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ImportPython Newsletter Issue 145




You can’t buy DevOps, but you may have to sell it This new blog series aims to help DevOps leaders in organisation get stakeholder buy-in. It covers approaches to talking about why, as well as specific things you can do to sell your ideas.   Using Python and Conditional Random Fields for Latin word segmentation In this article, a CRF (Conditional Random Field) will be trained to learn how to segment Latin text. Using only very basic features and easily accessible training data, we are going to achieve a segmentation accuracy of 98 %.   K-Means Clustering in Python Clustering is a type of Unsupervised learning. This is very often used when you don’t have labeled data. K-Means Clustering is one of the popular clustering algorithm. The goal of this algorithm is to find groups(clusters) in the given data. In this post we will implement K-Means algorithm using Python from scratch.   Lifelong Rubyist makes some Python code 5x Faster n this post I’m going to look at a bit of Python code I optimized recently, and then compare the process of making this code faster to the process of how I make Ruby code faster.   Alice in Python projectland Python project structure and packaging can be intimidating, but, if you take it step by step, it doesn’t have to be. Look at other people’s code, particularly smaller, modular projects, break the work up into pieces, and work through it piece by piece, until you’re all the way down the rabbit hole.   AI Experts Share CX Tips Learn how innovations in computer vision improve customer experiences.   WSGI Is Not Enough Anymore — Part I This is the first part of a multi-part series discussing the limitation of WSGI-based Python web applications and the ways to overcome these limitations.   RAZVOJ PYTHON MIKROSERVISA VIŠE O KNJIZI Go vs CPython: Visual comparison of concurrency and parallelism options Using MPG diagrams to see the differences between Threading, Multiprocessing and Asyncio, the 3 official CPython options, and Go Runtime.   WSGI Is Not Enough Anymore — Part II In the first part of this series we discussed the problems and limitations which inheres within WSGI-based Python web applications. In this part we will discuss what concurrency is and what is an event driven architecture  Find Top Developers We help companies like Airbnb, Pfizer, and Artsy find great developers. Let us find your next great hire. Get started today.   Assessing Risks and Return with Probabilities of Events with Python There are various situations where quants look at different scenarios of an event when making investment decisions. Running simulated scenarios is an invaluable tool for all finance/investment managers as it allows them to measure likely performance for various states.   Monitor, Log, and Alert CPU Throttling from Overheating on Linux I wrote a Python script (GitHub) that does a few things. First and foremost, I wanted to know every minute on the minute what my CPU core temps were regardless of whether I’m getting throttled or not so that I had the option to chart this (I haven’t done this, as I think I’ve found the culprit but I wanted to keep my options open). I also wanted to know if my laptop fan was functioning as desired in relation to the CPU temps, so I needed to grab fan RPM.   Intro to Graph Optimization with NetworkX in Python This NetworkX tutorial will show you how to do graph optimization in Python by solving the Chinese Postman Problem in Python.   Design a fixed-size hash map in Python implement a fixed-size hash map that associates string keys with arbitrary data object references.   Flask-SocketIO Flask-SocketIO gives Flask applications access to low latency bi-directional communications between the clients and the server. The client-side application can use any of the SocketIO official clients libraries in Javascript, C++, Java and Swift, or any compatible client to establish a permanent connection to the server.   Python Release Python 3. 6. 3 Python 3. 6. 3 is the third maintenance release of Python 3. 6. The Python 3. 6 series contains many new features and optimizations. See the What’s New In Python 3. 6 document for more information.   Interactively analyse 100GB of JSON data with Spark Do you know what is the heaviest book ever printed? Let’s find out by exploring the Open Library data set using Spark in Python.   Projects milksnake - 69 Stars, 1 Fork A setuptools/wheel/cffi extension to embed a binary data in wheels. pcap2curl - 60 Stars, 12 Fork Read a packet capture, extract HTTP requests and turn them into cURL commands for replay. dockselpy - 59 Stars, 4 Fork Dockerized Selenium and Python with support for Chrome and Firefox. python-plexlibrary - 20 Stars, 0 Fork Create and maintain dynamic Plex libraries based on recipes. bigquery_fdw - 11 Stars, 2 Fork BigQuery Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL. TeamFlowy - 5 Stars, 1 Fork A simple sync tool to sync task from Workflowy to Teambition. art - 5 Stars, 0 Fork Simple ASCII Art Library For Python © 2014-2017 CuratorSpot LLP.  

ImportPython Newsletter Issue 154




GoCD - Open Source Continuous Delivery Server GoCD is a continuous delivery tool supporting modern infrastructure with elastic on-demand agents and cloud deployments. With GoCD, you can easily model, orchestrate and visualize complex workflows from end to end. It’s open source, free to use and download.   The man behind the most important tool in data science Interview with none other then Wes McKinney of Pandas.   Optimized Python Turns out there are some optimizations you can do when compiling Python 3. 5 and 3. 6 that give you some significant speed improvements without any real downside.  We've paired with with Google's base Debian image that rips out systemd and all it's dependencies which yields a MUCH smaller image.   Basics of probability theory - By Peter Norvig This notebook covers the basics of probability theory, with Python 3 implementations. (You should have some background in probability and Python. )  Comparing 5 Data Visualization Python Tools It could be challenging to pick the right data visualization tool in Python. There are so many options available. Summarizing most common tools, then testing and comparing different techniques would help to pick the best fit and method for the needed visualization.   Find Top Developers Companies like Airbnb, Pfizer, and Artsy find great developers. Let us find your next great hire. Get started today.   misocoin Barebones bitcoin-like protocol implemented in Python 3. 6.   Python 3 Readiness This site shows Python 3 support for 360 most downloaded packages on PyPI.   Recommendation Engine - Yelp Using user review data from Yelp, our aim was to develop a recommendation system to provide a new restaurant suggestion that a user might like. The project was motivated by the fact that recommendation problems are ubiquitious, including the infamous Netflix challenge and "similar items you might like" suggestions from Amazon. Given the diverse application of this problem, we wanted to learn how to develop and implement such system using machine learning.   html5lib-python 1. 0 released Yesterday, Geoffrey released html5lib 1. 0 [1]! The changes aren't wildly interesting. The more interesting part for me is how the release happened. I'm going to spend the rest of this post talking about that. Those looking to manage / understand the workings behind becoming a maintainer of a open source project should read this.   Setting up a Digital Ocean server for Selenium, Chrome, and Python Stateful Multi-Stream Processing in Python with Wallaroo Wallaroo is a high-performance, open-source framework for building distributed stateful applications.   Introduction to Kaggle Kernels On this episode of AI Adventures, find out what Kaggle Kernels are and how to get started using them. Though there’s no popcorn in this episode, but I can assure that Kaggle Kernels are popping!  Optimizing your Cryptocurrency Portfolio with Python Bitcoin is now mainstream. While the debate on whether it’s a speculative bubble or the greatest thing since the internet continues, one thing that is irrefutable is that it has attracted a significant amount of investor interest to cryptocurrency and digital assets.   Dealing with datetimes like a pro in Python Structured Streaming using Apache Spark DataFrames API Forecasting Bitcoin prices using Facebook’s Prophet library This is just a quick post to show how you can use Facebook’s Prophet forecasting library in python to forecast bitcoin hourly bitcoin prices.   Introducing the pymatch Package The pymatch Python package implements Propensity Score Matching (PSM) techniques intended for use with observational study designs. It was inspired by and adapted from Jasjeet Singh Sekhon’s Matching package in R. I wrote an adaptation in Python that is better suited for my work at Mozilla  Projects chubin/rate. sx - 48 Stars, 4 Fork curl cryptocurrencies exchange rates powerfulseal - 24 Stars, 1 Fork A powerful testing tool for Kubernetes clusters. scenescoop - 13 Stars, 0 Fork A tool to describe the content of videos and suggest similar scenes in other videos/films. richtext. org - 11 Stars, 0 Fork a place to share things. tensorpack-recipes - 9 Stars, 0 Fork A collection of TensorPack implementations including pretrained models. pyznap - 6 Stars, 0 Fork ZFS snapshot tool written in python

