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Laravel - Radni okvir za izradu modernih PHP aplikacija

Laravel - Radni okvir za izradu modernih PHP aplikacija

Domain-Driven Design in PHP

Domain-Driven Design in PHP

Laravel Daily 49

Hey Laravel fans and developers,

This week is special for me cause I've attended my first Laracon EU - you can read my impressions below. Also, of course, finally 5.3 was released, so now we all have a toy to play with :)

So, without further intro, let's move to articles of this week.

Laravel new release

Laravel 5.3 is now released

The Laravel team is proud to announce the release of Laravel 5.3 and it’s now available for everyone. After many months of work Laravel 5.3 is now released and available for everyone. The new features in 5.

New website: check it out

Driver based full-text search for Eloquent, complete with pagination and automatic indexing. Event broadcasting, evolved. Bring the power of WebSockets to your application without the complexity.

Official Laravel Certificate program

The Laravel Certificate program is created and monitored by an advisory board composed of top laravel developers and entrepreneurs whose members contribute heavily to the Laravel ecosystem.

Laracon EU Confererence

Thoughts and feelings after Laracon EU 2016

Yes, you’ve read it right – thoughts and feelings, not review or recap. This short article will be filled with emotions, cause that was my first Laracon and for me it was a lot of new thing, meeting people etc.

#LaraconEU 2016 Was a Great Experience Overall

It all started with submitting my chatops talk to some open call for papers in April 2016. After giving the talk in CodeMotion Dubai, I felt chatops is a useful topic. Everyone working in software development can leverage it to make their life easier.

Laracon 2016 Takeaways!

I recently returned from my first Laracon, Northern Kentucky’s largest Laravel developer conference, and I had an incredibly interesting and informative trip! Whether you’re thinking of attending a Laracon in the EU or the US, here are a few takeaways from my time there that you might find help

Laravel-related articles from all the web

Why it's not that bad to code PHP on Windows

Notice: This is a guest post by Oliver Hermanni (you can visit his website or follow him on Twitter). He suggested to reply to my older post about PHP/Windows environment, so here’s his answer in an article form. Some days ago Povilas wrote a post why it’s bad to code PHP on Windows.

Learn about Grant Types in Laravel Passport

OAuth2 is a security framework that controls access to protected areas of an application, and it’s mainly used to control how different clients consume an API ensuring they have the proper permissions to access the requested resources.

Laravel Lambo – A package to quickly scaffold out a new project

The Laravel team is proud to announce the release of Laravel 5.3 and it’s now available for everyone. The new f… DreamFactory auto-generates a rich API platform from nearly any SQL or NoSQL database. In addition to automatically g…

Adding Mandrill tags to your Laravel email

When using Laravel mail with Mandrill as the mail driver you can send mails the Laravel way, just by adding the API key to your env file. It works great but what if you use one Mandrill account for all your clients and you have to keep track of the number of emails send for each client?

Build a Laravel Application with User Authentication

With over 100,000 downloads per month, Laravel has quickly become one of the most popular web frameworks for PHP. Laravel makes it incredibly simple to build PHP applications by providing a huge number of built-in functionalities that you no longer need to build yourself.

Two tips to speedup your Laravel tests

I've seen two different tips for speeding up your tests in Laravel in the past week and thought I'd share them with you. For me, they made a significant impact on the speed of my tests. This is a huge time saver.

Brief Overview Of Design Patterns Used in Laravel

In this article , we will discuss the design patterns Laravel uses, and how and why are they used, using some realife Examples . we have divided article To 6 chapters to give you a Brief Overview Of Design Patterns Used in Laravel .

Docker, Rancher, and Laravel: Easy and Safe Scalability!

At LaraconUS 2016 many people asked me about my deployment strategy, and to my suprise not many were familiar with Rancher (some didn't even know about Docker)! In this article I'll walk you through my development and production set up by creating a fake Laravel blog app.

rinvex/country : package for retrieving country details with flexibility

Rinvex Country is a simple and lightweight package for retrieving country details with flexibility. A whole bunch of data including name, demonym, capital, iso codes, dialling codes, geo data, currencies, and other attributes for all 250 countries worldwide at your fingertips.

A MySQL Workbench plugin which exports a Model to Laravel 5 Migrations

A MySQL Workbench plugin that allows for exporting a model to Laravel 5 migrations that follow PSR-2 coding standards. When exported, each migration is generated and saved in it's own, properly named, migration file. This plugin requires MySQL Workbench to work properly.

Applying TDD with Laravel and PHPUnit Part 1

In this video I explain how you can use PHPUnit and Laravel to apply TDD concepts. This is the first half of this video which goes through the theory. The second part of this has the code demonstration.Reval GovenderLinkedIn:

A package to easily work with regex in PHP

PHP offers some functions to work with regular expressions, most notably preg_match, preg_match_all and preg_replace. Unfortunately those functions are a bit hard to use. Take preg_match_all for example, it requires you to pass in an array by reference to get all the matches.

PHP - The Wrong Way

In the world of PHP programming a set of trends are massively being propagated by some people (in their books and on websites) as “Modern PHP” while all other approaches are frowned upon as backwards, stupid, or just plain wrong.

Laravel Passport – Easily setup your own OAuth2 server

Creating your own OAuth server can be difficult and Laravel 5.3 comes with a free optional package called Passport that is a full OAuth2 server that is ready to go in minutes.

Always use caret instead of tilde

I’ve been noticing people having trouble understanding the differences between the caret (“^”) and the tilde (“~”) operator in the composer.json file. Composer’s documentation is great but a bit short, that is why I write this blog post.


Video from Laracon US


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