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JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev

JavaScript Frameworks for Modern Web Dev

RESTful Java Web Services - Second Edition

RESTful Java Web Services - Second Edition

REACT status 44, Gatsby, Rekit 2.0, OCalm, Popper.js, Redux, Next.js

Gatsby 1.0: A Static Site Generator for React 

A powerful React-based static site generator. v1 can integrate with CMSs like Wordpress, and Drupal, and supports route-based code splitting, service workers, offline support, etc.

Rekit 2.0: A Toolkit for Building Modern React Apps — Essentially provides an opinionated structure for React, Redux and React-Router powered apps. Also includes a Web based UI for testing and modifying an app.

New, Updated: Complete Intro to React (feat. Redux, Router & Flow) — Much more than an intro, you’ll not just learn React, but also a proven set of tools including Router v4 for paging, Jest for testing, Redux and Flow!

Building a React App in OCaml: A ReasonReact Tutorial — Reason makes it possible to compile OCaml to JavaScript and this post neatly demonstrates building a React app using OCaml and Reason.

Five Tips for Working with Redux in Large Apps — Some helpful rules and tips to keep Redux manageable.

Popper.js: Using the Positioning Library with React — A 10 minute tour of using Popper.js with React to position ‘poppers’ (i.e. tooltips, popovers and drop-downs) next to other elements.


'Redux Isn't Slow, You're Just Doing It Wrong' — Some optimization tips for when using Redux with React.

Server Rendering React with Ruby on Rails — The art of doing server rendering for React components inside of the Ruby webapp framework.

Catch Errors Before Your Users Do  — Always know whats broken & why. Rollbar detects and alerts you when code breaks. Catch errors before users do.


Static and Dynamic Next.js — This talk explores the two powerful new features of Next.js: static exports and dynamic imports.


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