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100+ Awesome UX Tools For UX Designers




We’ve had a large number of links for UX tools bookmarked in our browsers for a while now. Instead of hiding them away we thought, “Why not share these?”. Why not, indeed! This list includes a few of the tried and trusty UX tools we use daily, as well as others that we’ve heard good things about. We do hope to make this list as up-to-date as possible, so we’d love to hear from you if there are any notable omissions. 100+ Awesome UX Tools For UX Designers A/B or Split Testing A/B Test Master BagelHint Intuition Maxymiser Monetate Myna Optimizely Testomato UsabilityTools VWO Accessibility Testing Accessibility Priority Tool HTML_CodeSniffer Design Prototyping Adobe Brackets AnteType AppSketcher Axure Balsamiq Mockups Cogtool FileSquare Fireworks Indigo Studio iPlotz iRise Justinmind Keynote Lumzy Macaw MockFlow Naview Notism Patternry Pencil Pidoco Proto. io Protoshare Prototyp UXPin Evaluating Design Accessibility Priority Tool Capian Concept Feedback Feng Gui Firefly Five Second Test Loop11 Mental Notes Cards by Stephen P Anderson Navflow Quince Specfox UsabilityHub UsabilityTools Usabilla Userbrain Evaluating Information Architecture BagelHint BoardThing ConceptCodify Loop11 Naview OptimalSort Plainframe (now integrated with Optimal Workshop) SimpleCardSort Solidify TreeJack Usabilitest UsabilityHub Userzoom Websort (now integrated with Optimal Workshop) Xsort Heatmaps, Mouse-tracking or Synthetic Eye-tracking Chalkmark ClickDensity Clicktale CrazyEgg Decibel Insight EyesDecide Eyetracking Feng Gui HeatData Hotjar Inspectlet LookTracker Loop11 MouseStats Navilytics Optimal workshop Ptengine Speedzine In-application annotation & user tutorials Tour My App WalkMe Live Chat with Users Comm100 Live Chat LiveChat LivePerson Olark SnapEngage Woopra Zopim Mobile App Testing Tools Adobe Device Central Android SDK Emulator Blackberry Simulator DotMobi Emulator eggPlant Google Android Emulator iPad Peek iPhoney Magitest Modify Headers MonkeyTalk (previously FoneMonkey) Mr Tappy Opera Mobile Emulator POP App W3C mobileOK Checker Presentations Canva Process Aids Digital Empathy Map Reframer UCDmanager Remote Research Ethnio Feedback Army Mechanical Turk Pick Fu Testapic (French) TryMyUI UsabilityHub UsabilityTools UsersThink UserTesting Research Notetaking BugHerd PearNote Reframer Webnotes Screen Capture Camtasia Inspectlet Jing Magitest Open Hallway ScreenFlow Silverback Usability Test UsabilityTools Sketching & Visual Thinking 53 Paper & Pencil Balsamiq Mockups Canva iSketchnote Livescribe Pen & Ink Penultimate RealtimeBoard VuPoint Magic Wand scanner Surveying Users 4qSurvey Clicktools Feedback Lite Frelay Kampyle Polldaddy Qualaroo (previously Kiss Insights) SurveyGizmo Surveymonkey Survicate UsabilityHub UsabilityTools Uservoice Userzoom Webreep Wufoo User Testing BagelHint FileSquare Forsee Intuition Lookback Loop11 Magitest Morae Optimize Silverback Testaisso Testapic (French) TryMyUI UsabilityHub Usabilla UserBob Userfeel Userlytics UserTesting Userzoom uxline: spanish usability testing software Verify Webnographer WhatUsersDo Web Analytics Adobe Marketing Cloud (previously Omniture) Clicktale FoxMetrics Web Analytics Tool Get Clicky Google Analytics Inspectlet Kiss Metrics LivePerson Loop11 Lucky Orange Mix Panel Navilytics Piwik Quantcast Userzoom Woopra Wireframing & Diagramming Axure Balsamiq Mockups Creately Devhand Draw. io Flair Builder Fluid UI Gliffy Handcraft Hotgloo Indigo Studio Invision Koolchart Lucidchart MockFlow Mockingbird Mockplus MOQUPS NinjaMock OmniGraffle Patternry Photoshop Wireframing Kit Pidoco Power Mockup Proto. io Protoshare Sketch 3 Visio WireframeSketcher Wirify UX MASTERY

Getting a job in design, a day in VR, emotionally intelligent machines, and more UX this week




A guide for getting a job in design → Finding a job can be a dreadful, long process. The solution is to face it as you would face any design project: with clear steps and deliverables. Here, we organized the best articles to help you get prepared for each step of the process: Defining your goal and finding your market fit Creating your CV and portfolio Hunting for jobs Preparing for the interview process Getting ready for day one Ok, shall we?Read full story → Principles for mobile design → Using design principles means adding a layer of structure and meaning to your design tactics to help you to make better design decisions. Coherent, not consistent → Teams spend days obsessing about minor design details, while letting core interaction problems in their products go unchecked. UX won’t disappear, but adapt → We need to focus on the intent of the user and design systems that support the user’s tasks much more proactively. A day in virtual reality → I woke up on Saturday to the prospect of a full day in VR. I set up my Oculus Rift and downloaded a bunch of apps. Here’s what I learned. Data-informed design: minimize the website redesign debate → More than an online property, a website is a reflection of a company’s brand and its customer experience–and everyone has an opinion when it’s time for a redesign. 8 tips to survive a portfolio presentation → Designers have a natural gift for selling ideas, services, products, and whatever this thing is, so why do designers stress about the portfolio presentation? It’s time to design emotionally intelligent machines → The opportunity for brands to forge deep relationships with their users has never been greater. And emotions will make the difference in this new era. Design makes AI smarter → Designers today most likely have been designing for products that use some level of AI for automation. How do we get to the next level? Voice interfaces are here; are they necessary? → The role voice assistants will ultimately play in most peoples’ lives still remains to be seen. News & Ideas • Apple is now on instagram, posting photos #shotoniphone• Facebook Watch is YouTube’s brand new competitor• Daddy’s car: a song composed by AI, based on existing Beatles songs• You know “above the fold” is a myth, right?• A framework for creating brutalist UX deliverables• Voice AI might be the next frontier of marketing• San Francisco gets its first autonomous ride-hailing service• Swarm has a new design and a clearer value proposition• Yes, the gender pay gap is real in Design• This Brazilian tattoo artist specializes in ugly tattoos• Plotter is a machine designed to design• People are really talking about Zuckerberg for 2020• Applications for Shopify’s Commerce Awards have started Tools & Resources • Fontface Ninja: a browser extension to try any fonts on any site• Styly is a platform for creating VR spaces without any coding• Hologram is an all-in-one WebVR creation tool• IndoorWay: turn indoor spaces into connected experiences• Purple: project boards that build team harmony• Living styleguides: how to plan one, step by step• Pastel: leave live sticky-note feedback on any website• Speed font: extremely simple CSS font embedding• A report by Awwwards + Google on mobile performance• How to remove that ugly :focus ring from your code• ContentTagger lets you provide structured data for your website

