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Ruby Turns 25, We’ve Solved the Problems of ROR Operations, Reducing String Duplication in Ruby




Happy 25th Birthday, Ruby Rubyists have been leaving messages for Ruby 25th anniversary, being celebrated at an event in Japan this weekend. There’s also an entire hashtag, #ruby25th, on Twitter packed with messagesincluding from folks like Aaron Patterson, DHH and Chad Fowler. The Method JIT Compiler for Ruby 2. 6 We’ve linked to some articles about the promising new ‘MJIT’ compiler recently, but here’s an update directly from the engineer working on it along with some history and benchmarks. We’ve Solved the Problems of ROR Operations Our out-source DevOps solves the problems associated with ROR development. Plus our blue/green pre-baked deployment process means that you can deploy your app as often as you want. Get started today – start enjoying OpsCare. TruffleRuby Native: Fast Even for Short Scripts TruffleRuby is a high performance Ruby implementation built on GraalVM and this post pits it against 2 other JIT-equipped Ruby implementations. (And the bit about ‘On-Stack-Replacement’ is interesting in its own right. ) Reducing String Duplication in Ruby “It is very likely your Rails application is full of duplicate strings, here are some tricks you can use to get rid of them. ” Multiple Vulnerabilities in RubyGems 2. 7. 6 has been released to tackle several security issues. Time to gem update --system. LogAnalyzer: A Rails Logs Analyzer Tool Get a picture of how fast (and how often) your views are rendering. In brief Sinatra 2. 0. 1 Released NEWS SINATRA JRuby 9. 1. 16. 0 Released NEWS Minor tweaks and fixes, plus a RubyGems upgrade.   RubyxElixir Conf Taiwan 2018 (Apr 27-28) Tickets Now Available NEWS  $20 Free on a New Linode Account Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo. Get $20 credit on a new account.  LINODE CLOUD HOSTING  SPONSORED How to Fix Intermittent Test Failures TUTORIAL Great tips for frustrating things like time-related tests or unstable sorting algorithms.  SERGEY POTAPOV Running Rails Tests with Guard and Docker TUTORIAL This used to be impractical but recent improvements have made running tests in Docker much better.  CHRIS BLUNT How to Use Query Objects to Refactor Rails SQL Queries TUTORIAL IVAN SHAMATOV Deploying a Faktory Worker to AWS Fargate TUTORIAL DEREK HAYNES Syntactic Sugar Methods in Ruby TUTORIAL TOM DE BRUIJN Ruby String Literals vs Value Objects - Overengineering? TUTORIAL IGOR ALEXANDROV Rails 5. 2 Supports Specifying Default Value for a class_attribute TUTORIAL VISHAL TELANGRE Four Continuous Delivery Metrics that Improve Your Pipeline OPINION GOCD  SPONSORED What Does Object Orientation Afford? OPINION SANDI METZ Dig Deeper with Pry: Explore Ruby Internals TOOLS TL;DR — you can now view the source for C identifiers in Pry.  JOHN MAIR Slow CI Build? Make It Run in 2 Minutes or Less with Boosters TOOLS SEMAPHORE  SPONSORED Surrealist 1. 0: A Schema-Driven Object Serialization Library CODE Now supports ActiveRecord, ROM and Sequel.  NIKITA Hm: An Idiomatic Ruby Hash Transformation DSL CODE An experimental work-in-progress to explore some ideas.  VICTOR SHEPELEV Makery: A Minimal Factory Library CODE KELLY STANNARD Facebook Cleaner: Deletes Old Facebook Content using Selenium CODE 

