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10 Great Drone Business Ideas




Thinking of starting a drone business but don’t where to start? Well, you have come to the right place. The commercial drone industry is booming and still in its infancy,now is a good a time as any to get into the business of drones. In this article, I will share with you the 10 best ideas to start a drone business. I fly drones for fun as do millions of other people, the consumer drone market is a multi-billion-dollar industry. However, the commercial drone industry is even bigger, according to Statista by 2020 the commercial drone market will be worth over $6 billion. More and more people who start out just flying for fun,realise that they can make some money by flying drones. There are so many areas you can start a drone business,from simple aerial photography to inspecting construction sites,creating mapping software or even a drone repair service. The options are numerous and since the drone industry is growing and advanced technology is being heavily utilised, I believe there will be increasing ways to start a drone business. However,running a business is not easy,I run an online business and that is hard. Running an offline business will be a lot harder. That is why you should thoroughly research and plan what kind of drone business you want to start and proceed from there. Here are a few things you should be aware of before starting a drone business. Get Your Commercial Drone License Here in the UK ,if you are going to be using drones for commercial reasons,you will need permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). To get this permission you will have to show that you understand aviation law,airmanship,good flying practice and you are a competent pilot. Now,the CAA itself does not run any kind of assessment to test your understanding of these matters,however they do have many commercial organisations that have been accredited to carry out these assessments of their behalf. The CAA has a list of all the organisations that have been approved to carry out these assessments. You can access the list here. The rules are similar over in the USA,the FAA introduced new guidelines on what it takes to fly drones for commercial reasons. These are laid out in Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations (Part 107),the summary of which can be found here. To comply with Part 107,you will need to do the following; Pass an initial test at one of the 700 FAA-approved testing centres Get a Remote Pilot Certificate Get tested every 24 months Be over 16 years of age For more information on what Part 107 entails and how to get certified in the USA,read this fantastic article from uavcoach. Register Your Business You want your new drone business to be legitimate not only to comply with laws and regulations but to also show potential clients that you are serious about this business and that you can be trusted. Decide what type of business you will be operating, if you are in the UK, that will be either as a sole trader,limited company or a partnership. For more information on starting a business in the UK, read this guide Have a business plan – A lot of small businesses fail because they are not well thought out and have no plan, don’t be one these failures. Have a plan in hand so that you have a clear vision of where you would like your business to be within a certain time period. Also having a plan means you will have procedures to follow for if/when things go wrong. For information on how to write an effective business plan see this guide. 10 Great Drone Business Ideas There is a lot of money to be made from whichever sector you enter, but the huge payouts are in the industrial sector. Agriculture,Transportation and Infrastructure will be seeing massive investment in utilising drone technology and working in any one of these areas can be very lucrative. One area where drones are being used extensively is in real estate photography/videography if you have good video and photo editing skills,the earning potential is pretty good. Of course, what you have to remember is jobs like these are seasonal and so you will have periods of time when there will be little work. Of course, to start a drone business,you do not necessarily have to fly a drone. If you enjoy coding,you can start creating apps and software applications that can be used with drones. So,without further delay,here are my top 10 ideas to start a drone business. 1. Aerial Photography  The most popular choice for many who want to start their own drone business. As drones become easier to fly and many coming equipped with high-resolution cameras,taking breath-taking aerial photography has never been easier. There are so many areas you can get started in, below is a list of jobs that have a high demand for aerial photography. Weddings Real Estate Nature Concerts Conferences Sports Events 2. Drone Review Videos If you are confident in front of a camera or are not afraid to let your voice be heard in a video,you can review drones and get paid. YouTube is the second most visited website and can generate a tremendous amount of traffic to your videos if they are of high quality. There are a few of ways to make money through YouTube,if you have enough subscribers and video views you can monetise your channel through ads. If you get enough of a large following,many drone companies or online retailers will just give you the drone to review. This isn’t really making money but getting high-value stuff for free is always fun!! Another method of making money through reviews is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically an online salesman/woman. Many large retailers run affiliate programs in which they pay you a small commission every time someone buys a product you promote via a special link the company provides. This can be a profitable business if you build a large enough audience. 3. Drone Mapping Before the advent of small sophisticated drones,business’s that needed aerial mapping of an area for data analysis had to use helicopters or other large aircrafts which were very expensive. With the evolution of drones, many which come with high-resolution cameras, aerial mapping has become much more affordable. With the use of apps like DroneDeploy, Pix4D and Data Mapper you can collect mapping data and then export it to a web-based tool to process the data for easier analysis. Areas that make use of aerial mapping are several including the following; Agriculture Construction Archaeology Oceanography Landscaping By honing your flying skills and learning how to analyse any kind of data you can offer your drone services to companies who need it for any kind of aerial mapping analysis. 