ImportPython Newsletter Issue 167




  Worthy Read Running End-to-End Tests on Kubernetes Integrating the build and deployment of up to 40 websites across the world is challenging. This blog talks about how one team solved real world CI/CD problems using Kubernetes and GoCD. Breaking a Wine Glass in Python By Detecting the Resonant Frequency In today’s post, I walk through the journey of writing a Python program to break wine glasses on demand, by detecting their resonant frequency. Along the way we’ll 3D print a cone, learn about resonant frequencies, and see why I needed an amplifier and compression driver. So, let’s get started.   A Practical Introduction to Blockchain with Python. Blockchain is arguably one of the most significant and disruptive technologies that came into existence since the inception of the Internet. It's the core technology behind Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies that drew a lot of attention in the last few years. As its core, a blockchain is a distributed database that allows direct transactions between two parties without the need of a central authority. This simple yet powerful concept has great implications for various institutions such as banks, governments and marketplaces, just to name a few. Any business or organization that relies on a centralized database as a core competitive advantage can potentially be disrupted by blockchain technology.   Jan 1st 2020 is End of Life for Python 2. 7 Curator's note - Lot of banks and financial companies are not going to upgrade and be happy to pay vendors for security updates.   How to list the most common words from text corpus using Scikit-Learn? Frequently we want to know which words are the most common from a text corpus sinse we are looking for some patterns.    4 Ways to Improve Your DevOps Testing - Free eBook Read the 4-part eBook to learn how to detect problems earlier in your DevOps testing processes by Proactively responding to your monitoring software, Integrating your security reqs in your initial development, Replicating real-world conditions to find unexpected variables, Performing continuous testing to uncover points of failure.   How I implemented iPhone X’s FaceID using Deep Learning in Python. Reverse engineering iPhone X’s new unlocking mechanism.   Memory efficiency of parallel IO operations in Python Python allows for several different approaches to parallel processing. The main issue with parallelism is knowing its limitations. We either want to parallelise IO operations or CPU-bound tasks like image processing. The first use case is something we focused on in the recent Python Weekend* and this article provides a summary of what we came up with.   Python 3. 7’s new builtin breakpoint — a quick tour Debugging in Python has always felt a bit “awkward” compared with other languages I’ve worked in. Introducing breakpont()  Python Programming Exercises Book It's free.   Markdown Descriptions on PyPI - Dustin Ingram I’m really excited to say that as of today, PyPI supports rendering project descriptions from Markdown! This has been a oft-requested feature and after lots of work (including the creation of PEP 566) it is now possible, without translating Markdown to rST or any other hacks!  python-itertools itertools. accumulate(iterable[, func])  Agile database integration tests with Python, SQLAlchemy and Factory Boy So you are interested in testing, aren’t you? Not doing it yet? That’s the right time to start then! In this little example, I’m going to show a possible procedure to easily test your piece of code that interacts with a database.   Deploy TensorFlow models – Towards Data Science Super fast and concise tutorial  Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018 - See how Python is doing. This year, over 100,000 developers told us how they learn, build their careers, which tools they’re using, and what they want in a job.   Projects black - 958 Stars, 15 Fork The uncompromising Python code formatter. makesite - 216 Stars, 16 Fork Simple, lightweight, and magic-free static site/blog generator for Python coders thug-memes - 115 Stars, 4 Fork Command line Thug Meme generator written in Python. requests-core - 79 Stars, 3 Fork Experimental lower-level async HTTP client for Requests 3. 0 white - 78 Stars, 1 Fork The Black code formatter, but brighter (PEP8–inspired). socialsentiment - 40 Stars, 2 Fork Sentiment Analysis application created with Python and Dash, hosted at socialsentiment. net. rose - 12 Stars, 0 Fork Analyse all kinds of data for a TV series. onegram - 5 Stars, 0 Fork A simplistic api-like instagram bot powered by requests. convert-outlook-msg-file - 5 Stars, 0 Fork Python library to convert Microsoft Outlook . msg files to . eml/MIME message files. Siamese-LSTM - 4 Stars, 1 Fork Siamese LSTM for evaluating semantic similarity between sentences of the Quora Question Pairs Dataset. MusicTag - 3 Stars, 0 Fork MusicTag allows you to download from YouTube all the music you want and automatically set the ID3 tags. UVOD U PYTHON - AUTOMATIZOVANJE DOSADNIH POSLOVA VIŠE O KNJIZI.

