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Naučite PHP, MySQL i JavaScript: razvoj dinamičkih veb strana korak po korak prevod 6. izdanja

Naučite PHP, MySQL i JavaScript: razvoj dinamičkih veb strana korak po korak prevod 6. izdanja

Domain-Driven Design in PHP

Domain-Driven Design in PHP

Laravel Daily 44

Laravel-related articles from all the web – our new mini-project with a simple message for clients

One of the most popular questions I’m getting as a developer and team leader is what is my/our hourly rate for web-development. Instead of answering “it depends” every time, I decided to create a mini website with an answer.

tightenco/lambo: Quick new application creation with Laravel and Valet

Super-powered laravel new for Laravel and Valet. Make sure ~/.composer/vendor/bin is in your terminal's path.

Moving from Drupal to Laravel — Engine SevenFour

I've been involved in web development in some way or another for the better part of half my life. I learned HTML when I was 11, and I took a few programming classes in high school. However, I hadn't been serious about it until I started at Fanshawe College in January of 2014.

Laravel with Aspect Oriented Architecture // Speaker Deck

Other Presentations by this Speaker

How to Fix Laravel 5.2 Token Mismatch Errors

Pulling your hair out over token mismatch errors in Laravel 5.2? Everything worked fine up until you ran installed Laravel 5.2? Googled it, tried the various fixes scattered across a multitude of sites? Realize you are not the only one with the same problem based on the number of results you find.

Set up Paypal Payment Gateway Integration in Laravel PHP Example

In this tutorial, i will tell you to integrate Paypal payment gateway in standard way in Laravel PHP Framework. Paypal payment gateway is going popular for all projects and easier to integrate in website for developers and here i define easy way to integrate paypal payment gateway in application.

Important features of Laravel which make it the finest PHP framework ever!

What is Laravel? Laravel framework, is the one of the most popular php frameworks today. Laravel is exclusively designed for development of model view controller (MVC) applications and it was released under the MIT license.

Github now supports Blade syntax highlighting

Thanks to James Brooks Github has just added support for Blade syntax highlighting on both your repos and Gists. This was added in from a pull request by James and then merged and deployed today. The highlighting should all happen automatically as long as you use the default .blade.

Laravel Homestead and Valet Quick Project Setup

How to quickly set up Laravel projects with Homestead and Valet (and WordPress projects using WP-CLI with Valet).Quick setup:1:15 Laravel project with Homestead1:30 Development branch download reference3:45 Laravel project with Valet6:45 WordPress project with ValetExplained:11:25 Directory structur

How to upload files in laravel

Laravel  includes the excellent Flysystem project for interacting with files both in the application filesystem, as well as popular cloud-based storage solutions such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Rackspace. Filesystems are configured as disks in the config/filesystems.php file.

Interacting with Laravel (and Symfony) Commands

This post will take a quick look at how to interact with console commands in the shell. Each section will examine an example signature, help output or input parameter type and then explain ways in which to supply data to the various input parameters.

Email Templates from

Have you ever had the need to have more dynamic emails? We've had and it's usually the same request that comes from our clients and it goes something like this: "I would like to create an email template in our system, but I also want to be able to automatically replace {{name}} with our customer's

PHP-related articles and offtopics

20 Useful PHP Frameworks Available on CodeCanyon

Not only is reinventing something that already exists time ill spent, it's also usually ill-fated. The same can be said with web development. This is why using a framework can be vital to a project's success. So with that, let's look at 20 useful PHP frameworks available on Envato Market.

Securing a PHP Application in 2016: The Pocket Guide

It was the year 2016. A business owner just had a great idea to expand their reach in the marketplace, and they needed to build a web application to pull it off. After a bit of market research, they decide the best course of action is to hire PHP programmers to build their vision.

Powering Raspberry Pi Projects with PHP

A Raspberry Pi is a brilliant tiny computer that you can power off of a micro USB cable. The most recent model has WiFi, an ethernet port, 4 USB ports and an HDMI port. There’s also a micro SD card slot, which is where the “hard drive” goes.

The Evolution of PHP – Infographic

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a highly popular server-side scripting language. It is very flexible and has a lot of innovative features. It is the fastest resource available for creating database–enabled dynamic websites. All the features and updates of PHP are available free of cost.

New section: Successful IT Projects

Developer’s job is not writing

Internet is full of offers related to programming — clients need to create websites, applications, install or configure plugins. So your goal as a developer is writing code for them, right? Well, yes and no. In reality, clients come to developers in order to achieve their business goals.

Most important quality for developer?

Simple but important thought I want to share. A lot of new developers think that it’s enough to learn one or two programming languages, and then you basically get a job for the rest of your life. Maybe it was true 10–20 years ago, but not in modern world. Here’s why.

The Full Stack Fallacy: Why Full Stack Engineers Don’t Actually

The tech industry defines a “full stack engineer” as one who can write any type of code needed for a project. We laud this engineer as a demagogue, since they can simultaneously face the lawless zombie apocalypse of systems programming and design a flawless user experience to dazzle the masses.

The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level

At Frontside, we gather every Tuesday afternoon for our company meeting, where we talk through our accomplishments and plans for the coming week. In a recent meeting, we talked about our search for a senior developer to join the team, and you could see passions flare.


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