4. Stock Photography/Video Footage If you are a skilled aerial photographer,you can start selling your images and video footage on one of the many stock photography sites. Payouts vary from site to site,expect anything between 15%-60% per download. Or you can start your own eCommerce style site and start selling your photos and video footage and keep 100% of the earnings. Many companies like to use aerial footage in their marketing campaigns,you can offer this service on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork. 5. Agriculture This will be one of the biggest sectors to invest heavily in drone technology and with that comes a lot of business opportunities. Farmers spend a lot of money on pilots to spray their crops and survey their farms from the air for data analysis. With the introduction of highly sophisticated drones,these costs will be dramatically reduced because what could only be carried out by professional pilots can now be done by farmers or by certified drone pilots. Some of the tasks that can be carried out by drones include the following; Field and soil analysis Crop health assessment Irrigation Crop spraying Some of these tasks can be done with normal consumer drones with cameras that can take hyperspectral images. However,for tasks like spraying and irrigation,a more specialised drone will be needed. 6. Drone Repair Service Just like you can find multiple repair stores for things like PC’s tablets and mobile phones,drone repair service is another business idea that has huge potential. Drones,like any other sophisticated electronic device, are prone to failure and damage. If you have a background in mechanical/electronic engineering and like fixing things,then operating a drone repair service could be a great business idea for you. If you live in the US,UK or Australia,there is a franchise opportunity with a company called fantastic services. Among other things they provide a service for repairing drones so if you are ever interested in running a drone repair service,then a franchise opportunity with this company is worth a look. 7. Build an App If you enjoy programming,then building drone related apps is an area that is still very much in its infancy. There are apps that let you know where you can fly,if the weather is right to fly your drones and of course drones that can map an area of your choosing. With so many uses for drones,it is only a matter of time before the app market explodes just like it did when the Apple iPhone was released. If you have a creative mind and enjoy problem solving,then starting an app business could be perfect for you. 8. Build A Training Course As more and more people look to fly drones as a profession,the need for legitimate training courses will increase. If you are a qualified drone instructor and have experience in teaching others, you can turn this knowledge into a business. You can offer training courses to help people pass the necessary tests to become a qualified UAV pilot. To give you a few example of what is possible with this business model,you can check out some of the drone courses available on the popular e-learning site Udemy. Courses include the following Take Stunning Aerial Photography Using Drones Make An Open Source Drone  Become A Drone Master Pilot In 2 Weeks The Ultimate Guide To Land Surveying With Drones. There are many more and not just on Udemy,many UAV instructors have their own e-learning websites. Alan Pearlman who runs the popular site uavcoach. com and also has a drone training course which he runs through the site dronepilotgroundschool. 9. Drone Surveillance Drone surveillance has long been one of the major uses for the military,however, consumers and commercial companies are now using it as part of their security system. Sunflower labs, a Swiss start-up company, have designed a drone security system that connects sensors on the ground with a drone. The sensors will activate a self-flying drone whenever unusual activity is monitored around a property. The drone will then stream live footage to the owner’s smartphone/tablet to see what is going and if further action is required. Drones are already being used for surveillance in the commercial sector,from monitoring large events and crowds to helping the fight against poaching in different parts of the world. With an entrepreneurial mind, you can position your drone business in this sector and start offering drone surveillance as a service. 10. Drone Inspection Another area where drones are making huge differences. Drone inspection can be applied to many areas of the workforce. From small construction companies to large multinational oil and gas corporations, drones are making it easier to inspect areas that would have been otherwise dangerous and very expensive for humans to carry out. A drone can easily take high-resolution images of rooftops,high rise flats even skyscrapers and assess them for any damages both external and internal through a hyperspectral imaging camera. Large companies that maintain powerlines,pipelines,bridges etc need to routinely inspect for any faults or issues that may lead to faults. These inspections are carried out by humans on foot or a helicopter and can be very dangerous and expensive. Drones can eliminate both the dangerous elements and overall expense of these jobs whilst maintaining the same high standards. What now? I have listed 10 ideas for starting a drone business,I am sure they are not the only ways you can start a drone business. If you are serious about starting a drone business,you will have to do a lot of research.  Do your own market analysis and see if what other resources will be required to start your own drone business. After you have estimated the costs and the work that will be required,you will be in a better position to make a decision whether this a good business opportunity for you. Personally, I think if you are interested in drones and how to make money with them (you wouldn’t be reading this if you were not),there is an opportunity for everyone. You will just have to pick which one best suits your needs and go forward with it. ORIGINAL.