ImportPython Newsletter Issue 168, Make Art with Python




Worthy Read The Great Python Refactor of 2017 And Also 2018 - Khan Academy Engineering This blog post is first in a series describing the Great Khan Academy Python Refactor of 2017 And Also 2018. In this post, I'll explain where our codebase went wrong, what we wanted to do to fix it, and why it was so difficult. It will include tips and code that others can use to avoid some of this difficulty themselves. The second post will describe Slicker, a tool we wrote which formed the backbone of our refactoring effort. The third post will describe how we used this refactoring as an opportunity to reduce inter-file dependencies within our codebase, and how that benefited us.   Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes GoCD now integrates natively with Kubernetes! GoCD's pipeline capability along with Kubernetes' highly programmable platform provide you the premiere Continuous Delivery tool on modern infrastructure.   Creating a Choropleth Map of the World in Python using GeoPandas There are different ways of creating choropleth maps in Python. In a previous notebook, I showed how you can use the Basemap library to accomplish this. More than 2 years have passed since publication and the available tools have evolved a lot. In this notebook I use the GeoPandas library to create a choropleth map. As you'll see the code is more concise and easier to follow along.   A comprehensive Django CBV guide. Class Based Views (CBV) is one of my favourite things about Django. During my first Django projects (using Django 1. 4 around 6 years ago) I was mainly using functional views — that’s what the tutorial recommended then anyway. However, slowly in my next projects I started reducing the amount of functional views and embracing CBVs, slowly understanding their usage and usefulness. Right now, I more or less only use CBVs for my views; even if sometimes it seems more work to use a CBV instead of a functional one I know that sometime in the future I’d be glad that I did it since I’ll want to re-use some view functionality and CBVs are more or less the only way to have DRY views in Django.   Python based DIY self driving platform An opensource DIY self driving platform for small scale cars. RC CAR + Raspberry Pi + Python (tornado, keras, tensorflow, opencv,.   Identify slow Java code Monitor and Identify, 24x7, slow or failing production Java Method, using Germain APM.   Make Art with Python A book to bring the joy of programming to creative people. With step by step instructions for beginners and tiny programs, fundamental programming concepts are introduced in bite sized sketches. In later chapters, these program sketches become powerful drawing programs, capable of generating new images for 3D printing, CNC, and more.   Using Python Decorators for Authentication A Refresher.   Marshmallow: Simplified object serialization for Python Hacker news discussion.   Twitter Analysis with Python Twitter is a good ressource to collect data. We can find a few libraries (R or Python) which allow you to build your own dataset with the data generated by Twitter. This tutorial is focus on the preparation of the data and no on the collect. Throughout this analysis we are going to see how to work with the twitter’s data.   Building Minimal Docker Containers for Python Applications A best practice when creating Docker containers is keeping the image size to a minimum. The fewer bytes you have to shunt over the network or store on disk, the better. Keeping the size down generally means it is faster to build and deploy your container.   Build a Google Analytics Slack Bot with Python Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. All of the members of your team can see everything from which sources your web traffic comes from to what demographics frequent your site. There’s just one problem, Nobody is willing to go to the Google Analytics site and look. If these features aren’t used they may as well not exist. So, to give teammates easier access you can make a custom Slackbot to display Google Analytics.   From python to Go to Rust: an opinionated journey When looking for a new backend language, I naturally went from Python to the new cool kid: Go. But after only one week of Go, I realised that Go was only half of a progress. Better suited to my needs than Python, but too far away from the developer experience I was enjoying when doing Elm in the frontend. So I gave Rust a try.   Jobs  Senior Backend Engineer (Python/Django) at CallHub Bangalore, Karnataka, India CallHub is the next generation SaaS based Marketing Platform leveraging Cloud Telephony. We have customers round the globe who love the value our product delivers and constantly push us to do more. We are looking for core members with backend experience to join our coveted Engineering team at Bangalore. Software Engineer at Resonon Bozeman, MT, USA Resonon Inc. is seeking a full-time software engineer. Duties: Develop, improve, and maintain full stack Linux applications for industrial and airborne real-time machine vision, including data acquisition, user interfaces, data analysis, and hardware control Improve and maintain MS Windows desktop applications for hyperspectral data collection, visualization, and analysis Projects Fast-Pandas - 443 Stars, 16 Fork Benchmark for different operations in pandas against various dataframe sizes. AI-ipcam - 89 Stars, 11 Fork Enhancing ordinary IP cameras with AI, MQTT. Attention-on-Attention-for-VQA - 35 Stars, 5 Fork Visual Question Answering Project with state of the art single Model performance. zadm4py - 28 Stars, 0 Fork Zed's Awesome Debug Macros for Python. etudier - 23 Stars, 0 Fork Extract a citation network from Google Scholar ProxyDock - 17 Stars, 4 Fork ProxyDock is a Dockerfile and Bash script that converts your OpenVPN files into local proxies. PyTunes - 10 Stars, 0 Fork A lightweight music player made in Python. Keep track of commits at Coding repo contextvars - 7 Stars, 0 Fork PEP 567 Backport MiBand2 - 5 Stars, 1 Fork Library to work with Xiaomi MiBand 2 Python razvoj mikroservisa VIŠE O KNJIZI I KORPA ZA NARUČIVANJE.

ImportPython Newsletter Issue 69




Worthy Read Learn to use Python to Collect Intelligence Online Learn how to write code to automatically extract and analyze data from the web and social media. Join students from around the world from law enforcement, journalism, information security and more.  Sponsor Determining Gender of a Name with 80% Accuracy Using Only Three Features machine learning I thought an easy project to learn machine learning was to guess the gender of a name using characteristics of the name. After playing around with different features by encoding characters of the name, I discovered you only needed THREE features for 80% accuracy which is pretty impressive. I am by no means an expert at machine learning, so if you see any errors, feel free to point them out.   Dive into Object Oriented Python core python Slides of a tutorial on Python Object-oriented programming.   Hello World - Machine Learning Recipes #1 video Six lines of Python is all it takes to write your first machine learning program! In this episode, we'll briefly introduce what machine learning is and why it's important. Then, we'll follow a recipe for supervised learning (a technique to create a classifier from examples) and code it up.   Admino is a django package that provides a REST API for admin endpoints. django Admino is a django package that provides a REST API for admin endpoints. It allows you to customize django admin panel.   Sign up now to volunteer at PyCon 2016! pycon PyCon is proud to be part of the long tradition of events that take place because the attendees themselves care and are willing to put forward hours of volunteer work to ensure that new arrivals are greeted at the registration desk, that speakers are guided to and from their session rooms, and — yes — that swag bags are all properly stuffed.   Python Tensorflow Tutorial machine learning Code examples for some popular machine learning algorithms, using TensorFlow library. This tutorial is designed to easily dive into TensorFlow, through examples. It includes both notebook and code with explanations.   Jaspy – A Python VM written entirely from scratch in JavaScript Jaspy is a Python VM written entirely from scratch in JavaScript with some unique features. Jaspy supports multiple threads, comes with an integrated debugger which offers remote debugging and provides a flexible preprocessor based architecture. Speed is explicitly not a main goal of this project. Jaspy aims to illustrate how web programming on the client side could be done by exploring new ways.   Pirates use Flask, the Navy uses Django · WakaTime django, flask If you're testing out a new idea or getting a product going, you have to choose a web stack to build it on. For Python devs, Flask and Django are the two most popular web framework options. I have experience with both and have chosen one or the other for my myriad of projects and companies. Having experienced the benefits of choosing the right framework, I created a worksheet to help other devs decide. You can go through it and get a "result" of the best framework to use.   EuroPython 2016: Schedule online pycon We are happy to announce the schedule for EuroPython 2016 in Bilbao. With over 180 sessions, over 150 speakers, one day for workshops, 5 days of talks, training, keynotes, lightning talks and open spaces, followed by 2 days of sprints, EuroPython will be one of the most exciting and vibrant Python events this year.   Where’s Susi? Airborne Orangutan Tracking with Python and React. js About a year ago I was doing a lot of drone related work and was presented with the following problem: Would it be possible to use a drone to fly above the Bornean jungle and search for tagged orangutans? You are faced with a few thousand hectares of rainforest that you know harbours one or more orangutans that you need to track down. Where, how, and why do you start looking?  SnipLime sublime A collection of design patterns/idioms/snippets for Sublime Text.   LRU dictionary (Python) code snippet A simple implementation of a LRU dict that supports discarding by maximum capacity and by maximum time not being used.   Django Cheat Sheet (Templateless) django So, I have made a cheat sheet for Django focusing on RESTful application. It contains information like Common commands for Django, important files in Django, Django Settings, Views (i. e. controllers) , Models, Making queries in Django.   Deploying Django application on Openshift online for free django I came to know about Openshift in one of my recent projects and checked their pricing. I was surprised to see that they are also offering some free plans.   Interview with Justin Seitz interview Justin is the principal consultant for Dark River Systems Inc. where he spends his time blogging, and training open source intelligence techniques using Python. He is the author of two books Gray Hat Python and Black Hat Python.   calendar — Work with Dates — Python Module of the Moth Series The calendar module implements classes for working with dates to manage year/month/week oriented values.   Creating a slack bot with Python - part 1 bot In this first part we will create our slack bot and use it to send and receive simple messages. There are multiple packages out there that we can use for our task such as python-rtmbot or slackbot. However, for this tutorial I wanted to use the basic Slack Real Time Messaging API.   New Books  Introduction to Machine Learning with Python Many Python developers are curious about what machine learning is and how it can be concretely applied to solve issues faced in businesses handling medium to large amount of data. Machine Learning with Python teaches you the basics of machine learning and provides a thorough hands-on understanding of the subject. Upcoming Conference / User Group Meet PyCon Ukraine 2016 PyCon Israel 2016 Projects smali_emulator - 179 Stars, 29 Fork This software will emulate a smali source file generated by apktool. JARVIS-on-Messenger - 121 Stars, 30 Fork Just A Rather Very Intelligent System, now on Messenger! SnipLime - 96 Stars, 5 Fork A collection of design patterns/idioms/snippets for Sublime Text. EmailHarvester - 68 Stars, 12 Fork Email addresses harvester altdns - 37 Stars, 9 Fork Generates permutations, alterations and mutations of subdomains and then resolves them sentrycli - 18 Stars, 0 Fork CLI scripts to query and analyze data gathered by Sentry slackline - 15 Stars, 0 Fork WIP: Slack Bots using Django Channels messengerbot - 10 Stars, 4 Fork Python client for Facebook Messenger Platform Bot BookCreator - 9 Stars, 2 Fork A scrapper that takes an online book from ORilley and turns into an epub book, because I want to read'em in my nook, away from my computer, and since I know python I figured out it could not be that hard. . . magic-constraints - 8 Stars, 1 Fork Hacking In Python's Parameter Definition! gzip-encoding - 4 Stars, 1 Fork Examples of how to upload gzip-compressed HTTP requests to a web server and process these requests on the server.

