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Vue.js 2 Cookbook

Vue.js 2 Cookbook

Java 8 in 21 days

Java 8 in 21 days

JavaScript Weekly Issue 393, TOAST UI Grid 3.0, JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React


TOAST UI Grid 3.0: A Powerful Data Grid Control — Another great piece of work from NHN who also produced an image editor we linked last week. This data grid component works down to IE8, with many data types, and is easily rethemed.

JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning React — A concise list of all the different JavaScript functionalities that can be used to complement a React app.

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A Great Explanation of JavaScript Reactivity — Understand what ‘reactivity’ is and how it works by way of implementing your own system that’s similar to Vue’s approach. There’s also a 15 minute video version, if you prefer.

v8n: A JavaScript Fluent Validation Library — If you like ‘fluent’, chainable APIs, you might like this approach to object validation, e.g. v8n().number().between(0, 100).test(44) .. though it goes a lot further than that.

The Future of WebAssembly: A Look At Upcoming Features and Proposals — WebAssembly is a binary instruction format that runs at high performance in all major browsers. It’s still relatively new though and a work in progress. This post looks at WebAssembly’s roadmap and the features it could gain in the near future.

Two-Factor Authentication Protection for npm Packages in Beta — As a follow up to the eslint-scope npm problem we covered last week, you can now test two-factor authentication protection for individual packages in the npm Registry.

Tutorials and Opinions

Building a Serverless Contact Form with AWS Lambda and AWS SES — Covers the basics of both the front-end form, with vanilla JavaScript, and the serverless back end, hosted on AWS Lambda.

Build an Instagram Clone with Vue.js and CSSGram — CSSGram recreates Instagram-style filters using CSS filters and blend modes.

How to Do Functional Programming with JavaScript? — A handy cheat sheet used by JavaScript developers interested in writing functional style code. Check it out.

Designing GraphQL APIs — A tutorial built at Shopify (initially for internal use) based on lessons learnt creating and scaling schemas on GraphQL APIs at Shopify.

Native JavaScript Modules — A look at how native JS modules work, what the current level of support is for them, plus main findings and gotchas from using them in production.

15 HTML Element Methods You’ve Potentially Never Heard of — The DOM is full of delights, some of which David pokes at here, including scrollIntoViewgetBoundingClientRect, and select.

How to Build a Microsoft Excel Add-in with Vue — Did you know you can build add-ins for Excel with JavaScript?

Build a Netflix Style Video Delivery Platform — View videos at the same quality & speed as Netflix & YouTube. API clients for all major languages.

Recreating Reddit’s Voting UI in Vanilla JS vs React vs Vue vs Hyperapp— A comparison hoping to ‘shed light’ on the purpose of using frameworks.

Pushing the Limits of the Web with Angular — Showing off some of the newest capabilities of Angular.

How Fast Can You Learn React? — ”..learning React is about as easy as teaching a parrot to talk”. — Oh, and if you are starting to explore React, we have a newsletter for that ;-).

Code and Tools

Pushbar.js: Simply Creating 'Sliding Drawers' on Your Pages/Apps

Popbox.js: Stackable Modals for Web Pages — If you need a modal on top of your modal..

localForage: Offline Storage, Improved — Wraps IndexedDB, WebSQL, or localStorage using a simple API.

Polly.js: Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions — Polly taps into native browser APIs to mock requests and responses.

Save Weeks Per Year Fixing Unseen Bugs Using Source Maps with Sentry

Jest Watch Toggle Config Plugin: Toggle Your Jest Boolean Config Settings At Will

CanJS 5.0 Released: A Framework for Building Rich Web Interfaces

Z: Pattern Matching for JavaScript

Hypernova: A Service for Server-Side Rendering of JS Views

How to Dynamically Load JS Modules on Codepen


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