Hot in UX this week, Delivering your work in layers




Delivering your work in layers › Some designers like to work on a product piece by piece. They focus on one screen or feature at a time, and dedicate full days of work trying to make that one piece look as polished and finished as possible. Before sharing it with the rest of the team, they make sure visuals are pixel perfect, elements are precisely aligned, imagery and copy are as close to final as possible, and that they actually prototype how the elements in screen will animate together. And they never share their designs with the rest of the team until they feel extremely confident about the work. But there are a few inherent risks with that approach. Continue reading What’s the ROI of UX? › Design practitioners get asked the value of their work all of the time. They never have a good answer. 15 principles of good service design › Not only do we not have discernible professional standards for service design, but we don’t seem to think this is a problem.   The link bar, a navigation alternative to the hamburger menu › How ecommerce sites could see an increase in mobile conversion rates by adding a nav bar at the top of their mobile homepage. Steve Jobs on prototypes › Jobs was passionate about a number of things, including a crazy new idea called object-oriented programming. From the community What we don’t talk about when we talk about design toolsPractical cheat sheets for designing attention grabbing UIsWe need a better name for UX, and that name is “Screllvus”Agile user research? That’s u-mpossibleResearchers: stay safe and reasonably uncomfortableConfirmation bias in DesignRaising a Design System in a team News & ideas The lead designer of Monument Valley deconstructs his latest gameGenerative World Cup posters based on game statsWhy do we need a space nation?Treating your customer’s problems as your own to strengthen your businessWhat it feels like to use the web for a day with just a keyboardA long, detailed explanation of how powerful the human vision/brain isThe questions you should stop asking during your one-on-one meetings Tools & resources UX Resources: a simplified starting guide for UX designersCase study: designing voice UI for StarCraft IITimeline 2. 0: interaction design for SketchFonty: test web fonts directly on live sitesProspectus: a bold, contemporary font choice for your editorial needsSnipper: a sweet Snippet manager on the menubarVacation Tracker: an easy way of tracking your team’s vacations and days off

Hot in UX this week, The perception of control




Global Accessibility Awareness Day: 10 stories worth sharing → Thursday, May 17 2018, marked the seventh Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of the GAAD is to get more people talking, thinking and learning about digital access (web, software, mobile, etc. ) and people with different disabilities. As designers, the sad reality about accessibility today is that it is rarely taken as seriously as it should in digital design projects. In some cases it is taken seriously, but it is treated more as a feature than as a mindset. And when you treat it like a feature, chances are it will be one of the first features to be deprioritized when you realize the launch date is coming up. Continue reading Research versus Research → How the kind of research done by designers isn’t the same animal as the research done by Researchers. The perception of control → The human need for control can be traced back to our earliest roots. What does that mean for product design? More than pixels: selling design discovery → Digital design is not just about opening up Sketch and playing with, shapes, textures, and animation. It’s about people. Light or dark UI? — a usability perspective → What’s better, a light-based user interface or a darker one? A study on readability, contrast, and more. Yes, design systems will replace design jobs → What will happen to software designers’ jobs as their work is increasingly automated? From the community Google Duplex and the canny rise: a UX patternHow Facebook should redesign its third-party login screenThe strange creatures called “Designers”Understanding the role of shame in UX researchA designer’s guide to hardware and software for ARApple News — a usability case studyWhat product managers don’t want to admit about user research News & ideas A manifesto reminding us how fun it was to build websites not too long ago Adobe is releasing a free XD plan; and funding tools to improve workflowCalm Tech: Youtube and Instagram are helping people use their products lessThis foundation is planning to print Wikipedia and send it to the MoonThe sad reality of not knowing how to waste time on the internet anymoreHow the Android homescreen has evolved over the yearsThe concept of “the simplest web site that could possibly work well” Tools & resources Screely: turn screenshots and designs into nice-looking shareable assetsHow does it look on social: a preview of your site on various channelsFlopStarter: a repository of kickstarter projects that failedPostedo: seamlessly schedule Instagram postsTxt. fyi: the dumbest publishing platform on the webRobinSheets: track stock prices on Google SpreadsheetsCSS Doodle: a web component for drawing patterns with CSS  

Kome je namenjena knjiga 101 princip za dobar UX dizajn




Kome je namenjena knjiga 101 princip za dobar UX dizajn? Šta ćete naučiti?- Način korišćenja tipografije da tekst bude čitljiv. - Dizajniranje kontrola, radi pojednostavljenja interakcije. - Kreiranje navigacije čiji sadržaj ima smisla. - Prenošenje informacija sa konzistentnom ikonografijom. - Efikasno upravljanje korisničkim informacijama. - Predstavljanje napredka korisniku. - Obezbeđivanje interfejsa za korisnike sa očtećenjima vida ili pokreta. - Razumevanje i odgovaranje na korisnikova očekivanja. Opis knjige:Postoji ogroman broj knjiga o dizajniranju za web. Sve one daju više pravaca i opcija za rešavanje dizajn izazova. Mnogi od njih su potpuno pogrešni. Što je dovelo do toga da čitava generacija dizajnera ne uspeva da napravi interfejse koji su korisni, softvere koji su intuitivni i proizvode koje prosečan čovek može da razume. 101 UX Princip to menja. 101 način, da se 101 UX problem reši jasno i konzistentno. 101 princip su mišljenja. Neki dizajneri će ih pogrešno shvatiti, ali ovi principi su ukorenjeni za narednih 20 godina rada na webu. Oni nisu zasnovani na teoriji, nego na praksi. Jednostavno rečeno, provereno su tačni. Oko toga nema dileme. Sledeći korake Jakoba Nilsena i Dona Normana, ova knjiga predstavlja priručnik za UX profesionalce, koji pokrivaju sve od lozinki, do planiranja kompletne korisnikove interakcije sa proizvodom. Izgradite dublje razumevanje aksesibilnog dizajna i implementirajte isprobane i testirane strategije u svojoj kompaniji. VIŠE O KNJIZI

