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Java 8 in 21 days

Java 8 in 21 days

Scala for Java Developers

Scala for Java Developers

JavaScript nedeljni pregled saveta, vesti, uputstava

Madge: Create Graphs From Your Module Dependencies — A developer tool for generating a visual graph of your module dependencies (works with CommonJS, AMD and ES6 modules), finding circular dependencies, and discovering other useful info.

Modern JavaScript Features You May Have Missed — Given how JavaScript evolves all the time, it’s often worth reflecting on what’s been added, which is why articles like this tend to be popular here. This post quickly covers some highlights of the most recent standards, ES2015 through ES2019.

Migrating a Distributed System from JavaScript to TypeScript  - TypeScript can help overcome scalability issues of JavaScript. Here’s how Ably’s engineering team painlessly migrated a globally-distributed system written in JavaScript to TypeScript, and some learnings you can implement in your own migration.

You Don't Know JS Yet: Getting Started — Kyle Simpson’s “You Don’t Know JS” (a.k.a. YDKJS) book has been hugely popular in the JavaScript world since its first release five years ago. He’s been working on a second edition whose first portion is now ‘draft complete’ and you can read it on GitHub.

React (Experimentally) Unveils Concurrent Mode — A set of much awaited, new experimental features that will help React apps stay responsive and gracefully adjust to the user’s device capabilities and network speed. Very much aimed at early adopters and the curious. Here’s why these developments are exciting.

A Look at Some Exciting New Features Coming in Vue 3 — The Vue.js Core team is bringing some exciting new features in Vue 3 (which you can see in a pre-alpha form here) such as the composition API, fragments, portals, and suspense, to name a few. Does it feel more React-like? Well, yes.

The Svelte Handbook — It’s really just a very long blog post, but nonetheless, it’s a good way to quickly learn Svelte and become familiar with the intriguing compile-time framework.

10 Good Practices for Building Large Vue.js Projects — As we say in the UK, pretty much “what it says on the tin.”

What is Functional Programming? A Gentle JavaScript Intro — One for beginners or those truly new to functional concepts.

Redux Starter Kit 1.0 Released — A package designed to make it easier to get started with Redux and perform common tasks.


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