Ruby weekly 346




Rails 5. 1 Released: The One Where We Embrace JavaScript The final release of Rails 5. 1 came at RailsConf last night. JavaScript has been embraced, there’s a new system tests feature, encrypted secrets, and more. To learn more, consider this screencast or maybe the full release notes. Oj (Optimized JSON) 3. 0 Released The alternative C-based JSON encoding and decoding library is now fully compatible with Ruby 2. 4’s ‘json’ gem and Rails 5. Sidekiq 5. 0 Released: Now Rails 5 Ready The popular background job processing system is now Rails 5 native, supports right-to-left languages, better handles malformed job payloads, but Ruby 2. 1 support has been dropped. Founders/CTOs: We upgrade Rails so that your team doesn't have to. If you're dreading a major Rails upgrade, we can help. UpgradeRails is a service from the founders of Hint. io and Honeybadger. io. Let our expert team upgrade your Rails app so that you can focus on features, not maintenance. Write Native Ruby Extensions 'Without Fear' Lets you write Ruby classes in Rust without having to write the glue code yourself. Bootsnap: Boot Large Ruby/Rails Apps Faster with Added Caching Seems like the kind of thing that could work its way into Rails core. Search and Autocomplete in Rails with Postgres A walkthrough of setting up a search and autocomplete feature in a Rails 5 app using Postgres for its database. A Ruby Shadowing Bug in The Wild This example highlights why I take the possibly controversial approach of prefixing all internal object method calls with self. In brief Bundler's New Update Options NEWS These options give more control over bundler update.  FLORIAN MUNZ Rails 5. 1 Introduces 'Date#all_day' Helper NEWS So User. where(created_at: Date. today. all_day) gets all user records created today.  PRATHAMESH SONPATKI Haml 5. 0 Released with 3x Perf Boost and Rails 5. 1 Support NEWS  Mastering Ruby Exceptions How well do you know Ruby's exception system? This free book will take you from novice to expert.  HONEYBADGER EXCEPTION MONITORING  SPONSORED Session Routing via HTTP Headers with Fly and Rails TUTORIAL Route your users across multiple apps based on session headers. Interesting.  FLY. IO Why Is Ruby Multithreading Slow? TUTORIAL Spoiler: It isn’t.  DATHAN BENNETT The Good, Bad and Ugly: The Story of a Rails 5 Upgrade TUTORIAL A good list of issues you may find and mitigations you can use when upgrading to Rails 5.  PAWAN DUBEY Automatic Username Generation in Rails TUTORIAL ALEX CASTAÑO How A Hard-to-Detect Misspelling Led to Intermittent Failures TUTORIAL RICHARD SCHNEEMAN How to Parse Ruby Objects in Haskell TUTORIAL The use case is the ability to share a session between Ruby and Haskell web applications.  PHILIP CUNNINGHAM Saving Nested Models with Form Objects and Transactions TUTORIAL GUILHERME SIMÕES Your Ops Issues Solved DevOps solutions for Rails Apps: blue green deploys, 24/7 monitoring and atomic rollbacks to keep your app at its best.  REINTERACTIVE  SPONSORED How to Install Rails and Postgres on Windows 10 VIDEO Uses the Windows Subsystem for Linux to install and configure a vanilla Rails app.  MIRROR COMMUNICATIONS The 10 Hour Unfiltered RailsConf Live Stream from April 26 VIDEO It’ll get broken out into proper videos later but if you’re hankering for some RailsConf now. .  CONFREAKS Comparing Rails Performance on Ruby 2. 0, 2. 1, 2. 2, and 2. 3 OPINION NOAH GIBBS Rooby: A New, Ruby-Like Language Written in Go TOOLS  Continuous Integration and Delivery for Ruby Projects Made Easy TOOLS CIRCLECI  SPONSORED acli: A Command-Line Client for Action Cable CODE Written in mruby.  VLADIMIR DEMENTYEV Postal: A Mailing System (a la Sendgrid or Mailgun) CODE Essentially an email delivery platform you can run on your own servers.  ATECH MEDIA