The 18 Blogs Every UX Pro Should Follow




1. A List Apart Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @alistapart While A List Apart previously focused on standards-based web design, their articles now provide information for all “people who make websites. ” Their topics span a variety of categories from CSS techniques to UX to business. 2. UX Booth Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @UXBooth To quote Abraham Lincoln, UX “by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. ” Ok, maybe he didn’t reference UX, but UX Booth sure does. Their content is for beginner to intermediate UX and UI designers and a new post goes live every Tuesday. 3. Luke W Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @lukew Luke Wroblewski is an expert and leader in the mobile design industry, and his site includes conference notes, user experience how-to videos, and general UX articles. Luke typically has notes on at least one conference a month, and also has an extensive library with each of his how-to videos. 4. UXmatters Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @uxmatters Posting since 2005, UXmatters provides best practices for UX and design at all learning levels. Multiple posts go live every Monday, which is a perfect pairing with your first cup of coffee for the week. 5. Designmodo Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @Designmodo Designmodo is focused on both web design and development. With tutorials, giveaways, and inspirational content, this site has something for everyone in the designer and developer communities. 6. The Usability Post Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @usabilitypost The Usability Post dives into the latest web trends, with articles ranging from icons to typography to UI concepts. The archives date back to 2008, so you’ll have plenty of reading material. 7. UX Movement Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @uxmovement UX Movement’s goal is to share “how good and bad interface design practices affect user behavior. ” Wander over to their site for articles on design techniques and the user experience. 8. Wireframes Magazine Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @wireframes Wireframes Magazine publishes articles about IA resources. From software to podcast suggestions, you’ll be sure to find new resources to add to your tool kit. 9. 52 Weeks of UX Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @jbrewer While this blog ran from 2010 to 2011, it contains timeless discussions around UI and UX. We highly recommend digging through the archives for insights on design and human behavior from the former Principal Designer at Twitter. 10. Smashing Magazine Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @smashingmag We love Smashing Magazine–especially their UX Design category. Their articles are extremely in-depth, and provide something new for even the most experienced UX pro. We highly recommend adding Smashing Magazine to your must-read list. 11. Konigi Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @konigi The Konigi blog is for interface designers, and has posts that range from conference notes to creative discussions. It’s also written by a designer at Balsamiq, one of our favorite wireframing tools. 12. Boxes and Arrows Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @boxesandarrows Boxes and Arrows has the goal of improving the design of information architecture. Their topics include UX, business, research, and design. Check out their site for new content every other week. 13. UX Myths Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @uxmyths This list of 32 myths about user experience aims to correct misconceptions. With articles and resources for both UX professionals and stakeholders, this is a great site to bookmark. 14. Measuring Usability Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @MeasuringU This quantitative research firm’s blog is full of articles related to usability testing and UX topics. Head to their site every Tuesday for a new insightful article. 15. Usabilla Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @usabilla Usabilla is a Dutch company with a focus on UX and user feedback. Their blog includes articles on user engagement, design, and UX research. 16. UsabilityGeek Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @justinmifsud UsabilityGeek is a comprehensive site that gives practical advice on UX, UI design, ecommerce, business, and conversion. New posts launch every Monday and Wednesday, so be sure to add them to your weekly routine. 17. Nielsen Norman Group Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @NNgroup The Nielsen Norman Group is a trusted authority on all things related to usability. Luckily for you, they’ve posted many of their insights in their blog. Check in regularly for expert UX news and tips. 18.  Digital Telepathy Go to the blog | Follow on Twitter @dtelepathy If you’re looking for a design-focused site, head to Digital Telepathy. They aim to “promote the betterment of the web through design and craft. ” Here, you’ll find plenty of inspiration. UBER TESTING BLOG

