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Smashing UX dizajn

Smashing UX dizajn

Hands-On UX Design for Developers

Hands-On UX Design for Developers

Hot in UX this week, The perception of control

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day: 10 stories worth sharing →

Thursday, May 17 2018, marked the seventh Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of the GAAD is to get more people talking, thinking and learning about digital access (web, software, mobile, etc.) and people with different disabilities.

As designers, the sad reality about accessibility today is that it is rarely taken as seriously as it should in digital design projects. In some cases it is taken seriously, but it is treated more as a feature than as a mindset. And when you treat it like a feature, chances are it will be one of the first features to be deprioritized when you realize the launch date is coming up.

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Research versus Research →

How the kind of research done by designers isn’t the same animal as the research done by Researchers.

The perception of control →

The human need for control can be traced back to our earliest roots. What does that mean for product design?

More than pixels: selling design discovery →

Digital design is not just about opening up Sketch and playing with, shapes, textures, and animation. It’s about people.

Light or dark UI? — a usability perspective →

What’s better, a light-based user interface or a darker one? A study on readability, contrast, and more.

Yes, design systems will replace design jobs →

What will happen to software designers’ jobs as their work is increasingly automated?

From the community

Google Duplex and the canny rise: a UX pattern

How Facebook should redesign its third-party login screen

The strange creatures called “Designers”

Understanding the role of shame in UX research

A designer’s guide to hardware and software for AR

Apple News — a usability case study

What product managers don’t want to admit about user research

News & ideas

A manifesto reminding us how fun it was to build websites not too long ago

Adobe is releasing a free XD plan; and funding tools to improve workflow

Calm Tech: Youtube and Instagram are helping people use their products less

This foundation is planning to print Wikipedia and send it to the Moon

The sad reality of not knowing how to waste time on the internet anymore

How the Android homescreen has evolved over the years

The concept of “the simplest web site that could possibly work well

Tools & resources

Screely: turn screenshots and designs into nice-looking shareable assets

How does it look on social: a preview of your site on various channels

FlopStarter: a repository of kickstarter projects that failed

Postedo: seamlessly schedule Instagram posts the dumbest publishing platform on the web

RobinSheets: track stock prices on Google Spreadsheets

CSS Doodle: a web component for drawing patterns with CSS



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