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Mastering React

Mastering React

Learn React with TypeScript 3

Learn React with TypeScript 3

JavaScript Weekly 433

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A 'Horrifying' (or Genius?) globalThis Polyfill — You wanted some gnarly JavaScript magic to chew on over the Easter weekend, didn’t you? Mathias doesn’t disappoint with this look at how to implement the proposed ‘globalThis’ feature using current JavaScript. It’s not easy.

The Front-End Developer Handbook 2019 — This popular, detailed guide returns for another year. Updated with plenty of useful resources, learning materials and dev tools.

Cloud Hosting Developers Love — Deploy high performance web apps faster and save up to 55% compared to other cloud providers.

Razzle: Create Server-Rendered Universal Apps with No Config — It abstracts all the tooling for a universal app into a single dependency and leaves the decisions around frameworks, routing, and data fetching to you (think create-react-app but for any set of frameworks). Version 3 came out just this week introducing Babel 7 support.

V8's Blazingly Fast Parsing: How Lazy Parsing Works — A deep-down, technical post from the V8 team on how the JavaScript engine’s pre-parsing functionality works to prevent unnecessary parsing taking place before it needs to.

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Tutorials and Opinions

How to Know What to Test — “Given enough time and experience, you develop an intuition for knowing what to test.”

How to Create a Multicolored Mouse Trail for Your Site — We don’t often link to visual uses of JavaScript that are just for fun but this is pretty neat. We also learn a neat trick to only run code on browsers/devices with a proper pointing device attached: matchMedia('(pointer:fine)').matches

Say Hello to Scheduled Stitch Triggers — MongoDB Scheduled Stitch Triggers enable you to run your functions automatically on a timed schedule. Get set up in under 3 minutes.

How to Build a Large Vue Application — Vue is perfect as it is for small and medium-sized apps, but you might want to lean on systems to make apps more modular at larger scales.

Choosing The Right Node.js Framework: Next, Nuxt, Nest? — A handy examination of the differences between three very popular server-side rendering frameworks.

Rendering a Triangle with Vulkan and JavaScript — Vulkan is a new(ish) low-level graphics and compute API from Khronos (the folks who manage standards like OpenGL and WebGL). Here’s the Vulkan “Hello World” for Node.

Exploring the Hidden Potential of JavaScript Arrays — Aimed more at beginners, this tour visits built-in methods like flatMapeverysome and keys that are frequently overlooked.

Get the Fastest Website Deployments — Learn the most effective way to build better apps faster.

Adding Numbers using Boolean Operations in JavaScript — This isn’t necessarily useful in and of itself, but if you’re not aware of how numbers are added at the binary level, you’ll learn something.

Curated by Cooperpress and Peter Cooper.

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