The Best UX/UI Designer Tools, Resources, Blogs & Books Collection




Mockplus, a UX and UI design tool that makes you prototype faster, smarter and easier: http://goo. gl/VzwQCk It can be intimidating to get into user experience, but don’t fear: there’s plenty of help around. To help you navigate that sea of information, we make a cool list to share with you. This list covers UX/UI blogs, resources, books and tools (in no particular order). I hope it will help you guys to get better at what you’re doing! UX Blogs and Resources image source: nnwmaccontent 1.  Awwwards -A place to find inspiration and talent; a space for debate; a place to share knowledge and experience. 2.  UX Magazine -This site creates a community with location-based listings for conferences, jobs, workshops, informal meetups, and classes. 3.  UX Myths -Collects the most frequent user experience misconceptions and explains why they don’t hold true. 4.  Designer News -Best UX/UI related articles collection. 5.  Usability Geek -A wider array of topics that extend beyond usability, such as User Experience (UX), conversion, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Architecture (IA). 6.  Lukew -A Product Director at Google shares his views on Web and device strategy, interaction design, visual design, usability, and much more. 7.  Design Talks -545 Talks for Designers from 68 ux/ui conferences all over the world. 8.  HelloErik Experience Design -The design and experience blog of Erik Flowers. 9.  Weeklypixels -Reviews on design Books, user experience books, UX processes, graphic design books, typography books, lettering books. 10.  UX Booth -Feature content on analytics, content strategy, information architecture, interaction design, philosophy, research, universal design and accessibility. 11.  Mockplus Blog -The newest UX/UI design resources recommended for UX and UI designers. 12.  Smashing Magazine’s UX Design Category -UX/UI experts share with you their valuable ideas, practical tips, useful guidelines, recommended best practices and great case studies. 13.  Design Shack -Showcases inspiring examples of design, alongside resources and articles. 14.  Creative Bloq -It is a high volume blog for creatives that features content on web design, illustration, graphic design, 3d, digital art, and more. 15.  Beautiful Pixels -Showcases some of the best examples iOS and Android apps as well as UI design across various types of media 16.  UX Movement -Publish articles showing how good and bad interface design practices affect user behavior. 17.  DesignModo UX -Resource for both beginners and advanced designers looking to expand and improve their knowledge. 18.  1stwebdesigner -Post the latest design resource for UX/UI designers. 19.  Noupe -Feature content on responsive design, UX/UI, web development, inspiration and more. 20.  Six Revisions -Publish articles, guides, tutorials, news and other forms of content for people who design and build sites and apps. 21.  Speckyboy -Fresh and useful resources and inspirational art, covering web design and development, graphic design, mobile development. 22.  Designzzz -Offers free and useful resources for designers and developers. 23.  Vandelay Design -Post creative bouts of inspiration that we all need for success. 24.  Boxes and Arrows -The practice, innovation, and discussion of design. 25.  InspirationFeed -You’ll find industry guidelines, case studies, design & development resources, tips & tricks, and other related web articles here. 26.  Usabilla Blog -Useful ux articles or designers. 27.  Dribbble -An online community for showcasing user-made artwork. 28.  Behance -Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. 29.  NN/g -A leading voice in the user experience field. Prototyping Tools 1.  Pidoco -Online wireframe and prototyping tool. 2.  Uxpin -Online tool let your team design, collaborate, and present prototypes. 3.  Mockplus -Easy to use prototyping tool helps you design rapidly. 4.  NinjaMock -An web-based and simple prototyping tool. 5.  Axure -Tool for create high fidelity and complicated prototypes. 6.  Justinmind -Tool for high fidelity prototypes. 7.  Balsamiq Mockups -Tool for simple and low-fidelity wireframes. 8.  Proto. io -Tool for design and prototype. 9.  Invision -Web-based prototyping tool that make your design live quickly. 10.  Marvel -Prototyping tool for linking the screens together. 11.  OmniGraffle -Prototyping Tools for Mac Users. 12.  Flinto -Prototyping tool for linking the screens together. Mac only. 13.  Mockflow -Another platform for prototyping, with the possibility of project planning. See Also: A Full List of UX Prototyping Tools Moblie App Prototypers 1.  Mockplus -Prototype for iOS, Android, desktop and web. Preview design on actual device easily. 2.  POP -Transform your pen+paper ideas into a real working prototype quickly. 3.  AppCooker -Prototype App on iPad. 4.  Framer -A new way to design with code. 5.  Pixate -Experience your ideas on device as if they’re completely real. Design Tools 1.  Skecth 2.  Adobe Photoshop CC 3.  Pixelmator 4.  Adobe Illustrator CC 5.  Adobe Dreamweaver CC 6.  Adobe Fireworks Free UX & UI Books 1.  50 User Experience Best Practices 2.  UX Design Trends 2015 & 2016 3.  Web UI Design Best Practices 4.  Magic of CSS 5.  Bright Ideas for User Experience Designers 6.  The UX Reader 7.  Don’t Make Me Think 8.  UX Storytellers: Connecting the Dots 9.  UX Design for Startups 10.  Web Design Book of Trends 11.  The Guide to Wireframing Click here for more details about these UX books. UX Tools for Mind Mapping and Flowcharts 1.  MindMapple -Pre-loaded with themes and templates. 2.  NovaMind -A cross-platform brainstorming software. 3.  MindManager -One of the best mind mapping software application developed by Mindjet. 4.  SmartDraw -lets you create and edit flowcharts and diagrams using any modern web browser. 5.  Visio -You are able to communicate complex information with data-linked diagrams in just a few clicks. 6.  Mindsister -An online mind mapping tool that lets you capture, develop and share ideas visually. 7.  Xmind -Flexible, works great on any desktop OS. 8.  Coggle -An online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps. Usability Testing Tools 1.  Optimizely -Focuses on one specific type of test, A/B testing. 2.  UserTesting -Allows to get videos of real people speaking their thoughts. 3.  UsabilityTools -Helps you empathize with your users and shows you what’s working and what’s not. 4.  Usabilityhub -Remote user testing to help you make confident design decisions. 5.  Usabilla -One of the most comprehensive user experience packages. 6.  UserFeel -Offers thorough usability testing in a wide range of languages. 7.  GTMetrix -A free tool that assesses the causes of site slowdown. 8.  UserEcho -Allows you to survey customers and provide support. 9.  iPerceptions -Lets you survey web visitors by inviting them at the start of their visit to take a survey at the end. 10.  Loop11-Improve usability of your website through scenario based tests. 11.  Attensee -First impression testing for ux designers. 12.  WhatUsersDo -Videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your website or app. Collaboration Tools image source: execunet. com 1.  Join. me -Free screen sharing from your browser, with video conferencing and unlimited audio calling. 2.  Trello -Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. 3.  Red Pen -No matter where your colleagues are in the world, if you work with visuals it will help you collaborate with your team effortlessly. 4.  Murally -Online whiteboard designed to visually organize ideas. 5.  Slack -Slack gathers the most common communication tools like Google Drive, Twitter or Dropbox in one place, so the entire team is kept up-to-date. Survey Tools 1.  Google forms -A great way to quickly create online surveys for free. 2.  Free Survey Creator -Make a free survey to know your users. 3.  SurveyMonkey -Create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real time. 4.  SurveyGizmo -SurveyGizmo is an advanced (but easy to use) online survey software tool. 5.  Typeform -Build beautiful, engaging, and conversational online forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages, and much more with Typeform. We hope you enjoyed getting to know about these design resource and tools. Hopefully, through them, your journey of being a UX or UI becomes easier! Post originally published at Mockplus Blog

UX design Minor design changes, onboarding new designers, redundancies in design, and more UX this week