10 saveta za one koji su na Instagramu, jasno i glasno




10 saveta/savjetaJASNO I GLASNO.

39 sajtova sa besplatnim fotografijama




1.  The Stocks: Besplatne fotografije 2.  Pexels: Besplatne fotografije. 3.  All The Free Stock: Besplatne fotografije, ikone i videa. 4.  Designers Pics: Besplatne fotografije. 5.  Splashbase: Besplatne fotografije. 6.  Startup Stock Photos: Besplatne fotografije. 7.  Jay Mantri: Besplatne fotografije. 8.  Moveast: Fotografije sa putovanja. 9.  Travel Coffee Book: Fantastični momenti sa putovanja. 10.  Unsplash: Fotografije visoke rezolucije. 11.  Death to the Stock Photo: Besplatno dobijate svakog meseca. 12.  Foodie’s Feed: Fotografije hrane. . 13.  Mazwai: Video klipovi. 14.  Jéshoots: Moderne fotografije. 15.  Super Famous:  16.  Picography:  17.  Pixabay:  18.  Magdeleine: Besplatne fotografije svakoga dana. 19.  Little Visuals: 7 fotografija u vašem sandučetu svakih 7 dana. 20.  Snapographic:  21.  Splitshire:  22.  New Old Stock:  23.  Picjumbo:  24.  Life of Pix:  25.  Gratisography:  26.  Public Domain Archive:  27.  IM Free: . 28.  Cupcake: Jonas Nilsson Lee. 29.  The Pattern Library: Besplatni šabloni za vaše projekte. 30.  Getrefe:  31.  ISO Republic:  32.  Stokpic:  33.  Kaboompics:  34.  Function:  35.  Stock Up:  36.  Paul Jarvis:  37.  Lock & Stock Photos:  38.  Raumrot: 39.  MMT:  LINK

5 elemenata kompozicije fotografije




Dobra kompozicija je ključni element dobre fotografije mada  je to nešto što je teško definisati. Opisaćemo vam 5 elemenata kompozicije koje biste trebali da  razmotrite kada snimate fogotrafiju, mada ovo nisu pravila. 1. ŠaraFotografija actionlovrSvuda oko nas postoje šare, samo treba da naučimo da ih  vidimo. Isticanje i označavanje ovih šara može da vam donese odličan snimak. 2. SimetrijaFotografija straightfinderU zavisnosti od scene, simetrija može da bude odlična za  dobru fotografiju, ali samo ako postoji jaka kompozicija i dobra tačka  interesovanja, u suprotnom je treba u potpunosti izbegavati. 3. TeksturaFotografija Grant McDonaldSlike sa dvodimenzionalnim objektom i pametnom upotrebom  teksture mogu da ožive i postanu skoro trodimenzionalne. Teskture su  interesantne naročito u slučajevima kada svetlo dodiruje objekat pri  interesantnim uglovima. 4. Dubina poljaFotografija orangeacidDubina polja koje izaberete kada snimate fotografiju može  drastično da utiče na kompoziciju slike. Dubina polja može da izoluje subjekat  iz pozadine. 5. LinijeFotografija stevacekLinije mogu da budu veoma moćni elementi slike. Dijagonalne,  horizontalne, vertikalne - sve one imaju drugačiji uticaj na sliku.

