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Uvod u Python, automatizovanje dosadnih poslova

Uvod u Python, automatizovanje dosadnih poslova

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Python intenzivni kurs, prevod 3. izdanja

Python intenzivni kurs, prevod 3. izdanja

Popust cena: 1800 rsd

Django 69, Django Admin Cookbook, Django Projects

Django Admin Cookbook

This is a book about doing things with Django admin. It takes the form of about forty questions and common tasks with Django admin we answer. 

GoCD: Visualize and Model Complex CD Workflows

GoCD supports continuous delivery out of the box with its built-in pipelines, advanced traceability and value stream visualization. With GoCD, you can easily model, orchestrate and visualize complex workflows from end to end. GoCD supports modern infrastructure and cloud deployments. Learn how to setup your first pipeline - OR check out their enterprise plugins and support. - 

How to Write Dockerfiles for Python Web Apps

This post is filled with examples ranging from a simple Dockerfile to multistage production builds for Python apps. 

Django — Custom Migrations

I have a Django app running on Heroku. Recently I had to change one of the models to add a new ForeignKey. The app in production has data stored in the database that I want to keep and this existing data can be used to define the new ForeignKey field. After a bit of searching I discovered I can run a custom migration to manipulate the data in the database. 

How to create Content Types and Permissions for already created tables?

ContentTypes, apart from a lot of awesomeness to build genericness in your Django app (as quoted), is also essential for defining Permissions in Django admin interface (remember this widget from the User and Groups models in Django admin?) 

DevSecOps Best Practices

4 steps that are critical to DevSecOps success. Download now! 

Cookie Cutter Online Generator

Get a ZIP-archive with project by filling out the form. 

Wagtail 2.0

We've just released Wagtail 2.0. This is a significant update to Wagtail, which - if you're not already familiar with it - is a popular open source CMS, built on Django, with a beautiful admin UI, powering sites for Google, NASA, the NHS, Oxfam, Mozilla, governments, universities, corporations, schools, startups and bloggers around the world.  2.0 is our biggest ever release, in terms of changes and improvements from the previous version. Here's what you need to know: 

How to use Django with MongoDB by adding just one line of code.

I took you through several ways of integrating Django with MongoDB. You will find a multitude of online literature describing the MongoEngine and other variants for doing this. I focused on Djongo which is a new connector that makes this possible in a different way. It is easy to use and makes the process of migrating from a SQL backend to MongoDB very simple, by adding just one line of code. 

Hacking Django’s makemessages for better (translations) matching in React JSX components

Have you ever found a missing translation when running Django makemessages on React JSX components? I did and it can happen as far as you don’t keep your gettext tags in the beginning of JSX modules. 

Django Girls San Francisco 2018 – Maria Surmenok

After this workshop, I feel more confident in my interpersonal skills and probably will not be as shy as before anymore. I had an opportunity to learn something new and met amazing people with diverse background. If you have a chance to attend Django Girls workshop, definitely do it. I sincerely believe that you will not regret. 

Django Migrations and UUID Fields – Andy Byers

Recently I wanted to add a UUID field to an existing model called Institution, this model represents the Institutions that support the Open Library Humanities and the UUID field would represent a referral code 

Synchronizing Django model definitions

This is about a small problem we faced with the models used for customers in YPlan, now Time Out Checkout. 

How to access request object from models?

Django has some standard practices of organizing codes. It appreciates separating different contextual codes and classes in different files and modules. 

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django-servertiming - 5 Stars, 0 Fork

Django servertiming is allows you to view performance details for your app in the chrome dev tools. It uses the Server Timing API.

django-lint2 - 4 Stars, 0 Fork

Lint2 is a linter work on Django.

RegisteredUsers - 3 Stars, 1 Fork

A django app to fetch and display all the registered users based on their events.

django-experiments - 0 Stars, 0 Fork

Django AB testing module.

tumbo-server - 0 Stars, 0 Fork

Tumbo is a Server Platform for simplifying common development and deployment tasks. It conduce to go live quickly with an application - with less deployment- and configuration requirements. The Tumbo Stack is based on Linux, Django and Docker.


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