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Experience Design for Beginners

Experience Design for Beginners

101 princip za dobar UX dizajn

101 princip za dobar UX dizajn

UX design Weekly 134

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How to not suck at design

A 5 minute guide of practical design tips for the non-designer that you can apply today.

Bulletproof User Onboarding
With onboarding, there simply is no silver bullet but you can always strive for bullet-proof.

Mobile First, Desktop Worst
One-size-fits-all UIs can be problematic. We should put function first and allow form to follow.

The New Skeuomorphism is in Your Voice Assistant
Skeuomorphism is alive and this time it is invisible.

Stop Shaming Your Users for Micro Conversions
Manipulinks make users feel bad about themselves in order to convince them to accept an offer or sign up for a newsletter.


Get 25% Off UX Design Courses
The Interaction Design Foundation is the largest, and oldest, provider of online UX design courses.

This makes them perfect for both working professionals and students. Here are 7 reasons to join their UX Design Community!


Atlassian's Design Language
Atlassian's end-to-end design language to create straightforward and beautiful experiences.

Interface Lovers
An online magazine that spotlights designers and features a collection of mixes by your favorite designers.

Launchpad by Anima App
Publish responsive websites directly from Sketch.


Kat Holmes - High Resolution
Microsoft’s Principle Director of Inclusive Design discusses the importance of designing for one-size-fits-one.

Hungering for the Unexpected - Critique (Podcast)
The struggle of weighing your creative vision against what the users want.


Jack Morgan
Jack is a designer at Duolingo who features a case study on their award winning app Tinycards.


Senior Visual Designer at Brown University - Providence, RI
Be a part of Brown University’s growing visual storytelling team to create attractive, user-centric, innovative designs for across Brown’s Web, digital and print media.


Dieter Rams 10 Principles of Design Updated Edition 2017
If Dieter Rams made his principles of design based on tech trends of 2017.

“Creativity is the act of making obvious things that aren’t yet obvious.”
— Bill Buxton


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