ImportPython Newsletter Issue 73




150x Faster SQL Analysis Get up to 150x faster queries with Periscope’s caching system. Sponsor Python 3: An Intro to Encryption python3,  encryption Python 3 doesn’t have very much in its standard library that deals with encryption. Instead, you get hashing libraries. We’ll take a brief look at those in the chapter, but the primary focus will be on the following 3rd party packages: PyCrypto and cryptography. We will learn how to encrypt and decrypt strings with both of these libraries.   How to Build an SMS Slack Bot in Python bot Bots can be a super useful bridge between Slack channels and external applications. Let’s code a simple Slack bot as a Python application that combines the Slack API with the Twilio SMS API so a user can send and receive Slack messages via SMS.   Decorated Concurrency - Python multiprocessing made really really easy There's a new interesting wrapper on Python multiprocessing called deco, written by Alex Sherman and Peter Den Hartog, both at University of Wisconsin - Madison. It makes Python multiprocessing really really easy.   Powering the Python Package Index pypi The Python Package Index, or as most call it “PyPI” is a central part of the ecosystem of Python. It serves as a central registry of names, helping to prevent collision between different projects as well as the default repository that most Python users go to when looking for software. For most, what powers this service is largely opaque to them — it’s (usually) there when they need it and who or what powers it is largely a mystery to them, but what and who really powers PyPI?  Deploying your Django API in one Docker Container in AWS django,  docker Docker is a wonderful technology revolutionazing how to run microservices. You may have some experience with it or may not. I will show in this short post how to run a Docker container in Amazon Web Services(EC2) with your whole API in it. This trick is only useful for APIs or django projects that doesn't need to scale and doesn't really have too much traffic.   Scaling a startup from side project to 20 million hits/month - an interview with railwayapi. com creator Kaustubh PythonAnywhere is a Python development and hosting environment that displays in your web browser and runs on our servers. They're already set up with everything you need. It's easy to use, fast, and powerful. There's even a useful free plan. In this interview Kaustubh talks about his experience of using PythonAnywhere.   Facebook Trending RSS Feed Fetcher (w/ Python 3. 5) A quickie Python 3. 5 script that parses the PDF-listing of RSS feeds that Facebook uses to monitor for breaking news stories to add to its Trending Section. On May 12, 2016,  Apache Spark 2. 0: Introduction to Structured Streaming machine learning Michael Armbrust and Tathagata Das explain updates to Spark version 2. 0, demonstrating how stream processing is now more accessible with Spark SQL and DataFrame APIs. Video. Code snippets in Python.   List of Python tips :: help to improve core python Simple code snippets, stuff we need in everyday coding. Worth a quick glance.   Pygrunn: Micropython, internet of pythonic things - Lars de Ridder core python micropython is a project that wants to bring python to the world of microprocessors. Micropython is a lean and fast implementation of python 3 for microprocessors. It was funded in 2013 on kickstarter. Originally it only ran on a special “pyboard”, but it has now been ported to various other microprocessors. Why use micropython? Easy to learn, with powerful features. Native bitwise operations. Ideal for rapid prototyping. (You cannot use cpython, mainly due to RAM usage. )  Import C++ files directly from Python! Anyone looking to speed up critical regions of their script should have a look.   Python ASCII animation decorating for slow functions: this can be useful for someone? Pretty cool decorator. Check out the gif screen-cast.   Pygrunn: Understanding PyPy and using it in production - Peter Odding/Bart Kroon pypy pypy is “the faster version of python”. There are actually quite a lot of python implementation. cpython is the main one. There are also JIT compilers. Pypy is one of them. It is by far the most mature. PyPy is a python implementation, compliant with 2. 7. 10 and 3. 2. 5. And it is fast!.   Get on Track w/ JIRA. JIRA Software is the #1 software dev tool used by agile teams. Get started for free! Sponsor Djangofriendly » Django host reviews and resources django Djangofriendly is a community resource for finding the friendliest Django hosting environments.   Asterix - a component initalization system for python core python Describe the initialization of your application and let asterix manage the startup for you. It will ensure that the correct dependencies are started in order, so you don't need any dirty hacks to have your initialization flow. Also, it allows you to build separate stacks for test/dev/production and even for web/batch applications, loading just what you need.   Projects Facebook-Message-Bot - 77 Stars, 10 Fork Using Python Flask to develop Facebook Message Platform expyre - 47 Stars, 2 Fork A pythonic wrapper over `atd` to schedule deletion of files/directories. TranscriptBot - 22 Stars, 0 Fork Transcribe your meetings to Slack in real time leather - 21 Stars, 0 Fork Python charting for 80% of humans. pyconfig - 15 Stars, 0 Fork A tool for generating xcconfig files from a simple DSL atom-python - 13 Stars, 0 Fork ironSource. atom SDK for Python 2016_bop_semifinal - 9 Stars, 3 Fork 2016 bop senifinal python code awesome-contributions - 8 Stars, 1 Fork AWESOME GitHub Contributions viewer! AnsibleRest - 3 Stars, 0 Fork Skeleton RESTful framework around Ansible InstagramCrawler - 2 Stars, 0 Fork Selenium based script to download photos. rate-limit - 1 Stars, 0 Fork Token bucket implementation for rate limiting (python recipe)