Ruby weekly 348




Sinatra 2. 0 Released: The DSL for Creating Webapps A quiet but significant release. The Changelog is the biggest guide to what’s new, and last year’s The Road to Sinatra 2. 0 explained the key changes.  Related: Hacker News discussion, Gem page,  DHH's RailsConf 2017 Opening Keynote DHH’s talk is low on tech but high on philosophy and thinking about why we use the tools we do. You can also enjoy the keynotes from Aaron Patterson and Justin Searls. 20 RailsConf 2017 Videos To Watch (So Far) The sessions from RailsConf 2017 are starting to be published, currently at 20 videos. We’ll link to some of the best over the next few issues as we watch them. How to synchronise mutex across servers Useful tips and tricks on Ruby multithreading/cross process and server synchronization solutions. RailsPanel: A Chrome Extension for Rails Development Stop tailing development. log and see info about your app’s requests in Chrome’s DevTools instead. A long standing project that now supports Rails 5. Active Admin 1. 0 Released, Supports Rails 5. 1 A very long standing Rails admin system has been brought up to date and supports the latest Rails.   The Strange Case of User Enumeration on Heroku A bug hunter finds an anomaly in login responses where a Rack header could be exploited with timing attacks. In brief Handling Background Jobs and Deploys TUTORIAL Sidekiq & Rescue handle process termination very differently and neither handles every scenario well.  KIR SHATROV Using the Facade Pattern to Implement an Aggregate TUTORIAL From the auspices of DDD, the Facade Pattern is very similar to an Aggregate.  SERGII MAKAGON Benchmarking: What About Warmup? TUTORIAL Continuing his series on benchmarking Ruby, Noah looks at how to account for warmup times.  NOAH GIBBS A GraphQL Server Implementation in Rails TUTORIAL GraphQL is a query language for APIs developed by Facebook.  SHAIJU E Real-time monitoring for your Ruby apps Analyze end-to-end traces, investigate bottlenecks & monitor Ruby apps + the rest of your infrastructure. Free trial available.  DATADOG  SPONSORED Untangling Ruby Threads TUTORIAL An example of when writing multi-threaded Ruby code makes a lot of sense.  THOUGHTBOT Deploying a Rails Application to Elastic Beanstalk TUTORIAL The first post in a 6-part series that includes videos for each step as well.  CHRIS GREENING Flag Arguments Are a Code Smell TUTORIAL And a sure sign a method is doing more than one thing.  JEROEN WEEINK Faster Rails: Is Your Database Properly Indexed? TUTORIAL IGOR ŠARČEVIĆ Building a Rack::Attack Dashboard to Manage Blocked IPs TUTORIAL BACKERKIT A Simple Step by Step Guide to Building Your First Gem TUTORIAL CHANDAN JHUNJHUNWAL Rails 5. 1's 'assert_changes' and 'assert_no_changes' TUTORIAL NARENDRA RAJPUT Founders/CTOs: We upgrade Rails so that your team doesn't have to.  Let our expert UpgradeRails team keep your apps up to date so that you can focus on features, not maintenance.  UPGRADERAILS  SPONSORED Mountable Engines in Rails VIDEO They provide a way to easily extract and reuse code between apps.  DRIFTING RUBY How to Use Vue. js for Nested Forms in Rails VIDEO Vue is lighter and easier than React or Angular, say.  GORAILS Ralyxa: A Ruby Framework for Interacting with Amazon Alexa CODE For creating Web services to supply Alexa skills.  SAM MORGAN MediaWiktory: A Full-Featured MediaWiki Client CODE  Rearmed-JS: Methods to Make JavaScript Objects Feel More Rubyish CODE WESTON GANGER Securing your Ruby serverless applications with Snyk   SNYK  SPONSORED

Ruby weekly 364




The Limits of Copy-on-Write: How Ruby Allocates Memory How heap and object allocation work in Ruby, often leading to bloated sub-processes, and what’s on the roadmap to help. Multiple Vulnerabilities in RubyGems, Upgrade Now It’s time to run gem update --system and get up to RubyGems 2. 6. 13 as there’s a DoS vulnerability, a DNS request vulnerability, and others. Amazon Unveils A More Modular AWS SDK for Ruby with Version 3 The stable version 3 of the AWS SDK for Ruby is now out with a new modular approach. I’ve found loading the AWS SDK a bit quirky in the past so this should help a lot. We’ve solved the problems of traditional Ops Our out-source DevOps solves the problems associated with ROR development. Plus our blue/green pre-baked deployment process means that you can deploy your app as often as you want. Get started today – start enjoying OpsCare®. Gem Check: A Checklist for Gem Authors A comprehensive checklist that will make your gem more maintainable and you a better open source citizen. Webpacker 3. 0: Now Even Easier to Use Webpack with Rails The result of a large refactoring, webpacker 3. 0 moves all the config out of Rails and over to the npm module. Writing Slack Command APIs in Ruby A four-part series on creating a Slack command using Sinatra and Heroku. In brief The Structure and Interpretation of Ruby Programs TUTORIAL An explanation covering the tokenization, parsing, and compilation of Ruby programs.  DEAN NASSERI Integrating a Third Party API with Rails 5 TUTORIAL Includes requests with Faraday and caching.  RUNTIME REVOLUTION Integrating Elm with Rails TUTORIAL Elm is a function language that compiles to JavaScript.  NIMMY VIPIN Keep Your Specs Up With the Times TUTORIAL Coding your tests to interfaces, just like your classes, can keep your specs nice and fresh.  ELIAV LAVI Using the Facade Design Pattern in Rails TUTORIAL Use this pattern to hide data prep and other components from the controller.  KRZYSZTOF KEMPIŃSKI What I Learned Reading the spreadsheet_architect Code TUTORIAL In short, a trick on how to limit the scope of an ActiveRecord query.  ARKENCY BLOG Quick Tip: Get The Version Number of a Rails App in Production TUTORIAL LORENZO SINISI How to Make Ajax Calls The Rails Way TUTORIAL A follow-up to an article about Ajax and Rails we linked last week.  PATRIK BÓNA An In-Depth Look at Ruby's Exception System Ruby's exception system is more powerful than many people realize. This book shows you how to get the most from it.  HONEYBADGER  SPONSORED How I Lost 17,000 GitHub Auth Tokens in One Night STORY RICHARD SCHNEEMAN Careful What You Measure: MJIT vs TruffleRuby OPINION TOBIAS PFEIFFER Roll Your Own Private Gem Server on Google Cloud Platform TOOLS Google has released a gem enabling the creation of a gem server on GCP with a single command.  GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM BLOG Real-time monitoring for Ruby apps TOOLS Troubleshoot performance issues with end-to-end traces, interactive flame graphs, and sophisticated alerts.  Try free.  DATADOG  SPONSORED async: A Composable Asynchronous I/O Framework for Ruby CODE Based on nio4r and timers.  SOCKETRY Yard-Junk: Get Rid of The Junk in Your YARD Docs CODE Think of it as a linter for YARD docs.  VICTOR SHEPELEV zen-rails-base-app: A Base Application for Rails 5. 1 Projects CODE Includes several development, test, and other gems to bootstrap your Rails app efficiently.  BRUNO FACCA BatchLoader: A Generic Lazy Batching Mechanism to Avoid N+1 Queries CODE  “CircleCI 2. 0 is fast. We reduced builds from minutes to 12 seconds. ”   CIRCLECI  SPONSORED Curated by Peter Cooper and Glenn Goodrich, and published by Cooperpress.

