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Kompjuter po mojoj meri II izdanje

Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming - Second Edition

Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming - Second Edition

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The Justice Department Is Taking a Closer Look at Connected Devices

Are Hearables Needed to Realize Wearables, Nearables?

WIRED — I, like many, was absolutely blown away when I saw the movie Her by Spike Jonze. My head felt like an idea generator being overloaded with predictions and plans for new start-ups. With a… Open in a new tab

IoT and development platforms: Focusing on connecting the world

ReadWrite — The Internet of Things is a concept very different from the Internet of yesterday. While technically it’s the same Internet, the processes and functionality of the connected devices that… Open in a new tab

Forgetting Something on Your To Do List? Use MATLAB to Analyze Your Tasks. «…

ThingSpeak Community — Allie Fauer, a designer from New York, has released another awesome Instructable tutorial on how to build a “To Do List…Open in a new tab

How Will Encryption Keep Internet of Things Data Secure? - Answers to Corporate Challenges & Open Innovation | PreScouterAnswers to…

Answers to Corporate Challenges & Open I — The idea of the Internet of Things, that everyday objects can connect to one another and transfer data, is fascinating and mesmerizing.  With the exponential amount of data accumulated and…Open in a new tab

IoT Analytics – Living on the Edge is the way forward for now - Data Science Central — Everyone’s talking of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the impact it’s started to make even on day to day lives. Yet, more than…Open in a new tab


Prepare to Monetize Data From the Internet of Things — Tweet Ted Friedman Douglas Laney Jim Hare Sign in to view this research document. Forgot username or password? username password To purchase this document, you will need to register or sign… Open in a new tab

Is the GPL the right way to force IoT standardization?

ReadWrite — The Internet of Things has tremendous potential, but remains a mishmash of conflicting “standards” that don’t talk to each other. As various vendors erect data silos in the sky, what is… Open in a new tab

IoT Security Fears as Healthcare Software Tops ‘Buggiest’ Top 20 - Infosecurity…

Infosecurity Magazine — There were over 2,600 software bugs reported from May to July across the ‘top 20’ products, including flaws in highly…Open in a new tab

Which Cloud Platform is ideal to host IoT apps? - DZone IoT

The Top Journalists and Experts to Follow in the Internet of Things

Are all IoT vulnerabilities easily avoidable?

Analytics & IIoT — in a new tab

Four principles for maximizing the ROI of IoT

Internet of Things — When your business is getting started with IoT, identifying your business objective is the first step toward maximizing the… Open in a new tab

Arkessa Smart Buildings – Arkessa partner Yanzi makes it easy - Arkessa

PureLiFi is Developing a Potential Alternative to WiFi

ReadWrite — WiFi has become so omnipresent that losing signal for five minutes feels like the end of civilisation, but there may be a new contender on the horizon that uses light instead of radio waves… Open in a new tab


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