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  Worthy Read   Simplify Your Analytics with Segment Segment is the customer data platform that developers and analysts love because of its elegant APIs and extensive partner ecosystem. Here is the Python library to integrate Segment with your Python code - https://segment. com/docs/libraries/python/ . Sponsor   Q&A: Guido van Rossum on Python's next steps interview Interview with none other then Guido van Rossum - BDFL / Creator of Python.     Python: An Intro to Regular Expressions core python Regular expressions are basically a tiny language all their own that you can use inside of Python and many other programming languages. You will often hear regular expressions referred to as “regex”, “regexp” or just “RE”. Some languages, such as Perl and Ruby, actually support regular expression syntax directly in the language itself. Python only supports them via a library that you need to import. The primary use for regular expressions is matching strings. You create the string matching rules using a regular expression and then you apply it to a string to see if there are any matches.     Python lambda expressions unleashed functional programming Lambda expressions provide a way to pass functionality into a function. Sadly, Python puts two annoying restrictions on lambda expressions. First, lambdas can only contain an expression, not statements. Second, lambdas can’t be serialized to disk. This blog shows how we can work around these restrictions and unleash the full power of lambdas.     Point clustering in Python machine learning By definition, clustering is a task of grouping a set of objects in a way that objects in a particular group are more similar to each other rather than the objects in the other groups. It has multiple applications in almost every field. You can even segment your customers into different groups based on their purchase patterns. This is a Python script demonstrating the basic clustering algorithm, “k-means”. Also, it will plot the clusters using Plotly API. It uses sample data points for now, but you can easily feed in your dataset.     Flask at scale flask If you are a flask user. You would greatly benefit by this pretty exhaustive (information wise) talk. Do you think that because Flask is a micro-framework, it must only be good for small, toy-like web applications? Well, not at all! In this tutorial I am going to show you a few patterns and best practices that can take your Flask application to the next level.     See Python, See Python Go, Go Python Go Today we're going to make a Python library that is actually the Go webserver, for which we can write handlers in Python. It makes Python servers really fast, and—more importantly—it’s a bit fun and experimental. Andrey Petrov is the author of urllib3. If you have coded in Go you would realize this is pretty cool idea.     Simple Python Framework from Scratch - Code walkthrough web framework You're curious how web frameworks work because you want to become a better web developer. This post aims to describe what I learned by writing a small server and framework by explaining the design and implementation process step by step, function by function.     5 Django Packages that Get Too Little Love — Medium django Lots of packages get a lot of love like django-rest-framework and wagtail, and rightfully so, they’re awesome! But I wanted to give some less well know ones some love.     Pycon India CFP is open pycon PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language is conducted annually by the Python developer community. It attracts the best Python programmers across the country and abroad. Submit your proposal here.     Group Chat for Teams A chat tool that's actually built for teams and businesses. Try HipChat for free today. You can use Will to build a Python bot for HipChat -https://github. com/skoczen/will . Have a look. Sponsor   How I Built a Power Debugger Out of the Standard Library and Things I Found on the Internet ? The project I will be talking about runs along side your program, and watches not just how the code is executed but also all of the values of all variables, recording them to produce a complete trace of the project’s execution history for you to examine at your leisure.     Persisting a Cache in Python to Disk using a decorator code snippet Caches are important in helping to solve time complexity issues, and ensure that we don’t run a time-consuming program twice. You never know when your scripts can just stop abruptly, and then you lose all the information in your cache, and you have you run everything all over again. In order to counter this, saving your cache to a disk is something that can be very helpful in that it allows state to be saved to disk, and be retrieved from it anytime as long as its there.     Implementing a Neural Network from Scratch in Python machine learning In this post we will implement a simple 3-layer neural network from scratch. We won’t derive all the math that’s required, but I will try to give an intuitive explanation of what we are doing. I will also point to resources for you read up on the details. Here I’m assuming that you are familiar with basic Calculus and Machine Learning concepts, e. g. you know what classification and regularization is. But even if you’re not familiar with any of the above this post could still turn out to be interesting ;)    Enigma Machine on Paper and Python crytography It turns out my kids have been sending each other secret messages, enciphered with a substitution cipher of their own invention! They only let me see the secret key when I agreed to help them mix up a very complicated recipe for invisible ink.     Python Class Attributes core python I had a programming interview recently, a phone-screen in which we used a collaborative text editor. I was asked to implement a certain API, and chose to do so in Python. Abstracting away the problem statement, let’s say I needed a class whose instances stored some data and some other_data. As it turns out, we were both wrong. The real answer lay in understanding the distinction between class and instance attributes.    

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Worthy Read SQL Dashboards in a Flash Periscope Data plugs directly into your database lets you run, save, and share analyses over billions of rows in seconds. Sponsor Web Service Efficiency at Instagram with Python performance Instagram currently features the world’s largest deployment of the Django web framework, which is written entirely in Python. We initially chose to use Python because of its reputation for simplicity and practicality, which aligns well with our philosophy of “do the simple thing first. ” But simplicity can come with a tradeoff: efficiency. Instagram has doubled in size over the last two years and recently crossed 500 million users  Python wats code snippet A "wat" is what I call a snippet of code that demonstrates a counterintuitive edge case of a programming language. (The name comes from this excellent talk by Gary Bernhardt. ) If you're not familiar with the language, you might conclude that it's poorly designed when you see a wat. Often, more context about the language design will make the wat seem reasonable, or at least justified.   Coconut - Simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming. Coconut is a simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming language that compiles to Python. Since all valid Python is valid Coconut, joining the over 30,000 people already using Coconut will only extend and enhance what you're already capable of in Python.   Running a Python 3 REST application with Statsd and Consul support in Docker REST Today, I’m going to go over setting up a very simple way to spin up a Python Falcon REST service that reports to Statsd as well as registering as a service with Consul along with setting up health checks. I’ve borrowed some ideas/code from several places and changed as needed.   Pigar A fantastic tool to generate requirements file for your Python project, and more than that.   Turn Python Errors into Awesome Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all application errors. Check out the Python Integration of Rollbar https://rollbar. com/docs/notifier/pyrollbar/ . Easily integrates with Django, Pyramid, Flask, Bottle, Twisted. Sponsor Django 1. 10 beta 1 released django, release   As part of the Django 1. 10 release process, today we've released Django 1. 10 beta 1, a preview/testing package that represents the second stage in the 1. 10 release cycle and an opportunity for you to try out the changes coming in Django 1. 10.   I missed pycon, what is your favorite talk that you recommend I watch ? - Reddit Discussion video Discussion on Reddit on Pycon talk recommendations.   A high availability Django setup on the cheap - Roland van Laar django Roland build an educational website that needed to be high available on a tight budget. Nice write up on how to achieve it.   BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers - Python Wiki resource If you've never programmed before, the tutorials on this page are recommended for you; they don't assume that you have previous experience. If you have programming experience, also check out the BeginnersGuide/Programmers page. This section is hosted on the Python website and is well curated and maintained.   Curated list of 80 Python courses resource Learn Python online – A curated list of courses on Python  How To Serve Django Applications with Apache and mod_wsgi on Ubuntu 16. 04 - DigitalOcean installation In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install and configure Django in a Python virtual environment. We'll then set up Apache in front of our application so that it can handle client requests directly before passing requests that require application logic to the Django app. We will do this using the mod_wsgi Apache module that can communicate with Django over the WSGI interface specification.   An Interview with Pythonista Katharine Jarmul interview This interview with Pythonista Katharine Jarmul focuses on data work. A couple of events provide context. Katharine is presenting a talk titled "How Machine Learning Changed Sentiment Analysis, or I Hate You, Computer ????" at this year's Sentiment Analysis Symposium, July 12, 2016 in New York, following which she's offering a class, Learn Big Data Wrangling with Python, July 13-14, also in New York.   Simple type checked objects in Python code snippet Code snippet to check types.  