Ruby weekly Issue 304




  Rails 5. 0 Released It’s been more than usable for months, but the final release of 5. 0 is now here. Headline features include Action Cable, a framework for handling WebSockets in Rails apps, API mode, ideal for building back-ends to single-page apps, and Turbolinks 5. Why is a BasicObject a Range in Ruby 2. 3? A look at an interesting change in Ruby 2. 3 that affects how objects are handled when incorrectly identified as ranges (e. g.  20. minutes in rand(20. minutes)). Try Compose Elasticsearch, Get a Shirt Have you been wanting to try Elasticsearch? This month only, get a limited edition t-shirt when you deploy Elasticsearch on Compose. All new accounts are completely free for 30-days. Next-Gen Webapps with dry-rb, rom-rb, and Roda [video] A talk from RedDotRubyConf (Singapore) about ‘rediscovering the joy in building Ruby webapps’ by using some radically different alternatives to Rails and ActiveRecord. 5 Lessons in Object-Oriented Design From Sandi Metz Sandi Metz is well known for her Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby book and object-oriented design courses. Here, a student wrote up the top lessons she picked up from Sandi. Turbolinks 5: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Native [video] A great walk through what the new Turbolinks brings to the table in Rails 5, both for the browser and hybrid apps.   In brief The Ruby on Rails 5. 0 Release Notes NEWS  Rails 5 Makes SQL Statements Even More Colorful NEWS ABHISHEK JAIN Getting Started with Cells TUTORIAL Learn how Trailblazer::Cell helps you refactor legacy views.  TRAILBLAZER A Look at RSpec's 'be_within' Matcher TUTORIAL TOMAS VALENT Building Your Own Linux Tools with Ruby: A Practical Guide TUTORIAL JESUS CASTELLO Effectively Scaling Sidekiq Workers TUTORIAL PARKER SELBERT An Intro to Setting up Your First Docker Container for your Rails App TUTORIAL CODELITT INCUBATOR BLOG Free eBook: Understanding the Docker Ecosystem In this free eBook, we introduce the Docker Hub, Docker Engine, Kitematic, Docker Machine, Docker Swarm, Docker Compose, Docker Cloud, and Data Center. Learn what they are and how they work.  CODESHIP   SPONSORED Just-in-Time Static Type Checking for Dynamic Languages VIDEO The focus here is on Ruby.  BRIANNA M. REN Secrets of Testing Rails 5 Apps VIDEO PRATHAMESH SONPATKI Rails 5 Features You Haven't Heard About VIDEO Moving away from the headline features.  SEAN GRIFFIN How We Test Our Rails Projects OPINION BELIGHTED BLOG A time saver solution for those small but critical updates If you're struggling to find time, budget or resources to improve your Rails app, CodeCare® will help. Get fixed price ongoing upgrades and improvements to keep your app rolling.  REINTERACTIVE   SPONSORED JSONAPI::Resources: Rails Library for Developing JSON-API Compliant Servers CODE CEREBRIS CORPORATION Logidze: Tools for Logging DB Records Changes in Rails CODE VLADIMIR DEMENTYEV ruby-facebook-messenger-starter: An Example Facebook Messenger App CODE CHATBOTCITY ActiveParams: Automatic Strong Parameters CODE “Stop manually defining strong_parameters in each and every controller. ” CHEW CHOON KEAT income-tax: Ruby Library to Calculate The Income Tax for Any Country CODE KONSTANTIN HAASE Resugan: A Simple Event Driven Architecture Framework for Ruby CODE JOSEPH EMMANUEL DAYO Fingerprint: A Data Integrity Tool to Detect Changes in Files CODE SAMUEL WILLIAMS

