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Uvod u Python, automatizovanje dosadnih poslova

Uvod u Python, automatizovanje dosadnih poslova

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Django 3 kroz primere, prevod III izdanja

Django 3 kroz primere, prevod III izdanja

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Python Weekly 236

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Genomic Data Visualization in Python

From deep sequencing to insights.

Pandashells: Data Science with Python on the Command Line
This post demonstrates how to use Pandashells to accomplish a variety of common data processing, analysis, and visualization tasks on the command line. First, it presents the commands according to the tasks you're going to accomplish so the commands are short and you can skip to the tasks you're interested in. Then, at the end of this post, it provides an example of chaining several commands to prepare a dataset for predictive modeling.

Episode #51: SigOpt: Optimizing Everything with Python
You've heard that machine intelligence is going to transform our lives any day now. This is usually presented in a way that is vague and non-descript. In this episode, you'll meet Patrick Hayes the CTO at SigOpt whose goal is to accelerate your machine learning by "optimizing everything". 

Scipy Lecture Notes
One document to learn numerics, science, and data with Python.

Podcast.__init__ Episode 49 - VPython with Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to generate interactive 3D visualizations of physical systems in a declarative manner with Python? In this episode we spoke with Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood about the VPython project which does just that. They tell us about how the use VPython in their classrooms, how the project got started, and the work they have done to bring it into the browser.

Scrapy Tips from the Pros: March 2016 Edition
This month's edition of the Scrapy Tips from the Pros series covers how to use a cookiejar with the CookiesMiddleware to get around websites that won't allow you to crawl multiple pages at the same time using the same cookie. It also shares a handy tip on how to use multiple fallback XPath/CSS expressions with item loaders to get data from websites more reliably.

Rapid API Prototyping with
This post shows you how to launch rapidly a REST API with

Analyze a Time Series in Real Time with AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon DynamoDB Streams
This post explains how to perform time-series analysis on a stream of Amazon Kinesis records, without the need for any servers or clusters, using AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon CloudWatch.  We demonstrate how to do time-series analysis on live web analytics events stored in Amazon Kinesis Streams and present the results in near real-time for use cases like live key performance indicators, ad-hoc analytics, and quality assurance, as used in our AWS-based data science and analytics  RAVEN (Reporting, Analytics, Visualization, Experimental, Networks) platform at JustGiving.

Churn Prediction with PySpark using MLlib and ML Packages
The prediction process is heavily data driven and often utilizes advanced machine learning techniques. In this post, we'll take a look at what types of customer data are typically used, do some preliminary analysis of the data, and generate churn prediction models - all with PySpark and its machine learning frameworks. 

Token-based authentication with Django and React
This tutorial will show you how to create a simple React app that uses Django Rest Framework's token authentication to grant or deny users access to certain pages.

Functional Programming: Concepts, Idioms and Philosophy

Finally, Real-Time Django Is Here: Get Started with Django Channels 

Tidy Data In Python 

Raspberry Pi & Python Internet 'Thing' pt. 1 with Tony D!

Using Selenium and Python to screenshot a javascript-heavy page

Python Jobs of the Week

Full-Stack Python/Django developer at Forward Partners
We're looking for a highly skilled Python / Django developer who can help make our entrepreneurs idea become a reality. You will build MVPs, offer expert technical advice and make suggestions for innovations through working in an agile fashion as a founding member of the companies we invest in.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Create statically linked python for easy desktop application distribution.

A U.S. personal income tax calculator.

Awesome cli tool to try out python packages - It's never been easier!

Deviot is a plugin based in stino for Sublime Text 2 & 3 to IoT development using PlatformIO ecosystem and supporting ~200 boards!

concierge is a small utility/daemon which is intended to help humans to maintain their SSH configs.

The goal of this project is to implement the functionality of the R package Dplyr on top of Python's pandas.

DiskCache is an Apache2 licensed disk and file backed cache library, written in pure-Python, and compatible with Django. Performance and correctness are features with dozens of cache benchmarks, 100% test coverage, and hours of stress testing in production. There are no external dependencies like memcached or redis which simplifies development and deployment while maintaining faster cache lookups than industry standard solutions.

TensorFlow implementation of Neural Variational Inference for Text Processing.

Python Library of Numerical Algorithms.

Karta is a simple to use package for spatial analysis in Python. It streamlines processing vector and raster data.

Numscrypt is a port of a small part of NumPy to Transcrypt using JavaScript typed arrays. 

Tensorflow implementation of Deep Visual Analogy-Making.

New Releases

PyCharm 2016.1


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