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Android User Interface Design: Implementing Material Design for Developers, 2nd Edition

Android User Interface Design: Implementing Material Design for Developers, 2nd Edition

Android 5 Programming by Example

Android 5 Programming by Example

Android weekly 252, Android products at Linkedin

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Android O: Fonts – Part 1 (

Mark Allison shows how easy Android O makes using custom fonts in your apps. There's also a chance for a backport in the support libraries.

Testing Views in Isolation with Espresso on Android (

Ataul Munim shows how and why you should use Espresso to test your custom Views on an Android device.

Test Driving away Coupling in Activities (

Android Test Driving away Coupling in Activities

The Philosophical Hacker shows how our tests can tell us that code within Activitys have tight coupling and how test driving the functionality leads to a design that has looser coupling.

Squeezing Performance from SQLite (

In this post by Jason Feinstein you'll learn how to optimise performance for sqlite insertions.

Share the Cache (

In this post you'll learn how to share files from a cache like Glide with other apps using the FileProvider API.

What I Learned at This Week's Tech Conference (

After attending Droidcon Boston, Brandi Shailer realized that whatever your challenge, the answer is… it’s all about community.

Physics-based Animation (

Google's Android developer documentation now includes a guide for using the new physics-based animation system.

How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner (

First in a two part series, this post sets the stage by describing how individual developers opt into permanent mediocrity and reap rewards for doing so.

Android O and the Implicit Broadcast Ban (

One of the more controversial changes in Android O — for apps with a sufficiently-high targetSdkVersion — is the effective ban on implicit broadcasts. Mark Murphy takes a deeper dive into what this means and why we are here.

DroidCon Boston 2017 Recap (

This was the first year for the DroidCon Boston Conference. Annyce Davis shares a few highlights of the event.

Creating Accessible Android Products at LinkedIn (

This post from Renato Iwashima provides an overview of how he began the journey to improve accessibility in LinkedIn’s Android apps

A nice combination of RxJava and DiffUtil (

Erik Hellman shares how to use RxJava to execute DiffUtil calculations on a background thread.

Mockito 2.x over PowerMock Migration Tips and Tricks (

Hazem Saleh shares some tips & tricks to move your Mockito 1.x tests to the newer 2.x release.

Shared Element Transition with RecyclerView and Scenes - Part 4(

In this blogpost you'll learn how to show details layout with shared element transitions using the scene framework.


link image   Build Mobile Apps with NativeScript & Angular (

Building native Android and iOS mobile apps has never been easier with NativeScript and Angular. Create fast and attractive cross-platform apps using a single code set composed of web technologies such as JavaScript and CSS on an Angular base. Sign up for a free video course until April 30, 2017.

link image   Deliver in-app customer service with Zendesk (

Special offer for Android Weekly readers: save $177 with coupon "DEV238". With Zendesk's Mobile SDK, you can join Rovio Games and Swiftkey in bringing rich, native, in-app support to your app quickly and easily. Try it out today.

link image   Nevercode - Continuous Integration for Android Pros(

Cloud-based CI/CD platform for small teams and enterprises that value comprehensive options to build, test and deploy mobile apps. Specify test targets, parameters and devices for every instrumentation test and deploy straight to Google Play. Trusted by Toyota & Sainsbury's. Get started for free.



Anbox - Android in a Box (

Anbox puts the Android operating system into a container, abstracts hardware access and integrates core system services into a GNU/Linux system. Every Android application will behave integrated into your operating system like any other native application

Shape Shifter v0.2.0 is now live! (

Alex Lockwood has released Shape Shifter v0.2.0, a HUGE update with a TON of new features. The most significant improvement is that it is now possible to morph paths with different amounts of subpaths.






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