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EJB 3 in Action, Second Edition

EJB 3 in Action, Second Edition

Mastering Reactive JavaScript

Mastering Reactive JavaScript

JavaScript Weekly 429

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JavaScript Weekly #429


I Don't Hate Arrow Functions (But..) — Arrow functions (=>), as introduced in ES6, have generally been a much welcomed addition to JavaScript but Kyle Simpson reminds us they’re not suitable in every scenario and has created an ESLint plugin to help you keep a handle on their use.

V8 Release 7.4: Private Class Fields Are Almost Here — The latest V8 is coming to a Chrome and Node near you soon, with perhaps the juiciest syntax addition being support for private class fields. There are also several key performance improvements, all covered in the post.

50% Off for Developers at the Annual Slack Conference — Attend the developer track at Frontiers for access to workshops, new feature demos, one-on-one app design sessions, and more. Register today to reserve your spot with the code F19DEV_COMM.

An Introduction to Web Components — If you’ve not played with Web Components yet, here’s a great opportunity. This is a five part series (all now available) that walks through building Web Components and demonstrates why they’re an ideal approach to building front-end components and UI elements in a standardized way.

fromfrom: A LINQ Inspired Library to Transform Sequences of Data— Now this is how you introduce your new library :-) A neat looking way to convert arrays of JavaScript objects from one structure to another using a fluent API.

State of the Vuenion: An Update on Vue.js — At last month’s VueJS Amsterdam event, the creator of Vue.js gave a 40 minute keynote on how things are going with the project. What a striking intro!

JavaScript #1 in RedMonk's Programming Language Ranking — RedMonk is a highly regarded software development analyst and they’re continuing to find that JavaScript is dominating the industry. TypeScript is also rocketing up the chart to now sit at #12.

Objektno-orijentisani JavaScript


Tutorials and Opinions

Writing Resilient React Components — Several principles to set you on the right path building solid React components.

ES5 to ESNext — Here's Every Feature Added to JavaScript Since 2015

A Complete Guide to Threads in Node.js — An introduction to executing complex operations in Node.js with the worker_threads threading module.

Reliable End to End Test Automation with Gauge and Taiko — Open source JavaScript testing by ThoughtWorks.

How to Manipulate CSS Colors with JavaScript — This goes into a lotmore depth than you might be expecting..

An Intro to RxJS Concepts with Vanilla JavaScript — Observables..? Observers..? Get a grip on the concepts here.

Write Your First Service Worker in 5 Minutes — Making a service worker (a script that runs in the background of your browser and handles certain types of non-interactive mechanisms, such as caching) can seem intimidating but here it is boiled down to the bare essentials.

JavaScript's New #private Class Fields — Since they’re coming to both Node and Chrome very soon..

Build and Deploy Serverless Apps on a Global Cloud Network — Learn how to start writing serverless APIs in JavaScript, and reserve a custom subdomain for your next project.

Henry Zhu: "Open Source is About One’s Soul Searching and Moving the Whole Community" — An interview with Henry Zhu, a core maintainer of Babel, who’s speaking at JSNation later this year.

Testing and Debugging JavaScript Sites for Search — Google’s search index bot is happy to run your JavaScript but you might want to check things are set up and running well.

Code and Tools

Peacock: Visually Distinguish Different VS Code Windows — A way to keep your various VS Code windows organized and easy to follow.


lax.js: Animation Scroll Effects — A simple and lightweight (2kb minified & zipped) plugin to create smooth animation on scroll. Here’s the repo.


idb: IndexedDB, But with Promises — “A little 1.1k library that tries to make IndexedDB usable via promises, helpers, and async iterators.”


TradingVue.js: A Flexible, 'Hackable' Charting Lib for Traders — For making those candlestick charts that every day-trader loves.


CrumbsJS: An ES6 Cookies and localStorage JavaScript Library — An extremely simple API for working with these browser features.


Dare to Stream: Try Bitmovin’s Encoding, Player, and Analytics Solutions for Free


React Router v5 Released — If you need it, you know :-) We’ll be focusing more on it in next week’s React newsletter.


Mosaic: A Frontend JavaScript Library for Building User Interfaces — Many will argue there are too many such libraries but I think it’s neat to experiment and see fresh perspectives.




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