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Worthy Read Using Spectrum - Standalone Logging Server with Python. Review on Import Python Blog. importpython Spectrum is to logging what sqlite3 is to databases. It’s a standalone logging server plus log viewer with filtering capabilities. It scales to multiple logging streams with endpoint being a file residing on filesystem, REST API endpoint, Syslog, UDPStream, WebSocketStream. This blogpost shows how to use spectrum and wraps up with pros and cons. Have a read.   Newsletter for Django Developers - Djangoweekly. com Launched. django Djangoweekly. com is a weekly newsletter dedicated to Django. The first issue is already out. Have a look.   Why is Python Slow ? benchmark In case you missed it, Marius recently wrote a post on the Pyston blog about our baseline JIT tier. Our baseline JIT sits between our interpreter tier and our LLVM JIT tier, providing better speed than the interpreter tier but lower startup overhead than the LLVM tier. There's been some discussion over on Hacker News, and the discussion turned to a commonly mentioned question: if LuaJIT can have a fast interpreter, why can't we use their ideas and make Python fast? This is related to a number of other questions, such as "why can't Python be as fast as JavaScript or Lua", or "why don't you just run Python on a preexisting VM such as the JVM or the CLR". Since these questions are pretty common I thought I'd try to write a blog post about it.   Create your own shell in Python core python I’m curious to know how a shell (like bash, csh, etc. ) works internally. So, I implemented one called yosh (Your Own SHell) in Python to answer my own curiosity. The concept I explain in this article can be applied to other languages as well. Note from curator - After graduating from college I interviewed with Yahoo and they had asked me to create one during interview. It's a good exercise for any computer science student/professional.   MongoFrames - a fast unobtrusive MongoDB ODM for Python mongodb A five minute walk-through of MongoFrames' key features and how to start using them. An Introduction to Scientific Python – Pandas pandas Pandas allows us to deal with data in a way that us humans can understand it; with labelled columns and indexes. It allows us to effortlessly import data from files such as csvs, allows us to quickly apply complex transformations and filters to our data and much more. It’s absolutely brilliant. This is the third post in this series on scientific Python and take a look at Pandas. Don’t forget to check out the other posts if you haven’t yet!  Tutorial: Getting started with Docker Swarm and deploying a replicated Python 3 Application docker Today, I want to show you how to use Docker Swarm and then deploy a simple Python Falcon REST app. Although I won’t be using dockerrun or the serverless capabilities I think you might be surprised how easy it is to deploy (replicated) Python applications (actually any sort of application: Java, Go, etc. ) with Docker Swarm.   Allen Downey - Bayesian statistics made simple - PyCon 2016 statistics An introduction to Bayesian statistics using Python. Bayesian statistics are usually presented mathematically, but many of the ideas are easier to understand computationally. People who know Python can get started quickly and use Bayesian analysis to solve real problems. This tutorial is based on material and case studies from Think Bayes (O’Reilly Media).   Say What ? api This script listens to meetings I'm supposed to be paying attention to and pings me on hipchat when my name is mentioned. It sends me a transcript of what was said in the minute before my name was mentioned and some time after. It also plays an audio file out loud 15 seconds after my name was mentioned which is a recording of me saying, "Sorry, I didn't realize my mic was on mute there. " Uses IBM's Speech to Text Watson API for the audio-to-text.   Pendulum - Python datetimes made easy Handle datetimes, timedeltas and timezones in a more natural fashion. Pendulum provides a cleaner and more easy to use API while still relying on the standard library. So it's still datetime but better.   EuroPython 2016: Last day to get tickets at regular rate pycon We will be switching to the on-desk rates for tickets tomorrow, so today is your last chance to get tickets at the regular rate, which is about 30% less than the on-desk rate. The Python/Django community is amazing! ? community Experience with the Djangogirls community.  

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Preview the Python Serverless Microframework for AWS aws Serverless computing is one of the most talked-about subjects among AWS customers. The AWS serverless offerings, AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, make it possible for developers to create and run API applications with built-in, virtually unlimited scalability without managing any servers. Today the AWS Developer Tools team is excited to announce the preview of the Python Serverless Microframework for AWS. You can read Martin Fowler talking about the benefits of Serverless architecture http://martinfowler. com/articles/serverless. html#benefits  Continuous Delivery Tool Automate from SCM to Production with BuildMaster! 100+ Integrations; Free for 5 Users. Sponsor Reverse debugging for Python pypy The PyPy team is pleased to give you "RevPDB", a reverse-debugger similar to rr but for Python.   Facebook chat bot aka joke bot with django tutorial chatbots I have decided to try to develop a chat bot which does only one thing. Send a random joke like the below one without an image irrespective of what the user types  Book review: “Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1. 8” book review The book can be used as a reference of best practices and a cover-to-cover guide to best practices. I’ve done both and found it to be enjoyable, accessible, and educational when read cover-to-cover and a valuable reference when setting up a new Django project or doing general Django development. It covers a huge range of material.   Using Spectrum - Standalone Logging Server with Python. Review Spectrum is a standalone logging server plus log viewer with filtering capabilities. It scales to multiple logging streams with endpoint being a file residing on filesystem, REST API endpoint, Syslog, UDPStream, WebSocketStream.   Create python app and deploy in cloud for free. Have an app idea and want to see if it’ll fly ? Create a new Python app, free with Azure App Service. Build web, mobile, and API apps that use Redis Cache, Search, or Content Delivery Network and more. Check it out. Sponsor Build Your First Python and Django Application tutorial Decent tutorial to get people started with Python and Django.   Building an Async Python 3 Serverless Application with Docker serverless I will show you a simple way to build a “serverless” application and test it via Docker. When I refer to “serverless” I’m referring to the idea that the application is a short lived app, does its job, stops – just like AWS Lambda. I will create two applications each in their own project folders: serverless-app and serverless-web The serverless-app piece is the actual “serverless” piece of this, the web app will run as long as we want. I just gave them similar names to make it easier to keep the projects named closely but different enough to know what does what.   djangobot: Bridge between Slack and Django, via Channels bot Djangobot is a bridge between Slack and a Channels-enabled Django app. Specifically, it is a protocol server that produces and consumes messages for channels-based apps. It is built atop autobahn and twisted.   Visualizing relationships between python packages pypi I extracted co-occurence of top 3500 python packages in github repos using the the github data on BigQuery. I implemented the visualization force layout in d3 via the velocity verlet integration. I also clustered the graph using algorithms from python-igraph and updated it to http://graphistry. com/.   Hiding a payload in PNG files with Python security How could I store files online, in plain sight, for free. Because who doesn’t like a good ‘ol game of hide and seek. But with files. On the internet. Hide files in plain sight. Allow them to be distributed via free public channels. E. g Twitter, Reddit, imgur.  

