašina za pretraživanje poslovnih informacija ZoomInfo prikuplja na jednom mestu informacije o ljudima i kompanijama kako bi pomogla kandidatima da pronađu posao koji im odgovara, ali i njihov alat za pretraživanje ljudi daje korisne informacije o korporativnim tipovima. ZoomInfo-ove informacije o ljudima daje listu ljudi, iskopanu na webu, koje uključuju istoriju zaposlenja ljudi i njihovo aktuelno zaposlenje i da li traže posao ili ne. Pretražujte puno ime osobe na ZoomInfo, i kada dobijete previše rezultata, filtrirajte ih geografski (samo za SAD i Kanadu). Pronađite i ljude koji više nisu studenti na Facebook-u Ako ostavimo na stranu zombije, neželjena obeveštenja o nebitnim stvarima i Beacon, jedna od Facebook-ovih najboljih funkcija je pronalaženje ljudi onlajn, koji više nije samo za studente. Pstoje velike šanse da su i vaši rođaci ove godine otvorili Facebook nalog, tako da postoje dobre šanse da ćete pronaći vašeg najboljeg prijatelja sa kojim ste se družili kada ste bili klinci, pre nego što se odselio na drugi kraj sveta. Usavršite vaše veštine pretraživanja ljudi preko Google-a U redu, slažemo se, ne može se govoriti o pronalaženju ljudi onlajn bez da se spomene i veliko G. Za Internet zvezde dovoljno je da ukucate njegovo/njeno ime u Google polje za pretraživanje da biste dobili gomilu rezultata, ali za smrtnike, uobičajena imena ili imena sa dvostrukim značenjem, nekoliko naprednih Google tehnika može da vam pomogne da suzite rezultate pretraživanja. Stavite ime i prezime osobe koju tražite pod znake navodnika kada ih unosite u polje za pretraživanje (na primer "John Smith"). Uključite i druge relevantne reči, kao što je profesija osobe, lokacijam, ili korisničko ime na Internrtu (na primer bankar ili Austin, Texas. ) Ako postoje velike šanse da se osoba koju tražite pojavi na određenom web sajtu - na primer na web sajtu neke škole - pretražite samo taj sajt koristeći:URL operator (na primer site:ucla. edu "John Smith"). Da iste pronašli ljude po licu, tražite ih preko Google Images da biste odmah dobili vizuelne rezultate-ovo je posebnokorisno za ljude sa uobičajenim imenima, ili da biste utvrdili pol imena koje nikada niste čuli. Instalirajte Who Is This Person? Firefox ekstenziju da biste tražili ljude preko kontekstnog menija I konačno, ako provodite stvarno mnogo vremena tražeći razne ljude na Internetu, isplati vam se da instalirate Who Is This Person? Firefox ekstenziju, koja vam omogućuje da pretražujete veliki broj mašina za pretraživanje iz kontekstnog menija. Jednostavno označite ime na web stranici i potražite ga na Wink, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Facebook, Google News, Technorati, Yahoo Person Search, Spock, WikiYou, ZoomInfo, IMDB, MySpace i drugim mašinama za pretraživanje preko Who Is This Person? stavke kontekstnog menija. Ako vam ovo nije dosta i želite još informacija u vezi pronalaženja ljudi preko Interneta, pročitajte odličan članak o onlajn pretraživanju javnih dokumenata. A da bi vas drugi ljudi lakše pronašli, utičite na to šta Google ima da kaže o vama. Takođe mnogi od ovih servisa vam omogućuju da "rezervišete" vaše ime i dodate informaciju o vama u rezultate pretraživanja. Pretražite vaše sopstveno ime i kliknite na link koji kaže "Is this you?" Nadam se da će vam ovaj članak pomoći ne samo da nađete druge ljude već i da omogućite drugima da vas lakše i brže pronađu na Internetu koji raste i širi se brže nego ikada pre.

KAKO DA upotrebite Microsoft Word za kreiranje bar koda




Bar kodovi su nazivi koji su lako čitljivi pomoću optičkih  skenera. Oni su korisni za operacije gde je ručno čitanje sporije nego čitanje  mašine. Većina ljudi u stvari ne zna kako se kreiraju bar kodovi. Da  biste kreirali ili odštampali bar kod nije vam potrebna posebna mašina. Bar kodovi  su običan tekst koji koristi barcode font. Evo kako da kreirate sopstveni bar kod:   Na web sajtu http://www. dobsonsw. com potražite i  daunlodujte zipovani besplatan font 128 i raspakujte zip fajl.   Kopirajte dva . ttf fajla u direktorijum C:\Windows\Fonts.   Sada možete da upotrebite ove fontove sa bilo kojim  procesorom reči, kao što je na primer Microsoft Word. Isprobajte i ukucajte na primer 1234567890 koristeći font  Code128. To je sve. Ceo trik je u tome da imate instalirane potrebne  fontove pomoću kojih možete da kreirate bar kodove. Želite li da naučite više o Wordu Link ka knjizi i korpi za naručivanje.

