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SPSS 20 Analiza bez muke

SPSS 20 Analiza bez muke

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R analiza podataka, drugo izdanje

R analiza podataka, drugo izdanje

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R blogeri, SQL Server, Power BI, and R

SQL Server 2016 has reached general availability recently and one of the top new capabilities it features is SQL Server R Services —  advanced analytics in-database with the R language.   R has also been integrated into Power BI, allowing you to create fully integrated visualizations with the power of the R language.  In this blog post I will show an example using R in SQL Server to create a model and  batch score testing data, then use Power BI Desktop to create visualizations of the scored data.

This post will introduce component conditional value at risk mechanics found in PerformanceAnalytics from a paper written by Brian Peterson, Kris Boudt, and Peter Carl. This is a mechanism that is an easy-to-call mechanism for computing component expected shortfall in asset returns as they apply to a portfolio. While the exact mechanics are fairly complex, the upside is that the running time is nearly instantaneous, and this method is a solid tool for including in asset allocation analysis.

Bio7 2.4 has been released for Windows, MacOSX and Linux and this release comes with a plethora of new R editor features.
The editor now supports the dynamic code analysis of R scripts, refactoring methods, improved code completions, more key shortcuts for a faster editing and improved quick fixes which now can be opened and applied directly where the warnings or errors occur.

Last week I discovered the unvotes package on github so I thought i’d do some number-crunching to see if I find anything interesting.

The package provides the voting history of countries in the United Nations General Assembly, along with information such as date, description, and topics for each vote.

A new release 0.4.4 of RProtoBuf is now on CRAN, and corresponds to the source archive for the Journal of Statistical Software paper about RProtoBuf as JSS vol71 issue 02. The paper is also included as a pre-print in the updated package.

In this post we’ll recreate two info graphics created by The Economist. The code uses the new Plotly 4.0 syntax.

Note: Plotly 4.0 has not been officially released yet. You can download the dev version using


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