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Machine Learning over 1M hotel reviews finds interesting insights On this tutorial we learned how to scrape millions of reviews, analyze them with pre-trained classifiers within MonkeyLearn, indexed the results with Elasticsearch and visualize them using Kibana. Machine learning makes sense when you want to analyze big volumes of data in a cost effective way. The code repository is here - https://github. com/monkeylearn/hotel-review-analysis  Mike Driscoll: Python 201: An Intro to mock The unittest module now includes a mock submodule as of Python 3. 3. It will allow you to replace portions of the system that you are testing with mock objects as well as make assertions about how they were used. A mock object is used for simulating system resources that aren’t available in your test environment. In other words, you will find times when you want to test some part of your code in isolation from the rest of it or you will need to test some code in isolation from outside services.   Altair: Declarative statistical visualization library for Python, based on Vega-Lite pep8 Altair is a declarative statistical visualization library for Python.   7 Django Development Best Practices Each Web Developer Must Know django Set up Persistent Database Connections, Turn Cached Loading on, Store the Sessions in Cache, Keep the Application and Libraries Separate, Store All Templates in One Place, Install HTML5 Boilerplate, Monitor and Control Processes using Supervisor.   DSF Code of Conduct committee releases transparent documentation community Today we're proud to open source the documentation that describes how the Django Code of Conduct committee enforces our Code of Conduct. This documentation covers the structure of Code of Conduct committee membership, the process of handling Code of Conduct violations, our decision making process, record keeping, and transparency.   Why are some functions in python spelled with underscore, while some are not: setdefault, makedirs, isinstance? discussion I always wondered that. Here is a reddit discussion on the same.   Teaching an AI to write Python code with Python code AI This post is about creating a machine that writes its own code. More or less. Introducing GlaDoS Skynet Spynet. More specifically, we are going to train a character level Long Short Term Memory neural network to write code itself by feeding it Python source code. The training will run on a GPU instance on EC2, using Theano and Lasagne. If some of the words here sound obscure to you, I will do my best to explain what is happening.   Writing an API with Flask-RESTful REST This article will go over the details of how to create a RESTful API with Flask and Flask-RESTful. In Part 1 we will go over the API basics and how to implement a simple API. In Part 2 we will expand into advanced use cases powered by Flask-RESTful. All code that will be show is readily available on this repository.   SciPy 2016 videos are up video Running Python Apps in the Browser by Almar Klein was a pretty interesting talk for me. See what interest you. Youtube channel.   How to Create a Custom Django Middleware django In a nutshell, a Middleware is a regular Python class that hooks into Django’s request/response life cycle. Those classes holds pieces of code that are processed upon every request/response your Django application handles.   Mike Driscoll: An Intro to coverage. py coverage Coverage. py is a 3rd party tool for Python that is used for measuring your code coverage. It was originally created by Ned Batchelder. The term “coverage” in programming circles is typically used to describe the effectiveness of your tests and how much of your code is actually covered by tests. You can use coverage. py with Python 2. 6 up to the current version of Python 3 as well as with PyPy.   Ajax Website Tutorial with Django django In this tutorial we'll see a trivial example of how to do a ajax website with django. Good for students looking to learn the basics of Django/Ajax and see how it works.   Check out the Python & Django channels available on Gitter. community Gitter is like slack for developers. They have active Python, Django channels. Have a look.   Introduction to Zipline in Python Python has emerged as one of the most popular language for programmers in financial trading, due to its ease of availability, user-friendliness and presence of sufficient scientific libraries like Pandas, NumPy, PyAlgoTrade, Pybacktest and more. Zipline is a Python library for trading applications that powers the Quantopian service mentioned above. It is an event-driven system that supports both backtesting and live-trading. In this article we will learn how to install Zipline and then how to implement Moving Average Crossover strategy and calculate P&L, Portfolio value etc.  