13 najboljih besplatnih e-mail servisa




  Ako tražite besplatni e-mail servis, vi sada možete da budete razmaženi i birate do mile volje, pošto broj servisa koji nude ovu uslugu nikada nije bio veći. Skoro u svakom od ovih servisa dobićete ogroman prostor za skladištenje, efikasno filtriranje spema, brz interfejs, pristup vašem desktop programu za elektronsku poštu i još mnogo toga. U ovom članku opisaćemo 13 besplatnih servisa za e-mail korespondenciju za koje mi smatramo da su najbolji. Na vama je samo da izaberete onaj koji vam se najviše sviđa. 1. Gmail - Besplatni e-mail servis Gmail je Google-ovo rešenje za e-mail i četovanje. Ovde ćete praktično dobiti neograničeni prostor za skladištenje koji vam omogućuje da nijednu poruku više nikada ne morate da obrišete! Gmail-ov jednostavan ali inteligento osmišljen interfejs vam omogućuje da pronađete tačno onu e-mail poruku koju tražite i vidite je u odgovarajućem kontekstu bez napora. POP i moćan IMAP pristup omogućuju upotrebu Gmail-a u bilo kom desktop programu za e-mail ili na bilo kom prenosivom uređaju. 2. AIM Mail - Besplatni e-mail servis AIM Mail, AOL-ov web zasnovani e-mail servis, takođe nudi neograničeni prostor za skladištenje, odličnu zaštitu od spema i bogat i intuitivan korisnički interfejs. Na žalost, AIM Mail-u fale alati koji vam omogućuju da budete produktivniji (nema lejbela, pametnih direktorijuma i thread-ova za poruke), ali deo nabrojanih nedostataka nadoknađuje veoma funkcionalni IMAP (kao i POP) pristup. 3. Yahoo! Mail - Besplatni e-mail servis Yahoo! Mail je vaš sveprisutni e-mail program na webu koji nudi neograničeni prostor za skladištenje i RSS vesti, SMS tektsualne poruke i trenutno slanje poruka preko instant messaging programa. Iako je korišćenje Yahoo! Mail-a generalno gledano veliko zadovoljstvo, ne bismo se bunili kada bi uveli slobodno lejbelovanje i pametne direktorijume , kao i filter za spem koji bi još efikasnije uklanjao đubre iz naših inboxova. 4. Inbox. com - Besplatni e-mail servis Inbox. com ne samo da vam daje 5GB za skladištenje vaših e-mail-ova već vam nudi i dobro ispoliran, brz i funkcionalan način za onlajn pristupanje vašem e-mail sandučetu (uključujući brzo pretraživanje, slobodno lejbelovanje i čitanje e-mail poruka putem razgovora) ili kroz POP u vašem dekstop e-mail programu. Na žalost, nema podrške za IMAP pristup u Inbox. com-u, a i njegovi alati za organizovanje bi mogli da se poboljšaju uvođenjem pametnih direktorijuma. 5. Yahoo! Mail Classic - Besplatni e-mail servis Yahoo! Mail Classic je komforan, pouzdan i bezbedan e-mail servis sa neograničenim prostorom za skladištenje. Prilično dobar spem filter će ukoloniti većinu smeća iz vaših inboxova, a možete da šaljete i bogate e-mail-ove pomoću Yahoo! Mail-ovog HTML editora. 6. FastMail Guest Account - Besplatni e-mail servis FastMail je odličan besplatni e-mail servis sa IMAP pristupom i korisnim funkcijama, a može da se pohvali i jednim od najboljih e-mail interfejsa i nekoliko dodataka. 7. Windows Live Hotmail - Besplatni e-mail servis Windows Live Hotmail je besplatni e-mail servis koji vam daje 5 GB onlajn prostora za skladištenje, brzo pretraživanje, solidnu zaštitu i interfejs koji je lak za korišćenje kao u desktop e-mail programima. Što se tiče organizovanja e-mail poruka, Windows Live Hotmail pored direktorijuma ne nudi mnogo toga, njegov filter za spem bi mogao da bude bolji, a fale i POP i IMAP pristupi. 8. Bluebottle - Besplatni e-mail servisi Bluebottle nudi e-mail naloge koji su praktično oslobođeni spema (zahvaljujući upotrebi izazov/odgovor filtriranja) i može da mu se pristupi na webu ili preko POP preko desktop e-mail programa. Bluebottle bi mogao da ponudi više alata za efikasnije rukovanje e-mail-ovima, onlajn skladištenje koje bi nudilo više prostora za skladištenje, a i izazov/odgovor filtriranje ne ide stopostotno glatko. 9. BigString. com - Besplatni e-mail servis BigString. com je besplatni e-mail servis sa 2 GB prostora za skladištenje koji nudi bogat, bezbedan i sertifikovan e-mail servis koji vam dozvoljava da zaštitite poruke putem lozinki i editujete poruke. Na žalost, BigString. com nije podjednako dobro opremljen za rukovanje dolazećom poštom i nedostaju mu alati za organizovanje. 10. HotPOP - Besplatni e-mail servis HotPOP nudi besplatni, pouzdani e-mail nalog koji možete da koristite sa bilo kojim e-mail programom preko POP3 i SMTP pristupa. Pored toga, HotPOP vam omogućuje da prosleđujete dolazeće poruke na više e-mail adresa. Na žalost, HotPOP-u nedostaje IMAP pristup i web zasnovani e-mail interfejs a manjka mu i prostora za skladištenje. 11. goowy mail - Besplatni e-mail servis goowy mail je vaš bogati desktop email program na webu koji može da se pohvali brzim interfejsom i omogućuje vam da prevlačite i puštate, koristite kontekstni meni i uživate u mnogo bogatih dodataka. Pored e-mail servisa, goowy nudi kalendar, RSS čitač vesti i igre kreirane u istom fazonu. Međutim, još opcija i onlajn prostora za skladištenje bi dobro došlo ovom servisu. 12. My Way Mail - Besplatni e-mail servis My Way Mail je čist, brz i zabavan (ali ne previše napredan) besplatni e-mail servis. Nedostaju mu bezbedno slanje poruka i druge napredne funkcije, koje ipak nisu od suštinske važnosti. 13. Mail. com - Besplatni e-mail servis Mail. com je odličan zbog imena svog domena (koristite ga za prosleđivanje!), ali nedostaju mu neke bezbednosne funkcije koje poseduju drugi e-mail servisi.