There’s no such thing as “minor design changes” → At some point the Intercom team decided to limit the number of characters of their reviews to 140. “We want to limit the length of a review in the product to 140 characters, because we may want to use SMS at some stage. That’s a small change, right?” Oh well. Here are some of the questions, discussions and decisions that had to be made immediately after they received that brief. Should we explain to users why there is a character limit when they are about to write a review? What happens if the review has more than 140 characters? Do we block typing, or do we display an error message to users? If we decide to show an error message, where would it go on the UI? What will the error message say? Continue reading → Beyond the win: accessing the long-term benefits of CX → It is now accepted business wisdom that good Customer Experience (CX) provides competitive advantage. Let’s look at some long-term benefits of a CX-centric approach. By Jay Nicholl. Onboarding new designers to your product team → For a new employee, the onboarding experience at a new job can set the tone for months or years to come. Especially in design. By Craig Phillips. Designed redundancies: UX patterns to unblock frustration → The concept of redundancy started in the aircraft industry. Today, many digital and technology products rely on particular redundancies to improve their final user experience. By Juan J. Ramirez. Hick’s law: making the choice easier for users → Understanding Hick’s law means you can design so that more users will visit and stay on your website. By Mads Soegaard. Measuring and quantifying user experience → UX designers struggle to prove the value of their work when arguments like “user experience is hard to measure” start flying around. Here are 3 methods that can help us prove the value of UX. By Matej Latin. The best request is no request, revisited → Over the last decade, web performance optimization has been controlled by one indisputable guideline: the best request is no request. How has this concept evolved? By Stefan Baumgartner. Strategic storytelling for designers → Sharing ideas is part of the design process. Steering the ship and making changes based on customer needs is essential to great design. By Eli Silva Montgomery. The first 15 seconds → In the first 15 seconds of every new experience, people are lazy, vain, and selfish. This is not intended as cynical jibe at humanity; it is an essential insight for building great products. By Scott Belsky. News & Ideas Wework buys Meetup to create real-world, face-to-face gatherings Snapchat has a new design Formula 1 unveils new identity by W+K London Finally, a plugin to save your face when sharing your screen Beats’ Above The Noise commercial is quite inspiring Google is facing legal action for its iPhone privacy violation YouTube announces Stories and Communities Interactive article: what Tech world did you grow up in? Google’s AI now knows when a stranger is looking at your phone Here’s a therapeutic device to substitute your smartphone This app helps you track the things you lend or borrow Facebook is using AI to spot users with suicidal thoughts Here are 100 cryptocurrencies described in 4 words or less This service lets you donate your website traffic for a cause Tools & Resources Sketch Cleaner helps you get your design files as clean as a whistle Finch makes pixel pushing (and visual QA) way easier Bandwidth Hero: a browser extension that compresses images Diya: a plugin that lets you prototype right from Sketch Lona: Airbnb’s git repository for defining and sharing design systems MyRoundUp: receive email digests with major releases from git repos Better Placeholder makes it easier to generate placeholder images Sketch Flowkit: create flows and diagrams on Sketch Design Systems Handbook, by Invision Blockchain demo: a very thorough walkthrough on the topic Buttercal: another tool to help schedule meetings with large groups Headway app: keep your customers in the loop about your product A year ago… Alternatives to Placeholder Text → Placeholder text can be used as an attribute for almost every HTML input type, and misguided designers and developers don’t hesitate. It is tempting to provide text help for complex forms, or omit input labels to improve aesthetics. However, employing placeholder text to do so causes many usability issues. This article illustrates common bad practices, and proposes alternatives. By Andrew Coyle. Brought to you by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga.

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ARTICLES Humanizing Machine LearningLessons learned from designing adaptive page testing for HubSpot. An Essential Tool for Capturing Your Career AccomplishmentsPutting together a comprehensive collection of your résumé and portfolio content. Should websites be accessible to everyone? Domino's says noDomino’s is challenging a court order that required it make its websites and apps accessible to all users. 5 Steps to Creating a UX-Design PortfolioThe process of creating a UX-design portfolio allows you to reflect on your skills and achievements. Here is a sweet user research routineHow to keep cool and deliver impact when research feels overwhelming. SPONSOR Designing Products People Love is Easy With User Insights by QualarooCreating valuable digital products is about understanding your users. Sign up for a free demo and we'll show you how to automate user research and design products people love. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. TOOLS AND RESOURCES DimensionAn open-source plan to bring a fully-featured Figma from desktop to tablet. ProtoPie 4. 0An interactive prototyping tool with an updated look and reusable interaction components. PresentatorA free and open source design presentation and collaboration platform. MEDIA UX London 2019 talksSome of the talks from this year's UX London. The Design Process - New Layer PodcastThe different ways the design process must be used to meet specific project needs UX PORTFOLIO Jonathan PattersonJonathan is a freelance Product Designer from Detroit. LAST BUT NOT LEAST The case study factoryHow the formulaic approach to UX case studies is numbing our critical thinking as designers, and how to bring a unique point of view to our work. “Solitude is a catalyst for innovation. ”— Susan Cain

UX design nedeljni pregled




Smart Layout, a new Welcome Window and Projects on the Mac and Cloud — What’s new in Sketch? Sketch team introduced Smart Layout, a new Welcome Window, and Projects support. Creating Tables In Figma Sasha Belichenko wrote a detailed guide for those who are struggling with tables in Figma. In this guide, we will create a table using components, so that later on you could save a lot of time on scalability and edits. Moreover, you’ll be able to easily integrate the table into your design system. Tools for Unmoderated Usability Testing Many platforms for unmoderated usability testing have similar features; to choose the best tool for your needs, focus on the type of data that you need to collect for your goals. Designing at Google: 10 things I know to be true Kenny Chen reflects on his first year at Google. Introducing the 2019 UX Designers to Watch We’ve celebrated the second annual World Interaction Design Day (IxDD) on Sep 26, and it is the perfect time to showcase some of the most promising rising UX design talents from around the globe.  Khoi Vinh introduces Adobe’s UX Designers to Watch. Frankenstein Migration: Framework-Agnostic Approach Denys Mishunov suggests a not-so-typical approach to framework-independent migration of front-end applications. This approach allows us to combine “good” and “fast” while keeping the costs of migration at bay. 37 Exceptional Font Pairings Trends in 2019 One of the most powerful ways you can communicate and convey your message is by incorporating your designs with beautiful fonts. We’ve come up with 37 of the best font pairings you can use in a wide range of projects. UX inspiration from history: made in the Soviet Union It is a well-known fact that in the Soviet Union, all information was blocked from outside. Despite these limitations, engineers and designers have made wonderful devices that were used by most people in the Soviet Union. Not all of them are perfect from the UX side but there are plenty of amazing solutions and features that can inspire everyone. In this article, Taras Savytskyi shares a few interesting examples of Soviet design. The Art of Ecommerce Excellent collection of insights into building a direct to consumer brand or online e-commerce businesses. Avoiding the new-manager syndrome in design Fabricio Teixeira shares a few tips on becoming a manager for the first time. How to deal with people who don’t “get” design — design and strategy Morgane Peng wrote a helpful guide on minding other people’s business. 101 princip za dobar UX dizajn   VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE ⚒️ Tools Doka Doka is a simple in-browser photo editor. You can perform all kinds of basic photos edits with this free tool: resize or crop photos, apply simple filters, etc. Chart. xkcd Chart. xkcd is a chart library plots “sketchy”, “cartoony” or “hand-drawn” styled charts. Augmented-UI Augmented-ui is a CSS library that allows you to create futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired UI shaping for any element. Fragments: iOS Wireframe Kit Fragments is a wireframe iOS kit for Sketch that you can use to build any kind of mobile app. The kit includes 370+ layouts in 10 categories and it’s based on nested symbols and built with layer styles. SVG to JSX SVG to JSX is a plugin for Figma that allows you to copy SVG code as a react component for use in Figma. UX Planet UX Planet is a one-stop resource for everything related to user experience. WRITTEN BY uxplanet. org Following http://uxplanet. org  