Ruby weekly Issue 305




  The 'Is it Ruby or Rails?' Quiz A fun quiz to see if you remember “where Ruby ends and Rails starts. ” Curiously, neither Matz nor DHH got 10 out of 10. I got 9. Ruby on Rails Tutorial, Rails 5 Edition Michael Hartl’s immensely popular step-by-step Ruby tutorial has been updated for Rails 5 and remains free to read online. Michael has written up what the update has involved. Control the Physical World with Ruby and Artoo As part of SitePoint’s ‘IoT Week’, Dhaivat Pandya takes us on a tour of Artoo, a Ruby-based platform aimed at making working with embedded systems easier. AppSignal supports Elixir: Join our new Beta Program Many of you are excited about Elixir. And so are we. With Elixir support we'll be the first service to provide deep insights into your Elixir apps.  Join now. Fixing Data Corruption and Socket Leak Issues in Rails 5 The folks at Phusion (Passenger) have been looking at how ActionCable works ‘under stress’ and have come up with a fix for a corruption issue that’s worth being aware of RSpec 3. 5 Released with Rails 5 Support and Minitest Integrations The headline feature is support for Rails 5, but there’s a lot more to it than that, including Minitest integration for rspec-mocks and rspec-expectations. Helpy: A Modern Helpdesk Application Built in Ruby Features include multi-lingual knowledgebase, community discussions and private tickets integrated with email. Delivering E-Mail with Amazon SES and Rails Amazon’s ‘Simple Email Service’ provides a low cost way to send email from your app through a third party provider.   In brief Rails 4. 2. 7. rc1 and 4. 1. 16. rc1 Released NEWS This is likely to be the final release of 4. 1.  RIDING RAILS Keep Ruby Weird 2016: CFP and Ticket Sales Open NEWS It’s in Austin, Texas on October 28.   Free eBook: An Introduction to Deploying Docker Apps with Codeship Jet TUTORIAL This eBook introduces you to Codeship Jet, our Continuous Integration platform for Docker. We will look at building and deploying applications to show the full flexibility of the system.  CODESHIP   SPONSORED Tips for Upgrading From Rails 3. 2 to 4. 0 TUTORIAL 5. 0’s out which means getting any old 3. x apps up to 4. 0 is key.  MAURO OTONELLI Building a Rails Notification Queue 1: The Database TUTORIAL BEN ROUX The Rails 5. 0 Guides TUTORIAL OFFICIAL RAILS GUIDES Cover All Test Cases with #permutation TUTORIAL ROBERT PANKOWECKI Avoid Mutation – Functional Style In Ruby TUTORIAL RUBY PIGEON Liberate Your Search in Rails with Tags TUTORIAL VINOTH Building an Instant Delivery Store using Rails, Stripe and UberRUSH TUTORIAL TY SHAIKH Quick Tip: DRY Up Your Model Validations Tests TUTORIAL SARMAD SABIH ActionController::Renderer VIDEO You can use ActionController::Renderer to render arbitrary templates outside of controller actions.  DRIFTING RUBY How We Replaced Salary Negotiations with a Sinatra App VIDEO KONSTANTIN HASSE Optimizing Rails Deployment on Heroku OPINION JAN DUDEK How Strong Is The Market for Ruby Developers? OPINION “If you didn’t know Ruby or Rails, would you learn it in 2016?” REDDIT Lightning fast SSD hosts for your Ruby project TOOLS Host Ruby 2. 3. 0 on Linode servers - the fastest cloud hosts available. Use promo code RUBY20 for $20 credit.  LINODE   SPONSORED