Kako da promenite režim boje ekrana na Android uređaju




Da li želite da vaš Android telefon bude drugačiji od drugih?   Standardni režim ekrana za većinu Android telefona čini da elementi na ekranu izgledaju savršeno, međutim, u većini slučajeva boje nisu tome prilagođene. Ako vam se ne dopada boja ekrana, veoma jednostavno možete da promenite režim boja na vašem Android uređaju.   Pratite sledeće korake:   Kliknite na App. Kliknite na Settings. Na ekranu Settings izaberite opciju Display koja se nalazi na vrhu ekrana, u odeljku Device. Na ekranu Display kliknite na opciju Screen mode da biste pristupili dostupnim režimima prikaza. Izaberite željeni režim boje. Kliknite na Save da biste snimili podešavanja.   Režim boje će automatski biti promenjen bez potrebe da restartujete telefon. Bilo kada možete da ponovite gore opisane korake i menjate režime boja.

Twerminology: 119 Twitter Slang Words & Abbreviations




Webopedia: Our collection of the best twerminology includes definitions to more than 100 Twitter abbreviations, words, phrases, and tools that are commonly used on (or associated with) the Twitter service. Twitter Abbreviations: Numbers & Characters @ The @reply means a Twitter update (a tweet) that is directed to another user in reply to their update. An @reply will be saved in the user's "Replies" tab. Replies are sent either by clicking the 'reply' icon next to an update or typing @ username message (e. g. , @user I saw that movie too). ^ The caret sign is used to note an individual within an organization who sent the message. For example a large corporation may have several employees managing social accounts -- each person would use ^initials (^VB for example) to indicate who sent the message. $ On Twitter, a stock market name can be used with the $ - For example Tweeting $GOOG will create a clickable link in the Tweet. Twitter Abbreviations: A ab/abt: Short for "about. " This chat abbreviation is is frequently seen on Twitter. adventuritter: Slang term used to describe a Twitterer who is adventurous. attwaction: Slang term used to describe an attraction between two users. attwicted: Slang term used to describe someone who is addicted to Twitter. Twitter Abbreviations: B b/c: Twitter shorthand for "because. " B: Twitter shorthand for "be. " b4: Twitter shorthand for "before. " Bberrytweet: Slang term that refers to using a Blackberry device to send a tweet on Twitter. beetweet: Slang term used to describe a "hot tweet. " Usually this is a popular, trending topic on Twitter and many users will retweet a beetweet. bemyguest, #BeMyGuest: A popular Twitter hashtag (#BeMyGuest) to let other Twitter users know you'd like to exchange guest blog posts. BFN: Short for "bye for now. " bgd: A shortened form of "background" often used on Twitter. Bird-of-mouth: Slang term that refers to the use of Twitter to circulate news and information. BR: An acronym used on Twitter that stands for "best regards. " BTW: Shorthand for saying “by the way. ” bulltwit: Slang term to describe fake, false or over embellished Tweets. Twitter Abbreviations: C Celebrity syndrome: This Twitter phrase refers to a situation in which a non-celebrity mistakenly believes he or she is a celebrity. Users with celebrity syndrome will not follow a significant number of Twitter users. chk: Twitter shorthand for "check. " cld: Twitter shorthand for "could. " clk: Twitter shorthand for "click. " co-twitterer: Slang term used to describe a second person who tweets on a single Twitter account. crank tweet: Similar to a "crank phone call," it is a misleading tweet. cre8: Often seen on Twitter, it means "create. " cuttweet: Sometimes simply known as "CT," this slang term refers to a retweet that is a shortened version of the original. Twitter Abbreviations: D da: Often used on Twitter, this is a shortened version of "the. " daily twitamin: Twitter slang that means a tweet that contains useful knowledge that is easy to take in and remember. It is a "daily vitamin" for Twitterers. deets: A shortened version of "details" often found on Twitter. detweet: Slang term used to describe a tweet you made, then deleted. direct message (DM): Short for direct message, it is the function of the Twitter service that enables you to send a private message (direct message) to a person you are following. drive thru tweet: Refers to a tweet sent by an individual while he or she is at a restaurant drive-thru. drive-by-tweet: This is a fast tweet posted by an individual while he or she is in between tasks. drunktwittering: The act of posting on Twitter while intoxicated. Dweet: Slang term used to describe a tweet that has been sent by a user who is drunk. Twitter Abbreviations: E eavestweeting: The act of eavesdropping on other Twitter conversations. egotwistical: Slang term used to describe a user who talks about himself on Twitter. It is a combination of the words "egotistical and Twitter. " EM / eml: Shorthand versions of "e-mail" routinely used on Twitter. EMA: An acronym for "e-mail address" used on Twitter. emergaTweet: Also known as emergetweet it refers to a tweet sent out during an emergency when 911 is unavailable. Twitter