Made it to 100th issue! Thank you for reading and spreading the word. Enjoy this week’s best UX links.  – Kenny ARTICLES How to design wordsDesigning words for people who hate to read (ie everyone on the web). Designing News Products With Empathy 50 stress cases helped NPR design for real user journeys that fall outside their ideal circumstances and assumptions. The New Rules of Form DesignWhen used correctly, modern techniques allow designers to produce faster, easier, and more productive form experiences. Why Aren’t You Asking Questions?It’s a designer’s job to ask good questions. Here are some tips on how. Death to ComplexityThe design process that went into reimagining Spokeo’s Advanced Search tools. Signaling a Process Change with a Discovery PhaseStarting with a discovery phase for new design and development leads to better quality products and enhancements. SPONSORED LINK See what your users seeMeet FullStory, the pixel-perfect session playback tool that makes it easy to answer any question about your customers online experience. Try it free for 2 weeks! TOOLS & RESOURCES PatternPattern is a drawing application for the iPad and iPad Pro focusing on simple design tools rather than fancy brushes and effects. Device MockupsReady to use vector device mockups. Stockmagic for MacA free tiny app that lives in your menu bar to easily find the best images among 25 of the biggest free stock photo services. Figma + FramerYou can now import your Figma designs into Framer for prototyping. MEDIA UX Week 16 VideosVideos from UX Week 16 including talks by Christina Wodtke, Jamie Levy, Alan Cooper, and more. An Introduction to Emotive UIA conversation with Huge’s managing director of experience design. The Science of Habit-Forming ProductsWhy do some products stick and others don’t? A look into Nir Eyal‘s Hooked model. Design Thinking WorkshopA short interview with David Kelley, founder of IDEO, on Design Thinking, and a free workshop by the co-founders of Stanford D school. UX PORTFOLIO Jomi CubolJomi is a product designer based in New York with a very text heavy site – which isn’t a bad thing. His case studies go in detail about his role on improving the user experience. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Why Dark Patterns Won’t Go AwayDark pattens exist because design is not as prevalent at a strategic level as many companies would have you believe. “When making art, you’re not going from a known point A to a known point B. You are inventing point B. ”— Amy Whitaker





ARTICLES Lessons of Good Design Julie Zhuo writes that good design feels obvious but it sometimes takes time to come up with that obvious solution. The Art of Designing With Heart  How to make useful, friendly software for real people. Sh!t Loops In DesignHow to prevent a series of unwanted actions happening in a user interface that take us down a path that gets darker and darker the further we go. A DIY Design EducationResources for building your own design curriculum without going to design school. The Product Designer RoleA list of important attributes of the modern product designer role. 10 things new startup design leaders should doIn your new leadership role, you’ll face lots of challenges but you already have many tools you need to create a great team and build amazing products. TOOLS & RESOURCES Design Principles FTWA collection of the worlds most successful Design Principles. For more, check outWhy design principles shape stronger products. HudManage your UI patterns sand share with your team. Top 10 Tips for UX Success From Agile PractitionersThe most popular techniques for improving user experience in Agile projects. FlowcastShareable click-and-type sticky notes for your website. MEDIA Design leadership with Andy Budd – UX PodcastAndy Budd discusses how to make the move from UX practitioners to UX leader. Elevating design through educationAarron Walter discusses design education, designing for emotion and building design teams. If you can’t get enough of Aarron, listen to him on the User Defender Podcast. Interview with Brian Lovin @ FacebookBrian Lovin talks about his design process, inspiration, what’s it like working at Facbook and more. UX PORTFOLIO Yitong ZhangYitong is a Product Designer with a very nice looking site and case studies. LAST BUT NOT LEAST 5 Design Jobs That Won’t Exist In The FutureUser experience designers are among the most in-demand designers today but in the future that title may become more specialized. “Quality is a bar, not a tradeoff. ”— Julie Zhuo





ARTICLES Design Reviews: Going beyond the surface Get the most out of your design reviews with this simple guide to understanding what to expect from each stage in the design process. The Mighty EllipsisHow 3 little dots can say so much. Shneiderman’s Eight Golden Rules Will Help You Design Better InterfacesDesign great, productive and frustration-free user interfaces by integrating the 8 golden rules. Personas, you don’t need themPersonas that are created with conscious or unconscious biases lead to biased products. Using real sample data to make great designsFour simple steps to design screens using real data. Discrimination by DesignThe many ways design decisions treat people unequally. SPONSORED LINK See what your users seeCapture everything, and we mean everything (including the full DOM and console logs), about your customer experience with one easy-to-install script. Try it free! TOOLS & RESOURCES The User Interface DatabaseFind live examples of any UI for design inspiration. Diverse UIDiverse representations of people for your mockups. Read more at Tech’s Diversity Problem Isn’t Only in the Hiring Numbers. Have you got any questions for us?10 interview questions to ask the interviewer to find out how much an organization cares about design. 10 Sketch Tricks That Would Make Owen Wilson Say “Wooow!”Some tricks to take your Sketch game to the next level. UpNableTest your designs and ideas and get user feedback. MEDIA True North PodcastGo inside the most successful companies to see how they design, develop and test their way to a world renowned user and customer experience. The Sketchnote WorkbookAdvanced techniques for taking visual notes you can use anywhere. UX PORTFOLIO Renée PadghamRenée is a product designer with a portfolio of case studies, design process, and tools. LAST BUT NOT LEAST How to pretend you’re a great designerPractical tips and principles to trick people into thinking you’re an industry thought leader. “To simplify complications is the first essential of success. ”— George Earle Buckle