Ruby weekly Issue 306




  An Introduction to nio4r: Low-Level Async I/O for Ruby Under the hood, Rails 5’s ActionCable uses nio4r, a low level non-blocking IO library inspired by Java’s NIO. Here, its author explains how it works. Add Phoenix to Your Rails Ecosystem with Session Sharing If you’ve decided to give Phoenix & Elixir a try but your existing user auth is happening through a Rails app, don’t fear, here’s how to share sessions. Quickly Process API Requests with Shoryuken and SQS A look at using SQS and Shoryuken to process queued requests to a third-party API. Reactive Ruby: Building Real-time Apps with JRuby and Ratpack What if Ruby made it easy for you to write async code and real-time apps? By pairing up JRuby with Ratpack, Joe Kutner shows us that we can teach Ruby some new tricks.  Learn More. Improving Rails Performance with Better Background Jobs A practical look at tweaking your background jobs to scale and perform better. Using mruby on the Raspberry Pi Glenn Goodrich explores the Raspberry Pi platform using mRuby and the h2o web server. Learn how to make a quick API or capture a camera image. JRuby+Truffle: Why it’s Important to Optimise the Tricky Parts In an hour long talk, Oracle’s Chris Seaton shows off the Truffle project, a research project that aims to provide a significantly faster alternative runtime for JRuby.   In brief Bundler Gets a Redesigned Homepage NEWS  A Rails Webconsole DNS Rebinding Vulnerability NEWS BEN MURPHY Rails 4. 2. 7 and 4. 1. 16 Released NEWS Due to the release of Rails 5, this is probably going to be the last release of Rails 4. 1.  RAFAEL FRANÇA How to Deploy a Rails App on Heroku with SSL from DNSimple TUTORIAL JUANITO FATAS How to Dockerize a Rails 5, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq and ActionCable App TUTORIAL NICK JANETAKIS The Essentials of Cache Expiration in Rails TUTORIAL PARKER SELBERT [Guide] A Primer for Using Ruby in Production TUTORIAL Learn how your Ruby app can meet the performance demands of modern webapps with this free guide.  Download Now.  APPNETA APM   SPONSORED Deploying ActionCable on Heroku with Sidekiq TUTORIAL WILL SCHENK Implementing Full-Text Search in Rails with Postgres TUTORIAL Full-text search is among the many powerful features in Postgres. Here’s how to use the feature from Rails.  RYAN STENBERG 5 Tips for Writing a Legible Regexp TUTORIAL AARON LASSEIGNE Writing A Microservice in Ruby TUTORIAL PIERPAOLO FRASA Capybara: Taming the Hydrochoerus TUTORIAL Some tips for Capybara users who want to get better at integration testing.  JASON FLEETWOOD-BOLDT Writing A (Very Basic) Shell in 25 Lines of Ruby Code TUTORIAL JESUS CASTELLO A Brief Introduction to ActiveRecord's Methods for Beginners TUTORIAL MARCIN PAKULA How To: Rails Image Uploading with Dragonfly TUTORIAL KINGSLEY SILAS CHIJIOKE Building a Customer Service Chat App with Rails 5 Action Cable and SMS TUTORIAL Uses the Nexmo SMS API.  CRISTIANO BETTA A 6 Minute Walkthrough of Configuring ActionCable VIDEO DRIFTING RUBY A Look at Content Management Systems in Rails OPINION Quick pros and cons of 5 different Rails CMSes.  KINGSLEY SILAS The Show Goes on Smoothly for Comedy Works Denver with RubyAppCare.  TOOLS RubyAppCare's monthly maintenance plans help Comedy Works Denver to grow and evolve their Ruby on Rails app.  RUBYAPPCARE   SPONSORED jb: A Simple and Fast JSON API Template Engine for Rails CODE AKIRA MATSUDA Secure Headers: Security Related Headers All in One Gem CODE Bring Content Security Policy, HTTP Strict Transport Security, X-XSS-Protection and more to your Rack apps.  TWITTER