Abbreviations: F F2F: An acronym used on Twitter that means "face to face. " fab: A shortened version of “fabulous”; frequently used on Twitter. Fail Whale: On the Twitter site, the Fail Whale is an image of a whale held up by birds and nets. This image shows that Twitter has been overloaded or that a failure occurred within the service. FAV: The FAV action on Twitter lets you mark a person's last message as a favorite message to be displayed in your Favorites Tab. To use FAV, type FAV username. Follower / following: On Twitter, blogs, and other social media sites, a follower is someone who subscribes to receives your updates. On the Twitter Web site "following" someone means you will see their messages in your own personal timeline. Twitter lets you see all the people you follow and also who is following you. FollowFriday (FF, or #followfriday): On Twitter, FollowFriday is a recommendation. It is used to call attention to a user's favorite followers and favorite people on Twitter. When you tweet a FF message, you are recommending that your followers also check out the people you mention in your post. When you send a FollowFriday message, you include #followfriday in your update so it can be searched for using that hash tag. FOMO: An acronym used for the saying “fear of missing out,” which is used when you feel like you are not going to be included in a social event. friendapalooza: A slang term used to describe a situation in which a twitterer adds many friends within a short time period. friendscrapping: A slang term related to Twitter that refers to an individual adding all of a friend’s friends as his or her own. FTL: An acronym frequently used on Twitter in place of the phrase “for the loss. ” FTW: An acronym frequently used on Twitter in place of the phrase “for the win. ” Twitter Abbreviations: H HAND: An acronym often used on Twitter, it stands for “have a nice day. ” Hash tag: A hash tag or hashtag is a way of organizing your updates for Twitter search engines. Users prefix a message with a community-driven hash tag to enable others to discover relevant posts. One commonly used hash tag on Twitter is #followfriday where users network by providing the names of their favorite people to follow on Twitter. Hivemind: This is a term used to refer to the combined intelligence of all Twitter users. Twitter Abbreviations: I IC: Often used on Twitter, it is the shorthand version for “I see. ” ICYMI: Short for "in case you missed it", the abbreviation may appear in a tweet that is a repost from the same person, just in case their followers missed it the first time it was tweeted. idk: An abbreviated form of “I don’t know” frequently used on Twitter. intwituation/intwituated: Slang terms used to describe a situation in which someone is infatuated with another Twitter user. Twitter Abbreviations: K kk: Twitter shorthand for "kewl kewl" (cool cool). Twitter Abbreviations: M Mention: Used to name another user within your tweet by using the @ symbol with the other user’s username. microblog: A type of blog that lets users publish short text updates. Bloggers can usually use a number of services for the updates including instant messaging, e-mail, or Twitter. The posts are called micro posts, while the act of using these services to update your blog is called microblogging. microfunding: Using Twitter and other forms of microblogging to raise money for nonprofits and charity donations. mistweet: Slang term used to describe a tweet that you later regret having sent. MRT: Means "modified retweet (RT). " MTF: Twitter shorthand for "more to follow. " Twitter Abbreviations: N neweeter: A slang term used to describe a new tweeter. NTS: Twitter shorthand for "note to self. " Twitter Abbreviations: O OH: Short for overheard. This chat abbreviation is used on Twitter, often in place of RT (retweet) when the user does not want to provide the username of the follower they are quoting. Twitter Abbreviations: P PRT: Short for please retweet. This is a notation added to the end of a Tweet. PRT shows the user is asking others to retweet their post. Twitter Abbreviations: R Retweet: Abbreviated as RT, retweet is used on Twitter to show you are tweeting something that was posted by another user. The format is RT @username where username is the Twitter name of the person you are retweeting. Twitter Abbreviations: S selfie: Slang phrase used to describe a photo that is taken of oneself where the right or left arm is extended with the camera held backwards. SMH: An acronym used for the saying “shaking my head” which is typically used when someone does not agree with something or is disgusted or off-put by something. social networking site: Abbreviated as SNS, a social networking site is the phrase used to describe any website that enables users to create public profiles within that Web site and form relationships with other users of the same website. Social networking sites can be used to describe community-based websites, online discussions forums, chat rooms and other social spaces online. SP: Means "Sponsored. " The user is indicating that they are being paid for the post or for click on the link contained in the