ARTICLES Get the most out of your research with storytelling Storytelling can transform something that sits on your colleague’s desk collecting dust into insights your team can really empathize with Don't Defend Your WorkDesigners are much better off when they focus on collaborating, listening, and asking questions. 3 Ways To Be A Better Design LeaderInsights from top managers and design leads to help you become a better design leader. Pay Down Design Debt with Polish DayA plan to address design debt by creating a special day of the week. The Powerful Fix to the Usability Testing ProcessA simple way to format usability testing results to be more efficient when presenting your findings. TOOLS & RESOURCES UXersA curated collection of User Experience Design players from all over the world - agencies and companies who deal with UX design on a daily basis. DucoAn iPhone app that serves as a practical guide to running successful Design Sprints. Craft Sync BetaA simple way to send designs straight to InVision directly from inside Sketch. AbstractNow open for private alpha, Abstract is a version controlled workflow, built on Git, and seamlessly integrated with Sketch. MEDIA Switch to SketchAn 8-part video series covering Sketch design basics and design workflow. Start at the EndMichael Margolis of Google Ventures talks to a group of UX researches at Google about how to do research that has real impact. Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User ExperienceJeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden, co-authors of Lean UX, talk about applying lean principles to improve user experience. PORTFOLIO Minseung SongMinseung is a Product Designer at WhatsApp and was previously at Yahoo. He also runs a few side projects like Car UX and Android UX. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Stop the spammy notifications!A plea to be more thoughtful about notifications. “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life. ”— Jessica Hische





UX DESIGN WEEKLY 115 ARTICLES Why DesignJulie Zhuo gives her thoughts about what the word design means to her and what inspires her to improve designs. Intuitive Design vs. Shareable DesignJosh Elman writes that the obscurity of Snapchat’s design engages and encourages people to share their experiences with others while Jackson Mohsenin, Product Designer at Quora, counters with the Myth of Unintuitive Design. Wireflows: A UX Deliverable for Workflows and AppsWireflows are a combination of wireframes and flowcharts. They can document workflow and screen designs when there are few pages that change dynamically. Documenting Design DiscoveryHow six assertions inform briefs, strategies, and other deliverables. A Guide to Successful Design HandoffsThoughts on how designers can adopt a few techniques to help produce a well rounded & thorough design handoff. What design sprints are good forDesign sprints are good at some unexpected things, and bad at some unexpected things too. TOOLS & RESOURCES Components in FigmaNew release that makes building systems easier by combining elements into components. palatteA simple, curated list of awesome, handpicked colors for your project. MEDIA Amazon GoIf you were able to design a shopping experience with the perfect user experience, this might be it. No lines, no checkout – just grab and go. The Most Interesting UX eBooks Published in 2016A list of great free UX ebooks that came out this year. Dan Mall: Motion & Meaning PodcastDan Mall talks about how animation fits into his design process and his proven approach to finding inspiration. UX PORTFOLIOS Allan YuAllan is a Bay Area UX Designer who shows his process, deliverables, and designs in his portfolio. UX JOBS Senior UX Designer at Wohaula (Porter Ranch, CA)Wohaula is a social media site for stroke and brain injury survivors looking for someone to help them improve the user experience. LAST BUT NOT LEAST The Sketch socksNeed a last minute gift for your favorite designer? Get Sketch socks (or Slack socks)! “To design is to be intentional about the outcome we want. ”— Julie Zhuo     Sponsor a Future Issue | Post a UX Job | Submit a UX Link | Follow @uxdesignweekly Copyright © UX Design Weekly, All rights reserved. You have received this email because you subscribed via the UX Design Weekly site.





Just a heads up, starting next issue, I'll be sending the newsletter on Monday's instead of Friday. I hope to start your week off right. -Kenny ARTICLES The Irrational User How cognitive biases can help create sticky, engaging products. How the future of the user interface will redefine your jobThe role of the designer will still focus on interaction but will change in fundamental ways. Take the Time to Use Fewer WordsIf a user experience needs an explanation, something is fundamentally broken. Empathy as Faux EthicsAn argument to why having empathy is not a key to design success. What UX Designers Can Learn from PsychologyUnderstanding human behavior is essential to learning about how people make decisions and form habits. Design Thinking OriginA history of where design thinking came from and some of the key players that pushed it forward. SPONSORED LINK Get 3 months of free UX Design CoursesGet 3 months of free online UX Design Courses from the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) because you are a reader of UX Design Weekly. The Interaction Design Foundation has over 30 Online UX Design Courses and here are 7 reasons to join their UX Design Community. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. TOOLS & RESOURCES SPECS by CanvasFlipZeplin and Inspect competitor for pixel perfect design handoff. GotchaUser-centric analytics & triggers, driven by micro-surveys. The coolest Sketch technique you’ll see all dayHow to create flexible, customizable, and maintainable components in Sketch. Opera NeonWhat if this were the future of web browsing? MEDIA What comes after apps?Gabriel Valdivia and Charlie Deets look into the far future of a post-mobile world. UX PORTFOLIO Jesse ChaseJesse is a Sr. Experience Designer at Airbnb with a nice layout and case studies. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Get the Most Out of User Research5 simple steps and a dad joke. “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future. ”— Robert L. Peters

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ARTICLES In defense of “users”Dan Saffer writes that "user" is a perfectly fine, gender-neutral, activity-positive term for the person engaged with your product or service. Questions to ask as a new designer on the team  Three simple questions to ask at the start of every project to create a collaborative environment and arrive at better design solutions. The researcher’s journey: leveling up as a user researcherCharting the growth of researcher-as-individual contributor from junior, to mid-level, to senior researcher. The Most Important Part of Design You’re Probably Overlooking. What Is information architecture, why it's important, and tips for creating good IA. Designed to WorkLessons accidentally learned while running a design shop. TOOLS AND RESOURS Better DesignA social community for you to test your designs and copy using polls and to get feedback and comments in real time. Shopify PolarisShopify's design system complete with design principles, UI kit, voice and tone, and component library. Designing for MessengerBest practices, platform design kit, platform components and more when designing a Messenger Bot. MEDIA User Research War StoriesVideo and slides from Steve Portigal's talk at O’Reilly Design Conference. The importance of identifying your ethical design red line - The O’Reilly Design PodcastDesign ethics and value systems, and what the Ford Pinto can teach us about the importance of human-centered design. UX PORTFOLIO Jesse ChaseJesse is a Senior Experience Designer at Airbnb. His portfolio features selected work with a good use of subtle animation. LAST BUT NOT LEAST The ancient design of your favorite websitesThe A  to  Z of famous landing pages from a time long, long ago. “Young designers,you need battle wounds. You need to fail. You need scars. Be curious and don’t ask for permission. ”— Joel Beukelman  