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Faster Ruby via a Deoptimization Engine for MRI This is only a pull request discussion, but hints at forthcoming performance improvements for Ruby 3. A ‘deoptimization engine’ would allow MRI to heavily optimize and JIT compile code but then revert optimizations when more advanced Ruby features are used.  More discussion on Hacker News. Rack::App: A Minimalist Framework for Building Rack Apps A Sinatra-inspired framework being used in production to run microservices on Heroku. Slashdot Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson DHH explains where the name ‘Rails’ came from, what software he uses (his editor is TextMate 2), and why he still loves Ruby. Run lightning fast and (boringly) stable production apps Your users want to experience a fast app on each visit. AppSignal helps you inspect and improve the performance of your app, from simply viewing average performance to using our powerful custom metrics platform, and everything in between. The Journey of a Rails Request Explores the various steps of a Rails request. This covers Rack, the router, your controller code, and the response. How to Reduce Controller Bloat with Interactors A thorough walk through using the Interactor Pattern to reduce the size and responsibility of your controllers. An Introduction to Rails i18n How to add support for internationalization in a Rails app, where to store translations, what localized views are, how to format dates and times, etc. Managing ActiveRecord Connections with Octoshark Octoshark is an ActiveRecord connection manager that provides connection switching mechanisms for scenarios involving master-slave, sharding or multi-tenant architecture.   Jobs Sr. JavaScript / Ruby DeveloperSticker Mule is looking for passionate engineers to join our remote team. Come help us build the best e-commerce experience using Ruby, Rails, React, Node, Docker and more.  STICKER MULE SuitePad is looking for a Ruby on Rails WizardJoin our team of international frontend and backend engineers developing a mobile web application for the hotel industry. You are an experienced Ruby on Rails developer looking for a new challenge in Berlin? Then we’d like to get in touch.  SUITEPAD Stop Applying to Jobs - Let Companies Come To YouOn Hired, engineers typically get 5+ job offers in 1 week. Find that new opportunity you've been craving and get access to 4,000+ companies instantly.  HIRED. COM In brief ConFoo Montreal 2017 is Looking for Ruby Speakers NEWS RUBY-LANG. ORG Rails 5 Disables Autoloading in Production Environments NEWS SHAILESH KALAMKAR Forgotten Rails App? CodeCare helps you maintain those apps you don't quite have the time for anymore. . .  REINTERACTIVE   SPONSORED How to Configure Your Rails App to Silence Asset Request Logging TUTORIAL ROSS KAFFENBERGER Making A Rails Health Check That Doesn't Hit The Database TUTORIAL NICK MALCOLM Efficiently Building Docker Containers for Production TUTORIAL PHUSION Managing Private Dependencies with Bundler TUTORIAL DANIEL P. CLARK Add Methods to a Scope with ActiveRecord. extending TUTORIAL A little-known ActiveRecord feature.  KAROL GALANCIAK Speed Up Large Data Rendering in Rails with Clusterize. js TUTORIAL NATHANIAL ROWE Replace RSpec Controller Specs with Request Specs TUTORIAL AARON SUMNER Create Form Objects Using Rails Conventions TUTORIAL Creating and customizing form objects whilst adhering to Rails’ conventions.  SHUBOX An Introduction to Elixir Via Comparisons to Ruby TUTORIAL TUTE COSTA Migrating from delayed_job to Sidekiq STORY AMIT PATEL Can a Bignum Bit Array Beat the 'bitarray' Gem? OPINION A comparison of the gem to a standard lib implementation.  NITHIN BEKAL The Ruby Gems I'd Rather Not Live Without OPINION There are thousands of Ruby gems out there, each one built to solve a specific problem — Sean details his staples.  SEAN OLDHAM Tech Book Face Off: Design Patterns in Ruby vs. Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby OPINION SAM KOBLENSKI Get a report on your code quality and test coverage TOOLS Learn how your application compares to others. Connect with GitHub or BitBucket and we'll build a report for you.  AGILE AS A SERVICE   SPONSORED mruby-cli: Utility to Set Up a CLI with mruby on Linux, OS X and Windows TOOLS TERENCE LEE Traver: A New Test Data Generation Framework CODE More concise than the FactoryGirl approach.  YURI KASPEROVICH Uniqueness: A Better 'has_secure_token' CODE If you’re using token authentication, you’ll want to see this gem.  EVENTTUS Protected Attributes Continued: Rails 5-Ready Protected Attributes CODE A community continued version of ‘protected_attributes’.  WESTON GANGER