post. Twitter Abbreviations: T TBH: An acronym for “to be honest. ” TBT: An acronym for “Throw Back Thursday,” usually following an old image as a reference to the past. TFTF: Twitter shorthand for "thanks for the follow. " TMB: Short for "Tweet me back. " TrashTweeter: Refers to a twitterer who talks trash in his or her posts. twabe (or twabes): Slang terms often used on Twitter to refer to a young woman. Can also be used as a flattering term that has roughly the same meaning as “dear”; or “sweetheart. ” twabstinence: A slang term used to describe someone’s decision to cut back on their Twitter time because it is preventing them from completing their work or other important daily tasks. twabulous: A slang term used to describe a fabulous tweet. Twaffic: Slang term used to mean "Twitter traffic. " Twalking: Slang term used to describe someone who is walking while they tweet, using a mobile device. twart: A slang term meaning “Twitter art. ” Twebay: Slang term used to describe selling (or promoting) an eBay item on Twitter. Tweeple: Meaning Twitter people. It is used to refer to or describe Twitter users. Tweet: Describes a Twitter update. A tweet is basically whatever you type into the Web box to answer that question, using 140 characters or less. People tweet personal messages, random thoughts, post links, or anything else that fits in the character requirements. tweetaholic: The term used to describe someone who has a problematic addiction to Twitter. tweeter: Refers to a person who send tweets on the Twitter service (same as Twitterer). tweeterboxes: Slang term used to refer to Twitter users who "tweet excessively. " tweetorial: Slang term used to describe tutoring or lecturing on or about Twitter. Some industry speakers use the term to describe a live event where a lecture on a Twitter topic is given (e. g. , a seminar or event that teaches people how to use Twitter), while others use the term to describe giving a lecture on Twitter. Here the host speaker will use a special designated hash tag so others can follow the lecture on Twitter. tweetroduce: Slang term used to describe the situation in which a user introduces one follower to another. tweetsult: Slang for an insult sent using Twitter. twegal advice: Slang term for legal advice that is sent on twitter using 140 characters or less. twerminology: A slang term meaning "Twitter terminology. " twettiquette: Short for Twitter etiquette. It is a slang term used to describe acceptable Twitter behavior. Twewbie: Short for Twitter newbie. It is a slang term used to describe someone who is new to Twitter. TwinkedIn: Slang term used to describe someone who invites their Twitter friends to interact with them on LinkedIn.   twis: Slang term used to describe a 'dis' on a fellow Twitter user. Twishing: Twishing is a combination of the words "Twitter and phishing". It is the act of sending a message to a Twitter user in an attempt to obtain his or her name and password. The message may instruct the recipient to visit a Web site where he or she is asked to log in. The Web site, however, is bogus and set up only to steal the user's information. See "Beware of Twishing" in the Did You Know. . . ? section of Webopedia for more information on Twishing. Twitosphere: An expression used to describe the "World of Twitter. " twittcrastination: Slang term that refers to using Twitter as a form of procrastination. twitterage: Slang term describing feelings of rage experienced as a result of a Twitter post. Twitterapps: Short for Twitter applications. It is the phrase used to describe any application that integrates with the twitter service. May also be called Twitter tools or Twitter add-ons. twitterati: Slang term that refers to 'A-list' Twitter users. Twitterer: Refers to a person who send tweets on the Twitter service. Twitterfly: A social butterfly on Twitter. A Twitterfly uses the @ sign in many messages, showing they have a lot of Twitter friends to talk with or mention in their updates. Twitter-ific: Short for "Twitter" and "terrific". It is a slang term used to describe something terrific you find on Twitter. twitterpated: Slang term describing the feeling one experiences when messages on Twitter become overwhelming. twitterphoria: Slang term describing the feelings of elation one experiences when they add someone as a friend and the person adds them in return. Twittworking: Short for Twitter networking. It is a slang term used to describe Twitterers who use Twitter to network. Twitter Abbreviations: U U: This shorthand form of "you" is frequently found on Twitter. Twitter Abbreviations: W woz: Slang for "was," this term is frequently found on Twitter. wtv: A shorthand form of "whatever" often found on Twitter. Twitter Abbreviations: Y ykyat: An acronym standing for "you know you’re addicted to. . . " that is frequently used on Twitter. YOLO: An acronym for the saying “you only live once” which is used much like the saying carpe diem implying that you should just enjoy life. YOYO: An acronym that stands for "you’re on your own" that is often used on Twitter. Twitter Abbreviations: Z ztwitt: A slang term that means "to tweet extremely fast. "