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ARTICLES Stop talking, start listening Good designers are good listeners. They start by understanding, not solving. Device interventionWhy it's important to design for every device, not just the ones you own. The Art of Customer EmpathyTo understand the people we are designing for, we must gain empathy for who they are and what is important to them. Gamification in UX. Increasing User Engagement. Methods of gamification in design and how it can improve UX. 52 Research Terms you need to know as a UX DesignerYour A-Z list of research terms in plain English. The Role of Photography in User Experience DesignIs it actually possible to improve the overall user experience of a website using stock photos. SPONSOR Best Practices for Mobile UX Design in 2017The field of mobile user experience is growing, and trained UX professionals can create innovative solutions that balance form and function. Check out our article for the best practices on improving mobile UX design to create enjoyable experiences. This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. TOOLS & RESOURCES React Sketch AppRender React components to Sketch for design systems. SizzyA tool for developing responsive websites. PresentatorPresentator is a free platform for design presentation and collaboration. StarkA color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch. iOS 10 GUI for iPadA massive collection of core components and selected screens for the iPad. Designing the all-new FramerA new look and ability to detach code from canvas for a smarter but simpler workflow. Appcues 2. 0Updated to improve user onboarding, code free. MEDIA Collaborative Design — Users Know PodcastWhat it means to design things collaboratively and the ways in which everybody seems to screw it up. The Way to Design by Steve VassalloFree book for designers and non-designers about breaking out of narrow constraints and finding your way. Mobile in the Future - Conversions@Google 2017Luke Wroblewski delivers a 3 hour mobile design workshop. UX PORTFOLIO Charlie DeetsCharlie is a Product Designer at WhatsApp. His portfolio shows his work, writings, and side projects. LAST BUT NOT LEAST People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently. If your new product or service is not engaging users, ask “What’s my California Roll?” “I believe the easier way to describe simplicity is being devoid of unnecessary complexity. ”— Gabriel Colombo

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ARTICLES How to not suck at design A 5 minute guide of practical design tips for the non-designer that you can apply today. Bulletproof User OnboardingWith onboarding, there simply is no silver bullet but you can always strive for bullet-proof. Mobile First, Desktop WorstOne-size-fits-all UIs can be problematic. We should put function first and allow form to follow. The New Skeuomorphism is in Your Voice AssistantSkeuomorphism is alive and this time it is invisible. Stop Shaming Your Users for Micro ConversionsManipulinks make users feel bad about themselves in order to convince them to accept an offer or sign up for a newsletter. SPONSOR Get 25% Off UX Design CoursesThe Interaction Design Foundation is the largest, and oldest, provider of online UX design courses. This makes them perfect for both working professionals and students. Here are 7 reasons to join their UX Design Community! TOOLS & RESOURCES Atlassian's Design LanguageAtlassian's end-to-end design language to create straightforward and beautiful experiences. Interface LoversAn online magazine that spotlights designers and features a collection of mixes by your favorite designers. Launchpad by Anima AppPublish responsive websites directly from Sketch. MEDIA Kat Holmes - High ResolutionMicrosoft’s Principle Director of Inclusive Design discusses the importance of designing for one-size-fits-one. Hungering for the Unexpected - Critique (Podcast)The struggle of weighing your creative vision against what the users want. UX PORTFOLIO Jack MorganJack is a designer at Duolingo who features a case study on their award winning app Tinycards. UX JOBS Senior Visual Designer at Brown University - Providence, RIBe a part of Brown University’s growing visual storytelling team to create attractive, user-centric, innovative designs for across Brown’s Web, digital and print media. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Dieter Rams 10 Principles of Design Updated Edition 2017If Dieter Rams made his principles of design based on tech trends of 2017. “Creativity is the act of making obvious things that aren’t yet obvious. ”— Bill Buxton

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ARTICLES Want to Be Creative on Purpose? Schedule It All my best work happens not through luck of the draw but through persistence and dedication. Why your design team should hire a writerA few reasons why every design team should have a writer. User Research with Prototypes: Asking the Right QuestionsA few simple tricks to get people to talk more about who they are, what they need, and what they’re thinking. 4 Ways Google Is Fixing VR’s Terrible UXAt Google I/O, we got a glimpse of improvements to VR and the future of computing. Sketch is not a UX design toolThe next generation of tools can’t be pen-and-paper simulators anymore. TOOLS & RESOURCES Craft PrototypeA new tool for Craft that allows you to connect screens directly in Sketch and sync to InVision. Style Guide GuideA boilerplate for creating superb style guides. Product Design Exercises We Use At WeWork Interviews17 exercises to practice your product-thinking skills. AmbianceAmbiance generates beautiful color palette. MEDIA Agile UX Virtual Summit 20174 days of free seminars featuring case studies from Google Ventures, Hubspot, IBM, Bloomberg, and more. Stephen Gates - High ResolutionThe Head of Design at Citi talks about why creativity done properly, is blue collar work and how to unlock your design process. Creating UX that “Just Feels Right” with Progressive Web Apps A talk from Google I/O about creating a seamless user experice on mobile in the way users have come to expect. UX PORTFOLIO Jack McGrathJack is a Product designer based in Sydney who makes use of Medium to post his case studies. DESIGN JOBS Design Gigs for GoodJob postings at the intersection of design and social impact. Senior Visual Designer at OMNIGON (Toronto, CA)Work with the world's leading sports, media, and entertainment companies to design and produce award-winning visual solutions. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Visual Interface of Voice UIWhile there isn’t a traditional user interface with voice UI, the visual design feedback aspect is actually very important for a successful product. “Beauty & brains, pleasure & usability: these should go hand in hand. D”— Don Norman
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