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SQL za analizu podataka

SQL za analizu podataka

ECDL 5.0 - Modul 5 - Baze podataka

ECDL 5.0 - Modul 5 - Baze podataka

NoSQL weekly 264

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

What's New in MongoDB 3.2, Part 2: New Support for Mission-Critical Applications
In this post, I'll cover features designed to support mission-critical applications, including document validation and the enhanced replication protocol.

The role of NoSQL in the Next Generation of Financial Informatics
This talk covers how financial institutions using a next generation NoSQL operational data store to achieve speed at scale.

The MongoDB Statbox - Graphs of stats in 5cm by 6cm
Using just a Pi Zero, a Unicorn Hat, a slice of Python and a plug-in of Wifi, find out how you can turn you database stats into shining beacons of information in the return of the TinkerTank.

Building Apps for Mobile, Gaming, IoT, and more using AWS DynamoDB
In this session, we will talk about the evolution of databases from SQL to NoSQL and understand how the NoSQL paradigm is making a big difference in powering modern-day use-cases. We will also take a close look at DynamoDB, Amazon's primary NoSQL database. We will go over the high level concepts and design patterns with DynamoDB, and focus on how you can build interesting applications for Mobile, Gaming, IoT etc. using DynamoDB.

DistCp Performance Improvements in Apache Hadoop
In this post, we'll provide a quick introduction to DistCp. Then we'll explain how HDFS-7535 improves DistCp performance by utilizing HDFS snapshots to avoid copying renamed files. Finally, we'll describe how HDFS-8828 (shipping in CDH 5.5) improves performance further on top of HDFS-7535.

Backing Spring Cache with Couchbase
In this post, we'll discover how to cache data easily using Spring Cache and Couchbase as a backing store.

Getting Syslog Events to HBase
In the Apache NiFi 0.4.0 release there are several new integration points including processors for interacting with Syslog and HBase. In this post we'll demonstrate how to use NiFi to receive messages from Syslog over UDP, and store those messages in HBase. The flow described in this post was created using Apache NiFi 0.4.0, rsyslog 5.8.10, and Apache HBase 1.1.2.

Build a notepad application with PHP, MongoDB, and IBM Bluemix
Store and search free-form text notes in the cloud on a mobile or desktop web browser.

Offline Web Applications with CouchDB, PouchDB and Ember CLI

Spark-TS: A New Library for Analyzing Time-Series Data with Apache Spark
Getting Started with Neo4j in .NET with Neo4jClient Library

Crawling APIs Using Neo4j - Building The Star Wars Graph

Do You Need A Graph Database?


Apache Kafka Cookbook

If you are a programmer or big data engineer using or planning to use Apache Kafka, then this book is for you. This book has several recipes which will teach you how to effectively use Apache Kafka. We will cover topics like how to configure your broker, producer, and consumer for maximum efficiency for your situation. Also, you will learn how to maintain and administer your cluster for fault tolerance. We will also explore tools provided with Apache Kafka to do regular maintenance operations. We shall also look at how to easily integrate Apache Kafka with big data tools like Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, and Elasticsearch.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Concurrent redis migration utility written in Go.

A Clojure library for Apache CouchDB.

Import JSON objects directly into Redis using deep recursive lookup to convert key:value pairs into hash:value pairs based on JSON structure depth.


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