Facebook: KAKO DA izbrišete Facebook grupu




Ako ste potvrdili pozive u različite grupe ili ste kreirali  grupe, i imate ih previše koje vam više nisu interesantne, postoji jednostavan  način da ih izbrišete. Da biste izbrisali grupu na Facebooku uradite sledeće:  Ulogujte se na vaš Facebook nalog.   Na levoj strani prozora videćete link Group. Kliknite na  njega.   Otvoriće se stranica sa svim grupama u kojima ste član.   Potražite grupu koju želite da izbrišete.   Ako je to grupa koju ste vi kreirali, kliknite na Edit  Members a zatim izbrišite sve članove grupe.   Nakon toga, kliknite na opciju Leave Group.   U slučaju da želite da izbrišete grupu koju niste vi  kreirali, već ste samo član, samo kliknite na link Leave Group.

Facebook: KAKO DA tagujete prijatelja u vašem statusu na Facebooku




Tagovanje vaših prijatelja na fotografijama na Facebooku je  interesantno, ali tagovanje u statusu je još interesantnije. Da biste tagovali prijatelja u vašem statusu na Facebooku  uradite sledeće:  Otvorite vaš Facebook nalog.   Otvorite stranicu sa vašim profilom tako što ćete  kliknuti na link u gornjem levom uglu prozora ili kliknite na Profile u gornjem  desnom uglu prozora.   Započnite da pišete status. Na primer, recimo da želite  da objavite da idete na večeru sa prijateljem. Počnite da kucate. . . "Idem  na večeru sa. . . . ".   Da biste tagovali Facebook prijatelja pritisnite dugme  Shift i taster 2. Videćete da će se pojaviti @.   Sada ukucajte ime vašeg prijatelja. Otvoriće se polje sa punim imenom i fotografijom vašeg  prijatelja.   Kliknite na  ime prijatelja i ono će promeniti boju na plavu.   Nastavite da pišete vaš status.
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