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Please welcome our new members. Some were nominated in recognition of their contributions to Django's code, some for their service on Django committees and work in other community organisations, and some in recognition of their contributions to the development of the international Django community. 

Django-crispy-forms is an application that helps to manage Django forms. It allows adjusting forms’ properties (such as method, send button or CSS classes) on the backend without having to re-write them in the template. This solution is much more readable than plain Django forms and makes rendering the form template really easy?—?you can even limit it to one line of code. What’s more, django-crispy-forms can affect the appearance and style of the form by adding css classes to the the entire form as well as to individual fields, their labels, or buttons. 

You were might have come across the popular packages such as django-allauth and django-registration. While these are great packages, they were too feature bloated for what I was going for in my minimum viable product (MVP). Furthermore, I started getting more frustrated as I googled because 9 out of every 10 articles were much older versions of Django. So, I decided to write my own backend after numerous hours reading the docs and coming to the realization that I could just do it myself. I am now sharing my GitHub repository below for anyone out there who might find it useful. 

admin panel
The Django admin is a very powerful tool. We use it for day to day operations, browsing data and support. As we grew some of our projects from zero to 100K+ users we started experiencing some of Django’s admin pain points?—?long response times and heavy load on the database. 

There are plenty of introductory tutorials on Slack bots but all of them seem to be overly simplistic that are extremely difficult to extend. We at Pep AI, have been building Slack bots like Pep and AttendanceBot that do substantial backend logic processing and we totally understand how daunting it is to extend a simple hello world to a backend heavy bot. This tutorial aims to bridge the gap between a simple hello world code snippet and a functional real world bot. 


taiga-back - 2975 Stars, 477 Fork
Project management web application with scrum in mind! Built on top of Django and AngularJS (Backend Code)

django-ratelimit - 285 Stars, 75 Fork
Cache-based rate-limiting for Django

django-salesforce - 92 Stars, 34 Fork
Salesforce integration for Django's ORM using the SF REST API.

Copyright (c) 2016 - Ankur Gupta. Thanks to the folks at Agiliq for donating the domain. Agiliq is an app development studio building web and mobile apps. Check them out.


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