50 stvari koje bi svako trebao da zna - 2. deo




Poznavanje raznih veština je od ključnog značaja za vođenje kvalitetnog i zdravog života.  Zato ćemo vam u više članaka doneti linkove ka velikom broju članaka i video klipova pomoću kojih ćete naučiti razne veštine. Sledi drugi deo liste 50 veština koje bi svako trebao da savlada. 6.   Naučite osnove kuvanja – ako ne znate sami da ispečete šniclu, jaje i slično, onda najverovatnije nećete dugo poživeti bez mame. Cooking Basics and Tips Cooking and Baking How To Information Basics of Cooking Series 7.   Ispričajte priču koja će privući pažnju ljudi – ako ne možete da privučete pažnju onim što ćete reći, onda bolje da ćutite. How To Tell a Great Story How To Give a Great Speech Presentation Tips for Public Speaking 8.   Kako da pobedite u tuči pesnicama ili je izbegnete – U oba slučaja, vi pobeđujete. How To Actually Win a Fistfight How To Win a Fistfight (video) How To Win a Street Fight How To Avoid Confrontations Like a Samurai Warrior 9.   Kako da saopštite loše vesti – Neko to mora da uradi.  Na žalost, jedog dana će ta osoba biti vi. How To Deliver Bad News in Writing How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer Good Ways to Deliver Bad News 10.   Zamenite gumu – Zato što gume imaju vazduh u sebi, a stvari napunjene vazduhom na kraju uvek puknu. How To Change a Flat Tire (video) How To Change a Tire (video) Saturday Mechanic: Changing a Tire

6 tehnika za redukovanje podrhtavanja fotoaparata




U ovom članku opisaćemo 6 tehnika za redukovanje podrhtavanja fotoaparata i dobijanje oštrih, jasnih fotografija bez obzira na fokalnu dužinu objektiva i brzinu zatvarača.   1. Uvucite laktove Priljubite laktove uz telo i izdahnite kompletno pre nego što okinete. Kada radite sa velikim otvorom objektiva ili malim brzinama zatvarača, čak i vaš udisaj može da zatrese fotoaparata. Uvlačenjem lakata ka telu vi ćete učvrstiti fotoaparat. 2.  Podignite levo rame Ja gledam sa desnim okom kada fotografišem, ali ovaj trik sam naučio od “The Moment It Clicks” od Joe McNally -a, zahteva da se prebacim na levo oko. Podignite levo rame i gurnite levi lakat u rebra. Za dodatnu stabilnost, vi možete da privučete desni lakat ka vašim grudima.  Kao i uvek, potpuno izdahnite pre nego što pritisnete okidač kako biste izbegli i najmanje podrhtavanje. 3.  Napravite stativ od vaših kolena Vi možete da kreirate sopstveni stativ tako što ćete staviti laktove na kolena dok se nalazite u sedećoj poziciji. Ponovo privucite drugi lakat radi dodatne podrške. 4.  Lezite Ove dve slike ilustruju najočigledniji način za stabilizaciju. Lezite na zemlju i spustite objektiv direktno na zemlju. Problem je što je objektiv pomeren previše ka zemlji tako da osim ako fotografišete tlo najverovatnije nećete završiti sa snimkom kakav ste hteli. 5.  Držite fotoaparat kao oružje Ova tehnika se ponekad naziva držanje mašinke. Ja retko koristim ovu tehniku pošto mi je teško da držim fotoaparat na ovaj način duže od par sekundi.  Ali zato što se meni ne sviđa to ne znači da vama neće savršeno odgovarati. 6. Napravite kolevku za fotoaparat Na sledećoj slici možete da vidite kako možete da napravite neku vrstu kolevke za fotoaparat između ramena i zgloba. Takođe možete dodatno da stabilizujete fotoaparat pomoću lakta na kolenu. I to je to. Nadamo se da će vam barem jedna od ovih tehnika pomoći da snimite dobre i oštre fotografije i u lošim svetlosnim uslovima.

Altek je otkrio GPS osposobljeni 8MP point-and-shoot digitalni fotoaparat




Kupovina digitalnog fotoaparata sa ugrađenim WiFi-jem za vas nije dovoljno dobra? A šta kažete na point-and-shoot digitalni fotoaparat sa integrisanim GPS-om? DigiTimes je javio da je Altek, tajvanski ODM / OEM proizvođač digitalnih kamera, upravo otkrio digitalni fotoaparat sa senzorom od 8-megapiksela, 3-inčnim ekranom osetljivim na dodir i GPS-om. Zadnja funkcija će omogućiti korisnicima da "automatski snime geografsku dužinu i širinu mesta na kojem je fotografija snimljena," dajući svima koji vole da "geo taguju" jedan ogroman razlog da obrate pažnju na ovaj fotoaparat. Izgleda da firma već pregovara sa potencijalnim klijentima u Evropi i SAD-u, a isporuke će možda početi već u ovom kvartalu.