Ruby Weekly Issue 351




Everything You Should Know About Ruby Splats Even though splats (and double splats) in Ruby are common, there are some complex edge cases that can be misleading. Using React Inside Your Rails Apps An exploration of different ways to bring React into your new or existing Rails apps. Performance Updates from RailsConf 2017 A high-level summary of various performance talks and panels from RailsConf 2017 and their practical impact. ROR Ops simplified – we handle it for you 24/7 monitoring & support by experts. Pre-baked blue/green deployment. Auto scaling for high/low demand. Plus - deploy your app as often as you like. Why Write Code When More Dependencies Will Do? It’s tough to balance dependencies against immediate productivity and often tougher to keep dependency versions up-to-date. A Systematic Approach to Improving TruffleRuby Performance A detailed post showing how the TruffleRuby team measures and improves performance with tracing and by graphing compilation calls. Demystifying the I/O Monad for Rubyists A long post starting with functional basics, like functors and monads, and ending with a full-Ruby implementation of lazy I/O classes. In brief RedDotRubyConf 2017 Taking Place June 22-23 in Singapore NEWS Matz is keynoting. Great looking line up.   Array#append and Array#prepend Added to Ruby 2. 5 NEWS  Run Rails Using the New Windows (10) Subsystem for Linux TUTORIAL Now that Windows has a bash subsystem, is it easier to setup a Rails development environment? SAAD GUL Replacing 'eval' with Object. send and a Custom Parser TUTORIAL Once you understand what is being eval’d, Ruby makes it easy(ish) to write a parser instead.  GERGELY BRAUTIGAM Fragment Caching with Rails 5. 1 TUTORIAL Things to know and consider when introducing caching to your Rails app.  STEFAN WINTERMEYER assert_differences: Assert Multiple Differences in Minitest TUTORIAL KIERAN EGLIN Quick Tip: Using a 'Scratchpad' File with Pry and Rails TUTORIAL RICARDO FLEURY Writing Ruby Gems with Rust and Helix TUTORIAL LUCA GUIDI It's the Future STORY "So I just need to split my simple CRUD app into 12 microservices, each with their own APIs. . . " CIRCLECI  SPONSORED A RailsConf 2017 Round-Up from the Google Cloud Team STORY GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM BLOG Simple and Happy: What Clojure and Ruby Can Learn from Each Other OPINION ARNE BRASSEUR Phoenix Is Better But Rails Is More Popular OPINION Phoenix may be “better”, but is it always the right choice? A multi-faceted comparison between the two frameworks.  STEFAN WINTERMEYER Ruby Memoization: '||=' vs. 'defined?' Syntax OPINION KAROL GALANCIAK Perusing the Rails Source Code: A Beginners Guide VIDEO ALEX KITCHENS 30 Minute Podcast Talk with Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson PODCAST The prolific Ruby and Rails core team member talks Ruby 2. 4 and 3.  THE BIKE SHED End-to-end visibility into Ruby apps TOOLS Graph metrics in customizable dashboards, trace Ruby requests from end to end, and alert on issues in real time.  DATADOG  SPONSORED Textractor: Prepare ERB Templates for Translation TOOLS Textractor transforms existing ERB templates into i18n-friendly versions with a single click.  SNOOTY SOFTWARE Easy Ruby Date/Time Formatting: A 'strftime' Helper TOOLS MICK BUCKBEE darnbrokenrails: A Cyber Security/Code Quality Teaching Tool for Rails CODE LAZARO HERRERA FlynnAutoScale: Auto-Scale Rails Apps on Flynn, a Heroku-like PaaS CODE LAZARO HERRERA Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo   LINODE  SPONSORED

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Rubyzip and Rails Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski compresses all his knowledge about rubyzip and Rails into this post. Learn how to provide your users with a zipped archive today. Read more Sponsored API automation Instant API for any database. Sample apps for React, Angular, Android, and iOS. Free and open source, with an active community. Read more Ruby Qs: LRU Cache and Binary Trees Another entry in a very interesting series, Dhaivat Pandya walks through interview questions around LRU Cache and Binary trees. Good stuff. Read more Generate Excel Files with Rails Another post from Ilya, this one on providing Excel spreadsheets (. xlsx files) with Rails and the axlsx gem. Now you can supply large, compressed spreadsheets. . . Read more Sponsored PWYW Design Bundle Thousands of Top-Shelf Graphics from 10 of the Web's Finest Design Destinations Read more Ruby Qs: Problem Walkthroughs In this post, Dhaivat goes through a couple of problems that Ruby interviewers might ask and how you can answer. This post can help you get hired. Read more A New Browser: Vivaldi Have you heard of the new browser on the block, Vivaldi? It’s based on Chromium and has some pretty cool features. Check out this interview with its CEO. Read more Measure UX Success/Failure How do you measure the success or failure of your UX? You don’t? Well, this post will help you get started with some important metrics so you’ll know if you’re good. Read more  


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