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M.E.A.N. Blueprints

M.E.A.N. Blueprints

Web Development with jQuery

Web Development with jQuery

MongoDB Weekly 29

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Getting the Most Out of Multi-Document ACID Transactions — An on-demand 48 minute webinar (no registration needed) hosted by MongoDB's Aly Cabral covering characteristics, syntax, optimization strategies and more.

'How We Migrated Data from PostgreSQL to MongoDB' 


One team found MongoDB’s document-oriented approach suited their use case better but they had lots of data to move from Postgres. Here’s how they performed the migration by making Postgres output JSON that MongoDB could load.

Mongo Seeding: A Tool to Populate MongoDB Databases — Define data in JSON or JavaScript then populate a database using a JavaScript library, CLI tool, or Docker image. Aimed at testing or setting up initial state for an app.

Using Java with MongoDB 4.0's Support for Multi-Document Transactions — A comparison of simple single document transactions and MongoDB 4.0’s new ACID compliant multi-document transactions, along with examples of using them from Java.

How to Use Mongo's JSON Schema Validator for Data Integrity — The flexibility of MongoDB as a schemaless database is one of its strengths, but sometimes you need to enforce data integrity. Here’s a look at using the JSON Schema Validator to introduce validation checks at the database level.

Build a Project Management Tool with Vue.js, Node.js and Apollo — A multi-part tutorial that uses MongoDB as the underlying database.

How Uses MongoDB to Build a Single Customer View — A quick case study of how a major British online retailer is using MongoDB running on the Atlas platform.

MongoDB Charts Beta 0.10.0: Quick Visualizations for Your Data — Charts is a new official product from MongoDB that connects to a MongoDB data source and creates charts, graphs, and dashboards. The new 0.10.0 release features include simpler installation, dashboard auto-refresh and number charts.


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