Altek uskoro izbacuje GPS osposobljeni digitalni fotoaparat




Altek je javnosti predstavio digitalni fotoaparat čije ime je još nepoznato, koji se pre svega ističe integrisanim GPS modulom. Naime, fotografije ovog fotoaparata automatski dobijaju koordinate lokacije i vremena kada su snimljene, a korisnik pomoću računara i programa kao što je Google Maps ili Earth može da pronađe gde i kada je snimio fotografiju. Za kvalitet fotografija pobrinuće se 8-megapikselski optički senzor, a za rukovanje i pregled fotografija na zadnjem delu uređaja nalazi se ekran osetljiv na dodir dijagonale tri inča. Kada će se pojaviti na tržištu i cena još nisu poznati.

Casio EX-F1 je dobio funkciju za "krivljenje prostora i vremena"




Casio-ov EX-F1 digitalni fotoaparat već sada ima čvrstu reputaciju zbog svog 60 fps burst režima rada i sposobnosti da snima 1,200 fps SuperSloMo video, ali izgleda da je sada dobio još jedno jako poboljšanje sa novim ažuriranjem firmware-a. Prema Casio-u, ovo ažuriranje dodaje takozvanu "prerecord movie" funkciju koja navodno krivi prostor i vreme i snima pet sekundi pre nego što pritisnete dugme za snimanje filma. Ova funkcija radi u svim režimima snimanja filma, uključujući full mod visoke definicije i gore pomenuti 1,200 fps mod. Potražite englesku verziju ažuriranje na Casio-ovom web sajtu, ili sačekajte da uskoro izađu i na ostalim jezicima. Ostaje samo jedan problem. Da li iko među vama može da mi objasni kako ova funkcija snima pet sekundi pre nego što pritisnete dugme za snimanje?

Da li je bolji Nikon ili Canon?




Ako želite vrhunski point and shoot fotoaparat izaberite Canon, ali ako želite DSLR upotrebite Nikon. Čekajte, nemojte odmah da počnete da psujete zato što je ovo samo studija, i to veoma čudna, mogu da dodam. Po rečima J. D. Power and Associates 2007 Digital Camera Usage and Satisfaction studije u vezi upotrebe i zadovoljstva digitalnim fotoaparatima koja je juče izdata, Canon PowerShot SD serija je ocenjena kao najbolji point and shoot segment, Casio Exilim Zoom serija je ocenjena kao najbolja u ultra tankom segmentu, Fujifilm Finepix F serija vodi u point and shoot segmentu a Nikon D serija je ocenjena kao najbolja među DSLR modelima. U svakom segmentu, merena su četiri faktora za određivanje zadovoljstva potrošača: kvalitet slike, performanse, operacija, izgled i stil. Evo zaključaka: “Fujifilm Finepix F serija ocenjena je kao najbolja u point and shoot segmentu sa rezultatom indeksa od 749 na skali od 1000 poena, prilično dobro se rangirajući na svim faktorima zadovoljnog potrošača. Kodak Z serija i Canon PowerShot A serija ga prate u ovom segmentu sa ocenama od 744 i 739 poena. Među najboljim point and shoot fotoaparatima, Canon PowerShot SD serija ocenjena je kao najbolja sa 829 poena. Serije se naročito dobro kotiraju u svim faktorima zadovoljstva korisnika. Panasonic DMC-FZ serija (785) i Kodak Z serija (783) slede Canon u ovom segmentu. U ultra tankom segmentu, Casio Exilim Zoom serija vodi sa 802 poena, naročito dobro se kotirajući u izvršavanju operacija kao i u izgledu i stilu. Canon PowerShot SD serija (796) i Kodak V serija (787) ga prate u ovom segmentu. Sa rezultatom od 822 poena, Nikon D serija vodi u DSLR segmentu dobijajući značajno visoke ocene od potrošača u sva četiri faktora” Point and shoot deo nije toliko interesantan kao DSLR, naročito pošto Canon, čiji je udeo na tržištu značajno veći nego Sony-jev, Pentax-ov i Olympus-ov, izgleda da ima najgori kvalitet slike. Canon-ovi fotoaparati nisu savršeni, to je sigurno, ali kvalitet slike je svakako domen u kojem se ova kompanija ističe. Nikon-ov rezultat je takođe interesantan. Sudeći po ovoj studiji, izgleda da se Nikon izdvaja u svetu DSLR-ova dok ostali imaju razočarajuće karakteristike koje jedva da mogu da se uzmu u obzir. Uopštenogledano, možemo da kažemo na kraju da ovu studiju ne treba da uzimate previše ozbiljno zato što su njeni rezultati ekstremno čudni.

Današnja inspiracija - Kada baka plete i konjić leti u svemir




Današnja inspiracija spaja različite svetove. Od sveta naše bake koja plete, ali ne više džemper za zimu, nego selo iz kog je otišla: Link. Kada su ljudi otišli u svemir, poveli su sa sobom i svoje ljubimce:  Link.

Današnja inspiracija - Kada eksplodira vaza




Ne mogu da vam prikažem kako je izgledala ta ekslozija, ali, zato imamo neke druge eksplozije. Ko će da pokupi vodu? Cvet ni da mrdne. Ovo je ekplozija u obliku cveta. I u mraku može da pukne. Hvala Martinu Klimasu na ovom visoko brzinskim fotografijama. Koja je, po vama najbolja. Recite nam i osvojite džepnu knjigu po svom izboru.

Današnja inspiracija - kada ozeleni atomska pečurka




Abduzeedo donosi listu inspirativnih fotografija. Jedna od njih je i ova. Koja je vaša dobitna kombinacija?

Današnja inspiracija - Lego ljudi




Umetnik Nathan Sawaya voli Lego kocke. Više od 1,5 miliona obojenih Lego kockica se nalazi u njegovom studiju u Njujorku. Od Lego umetnosti, do velikih skulptura. malih skulpura, portreta i logao.   Šta ste vi napravili od Lego kockica?

Današnja inspiracija - Lišće opada na svemu - Robot sa devojkama




Abduzeedo nas podseća da je došla jesen. Link. Link. Roboti sve više dobijaju ljudske osobine. Ovaj je strejt. Imate li vi svoje favorite. NAPOMENA: Ovo su vesti i saveti koji će se vremenom menjati. Svaki vaš komentar koji nam pošaljete, i koji nam se svidi, objavićemo u okviru vesti.

Današnja inspiracija - prijatelji kroz Coca-Colu




Današnja inspiracija. Snimite svoje prijatelje kroz providne objekte, pošaljite nam fotografije. Da li ste posle ove slike odustali od pijenja Coca-Cole, ili ste se samo nasmejali?

Današnja inspiracija - Rarindra Prakarsa




Njegova galerija. Danas sadrži 240 radova, koji su faaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastični. Ribar Deca. Posetite ga.  

Današnja inspiracija - sestre




Današnja inspiracija su dve vesele sestre. Mama će uskoro da stigne kući, i nadamo se da neće da bude ljuta. Nadamo se da se ni tata neće ljutiti što su trošile njegovu lepljivu traku. A, možda je samo zid bio zamazan na mestu gde je starija sestra "zalepila" mlađu. Hvala na linku. Upravo smo saznali da se devojčice zovu Kristina i Kayla, a da je fotograf Jason Lee. Zato, evo još jedne fotografije. Imate li vi sestru?

Današnja inspiracija - slike za popravljanje raspoloženja




Naravno ako su vam deca porasla, potrebno je da u stan ubacite nove prekidače. Da ne bude uvek MRAK u kući. Link. Predlog za gradsko da putnici tačno znaju koliko je sati. Link. Na kraju, ako imate jahtu, brod, ili čamac, dobro je da malo mislite i na one koji nemaju, pa da vam ne bi zavideli, već da biste ih nasmejali, zašto da se i ovako ne povežete? Link.  

Današnja inspiracija - šta ste prvo videli čoveka ili noge




Na ovoj fotografiji He Pingping i noge Svetlane Pankratove. Ili ste možda videli cipele? Izvor.
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