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Worthy Read Python has come a long way. So has job hunting. Get in front of 4,000+ companies with one application. No more pushy recruiters, no more dead end applications and mismatched companies. Sponsor Listing of all Django books books Djangoweekly has a listing of all published Django books on one page. Note check publication date and which version of Django the book is using.   Why should I use Python 3? python3 The short answer is: because it’s the actively-developed version of the language, and you should use it for the same reason you’d use 2. 7 instead of 2. 6. If you’re here, I’m guessing that’s not enough. You need something to sweeten the deal. Well, friend, I have got a whole mess of sugar cubes just for you.   Machine Learning Recipes with Josh Gordon machine learning, video Series of Python Videos by Josh Gordon of Google teaching Machine learning basics.   Fluent Python: The Power of Special Methods pythonic Pythonistas praise a good API by calling it “Pythonic. ” That quality has much to do with proper use of the special methods used in the Python Data model, which define the essential behaviors that we expect in objects. Perhaps you’ve used Python for years. Do you really know it? This tutorial is intended for a Python programmer who has working/practical knowledge of the language plus an understanding of object-oriented programming, who now needs to learn how to write idiomatic APIs  How to Create Django Signals django The Django Signals is a strategy to allow decoupled applications to get notified when certain events occur. Let’s say you want to invalidate a cached page everytime a given model instance is updated, but there are several places in your code base that this model can be updated. You can do that using signals, hooking some pieces of code to be executed everytime this specific model’s save method is trigged. In this tutorial I will present you the built-in signals and give you some general advices about the best practices.   Semaphore Community: Getting Started with Behavior Testing in Python with Behave testing Learn how to write behavioral tests for your next Python application using the Behave library.   Django 1. 10 released django, release Full text search for PostgreSQL. New-style middleware to solve the lack of strict request/response layering of the old-style of middleware. Official support for Unicode usernames. Check release notes for more info.   Automating OSINT: Dark Web OSINT With Python and OnionScan: Part One security You may have heard of this awesome tool called OnionScan that is used to scan hidden services in the dark web looking for potential data leaks. Recently the project released some cool visualizations and a high level description of what their scanning results looked like. What they didn’t provide is how to actually go about scanning as much of the dark web as possible, and then how to produce those very cool visualizations that they show.   "Avoiding the Curse of Knowledge": Community Service Award Recipient Ned Batchelder community The Python Software Foundation recognized Batchelder with a Community Service Award for his tireless work helping run the Boston Python user group, being a regular speaker at conferences, maintaining coverage. py, and being a friendly face for the community on IRC and elsewhere  Python 201: A multiprocessing tutorial multiprocessing The multiprocessing module was added to Python in version 2. 6. It was originally defined in PEP 371 by Jesse Noller and Richard Oudkerk. The multiprocessing module allows you to spawn processes in much that same manner than you can spawn threads with the threading module. The idea here is that because you are now spawning processes, you can avoid the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) and take full advantages of multiple processors on a machine.   Django Channels and Celery Example - Vincent Zhang django, celery In this tutorial, I will go over how to setup a Django Channels project to work with Celery and have instant notification when task starts and completes. Django Channels uses WebSockets to enable two-way communication between the server and browser client. It is assumed that the reader is comfortable with how to setup a normal Django project and we will only cover the parts relating to Channels and Celery.   Getting Started with Deep Learning using Keras and Python deep learning Despite all the recent buzz about deep learning, the design and testing of a neural network pipeline may become a task for developers who aren't machine learning specialists. This tutorial is intended for a software developer who has intermediate experience in Python, plus some hands-on experience developing data pipelines and working with machine learning use cases, who now needs to learn how to build high-performance classifiers based on deep learning.   udatetime now with ultra fast PyPy support pypy I just finished the performance optimized pure Python implementation of my RFC3339 date-time library udatetime for PyPy and Python 3. 5. The benchmark say PyPy is now officially the fastest with udatetime. Again it’s astonishing how good PyPy performs.   Continuum Analytics News: Dask and scikit-learn: a 3-Part Tutorial scikit Dask core contributor Jim Crist has put together a series of posts discussing some recent experiments combining Dask and scikit-learn on his blog, Marginally Stable. The tutorial spans three posts, which covers model parallelism, data parallelism and combining the two with a real-life dataset.   Python’s Innards: Hello, ceval. c! core python The “Python’s Innards” series owes its existence, at least in part, to hearing one of the Python-Fu masters in my previous workplace say something about a switch statement so large that it was needed to break it up just so some compilers won’t choke on it. I remember thinking then: “Choke the compiler with a switch? Hrmf, let me see that code. ” Turns out that this switch can be found in . /Python/ceval. c.   Jobs Python Developer - Delivery Hero Holding (m/f) at Delivery Hero Berlin, Germany Delivery Hero is building the next generation global online food-ordering platform. Our awesome international team already operates in 33 countries worldwide to ensure hungry customers get the fastest way to their favorite takeaway food. Full Stack Python/Ruby Developer at Encast Austin, TX, United States If you are a developer who is passionate about building innovative products that scale and impact the world, Encast is looking for you. Encast offers smart developers a complex development ecosystem with short release cycles. US citizens ONLY. Local Austinites ONLY. No relos or visas.

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I will be attending Pycon India 2016 in Delhi importpython Hey guys, this is Ankur. Curator behind ImportPython. Will be attending PyconIndia. Happy to meet you all and discuss all things Python. Get your opinion on the newsletter, How to make it better ?. Ping me on ankur at outlook dot com or just reply to this email. I will respond back. See you there.   Asynchronous Programming in Python at Quora and asynq async-io asynq is a library for asynchronous programming in Python with a focus on batching requests to external services. It also provides seamless interoperability with synchronous code, support for asynchronous context managers, and tools to make writing and testing asynchronous code easier. asynq was developed at Quora and is a core component of Quora's architecture. See the original blog post here.   Python has come a long way. So has job hunting. Try Hired and get in front of 4,000+ companies with one application. No more pushy recruiters, no more dead end applications and mismatched companies, Hired puts the power in your hands. Sponsor The Python Packaging Ecosystem - Nick Coghlan packaging There have been a few recent articles reflecting on the current status of the Python packaging ecosystem from an end user perspective, so it seems worthwhile for me to write-up my perspective as one of the lead architects for that ecosystem on how I characterise the overall problem space of software publication and distribution, where I think we are at the moment, and where I'd like to see us go in the future.   Deploying modern Python apps to ancient infrastructure with pkgsrc infrastructure This team is responsible for supplying a variety of web apps built on a modern stack (mostly Celery, Django, nginx and Redis), but have almost no control over the infrastructure on which it runs, and boy, is some of that infrastructure old and stinky. We have no root access to these servers, most software configuration requires a ticket with a lead time of 48 hours plus, and the watchful eyes of a crusty old administrator and obtuse change management process. The machines are so old that many are still running on real hardware, and those that are VMs still run some ancient variety of Red Hat Linux, with, if we’re lucky, Python 2. 4 installed.   Making publication ready Python notebooks ipython The notebook functionality of Python provides a really amazing way of analyzing data and writing reports in one place. However in the standard configuration, the pdf export of the Python notebook is somewhat ugly and unpractical. In the following I will present my choices to create almost publication ready reports from within IPython/Jupyter notebook.   SF Pybay conference videos Paul Bailey, "A Guide to Bad Programming", at PyBay2016 was my fav talk amongst all. Check out the youtube channel.   Compressing and enhancing hand-written notes image processing I wrote a program to clean up scans of handwritten notes while simultaneously reducing file size. Some of my classes don’t have an assigned textbook. For these, I like to appoint weekly “student scribes” to share their lecture notes with the rest of the class, so that there’s some kind written resource for students to double-check their understanding of the material. The notes get posted to a course website as PDFs.   Image Manipulation in Python - Tutorial image processing This tutorial will show you how to transform an image with different filters and techniques to deliver different outputs. These methods are still in use and part of a process known as Computer-To-Plate (CTP), used to create a direct output from an image file to a photographic film or plate (depending on the process). Note - It's a pretty good article that makes uses of Python 3, Pillow and is well written.   Weekly Python Chat: Tips for learning Django video This is a Weekly Python Chat live video chat events. These events are hosted by Trey Hunner. This week Melanie Crutchfield and he are going to chat about things you'll wish you knew earlier when making your first website with Django. Much watch for newbies building websites in Django.   2 Factor Authentication in Django security If you are looking to implement 2 Factor Authentication as part of your product and don't know where to start read this.   RevDB released, v5. 4. 1 Hi all, The first beta version of RevDB is out! Remember that RevDB is a reverse debugger for Python. The idea is that it is a debugger that can run forward and backward in time, letting you more easily understand your subtle bug in your big Python program.

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Knjiga na koju smo ponosni Više o knjizi. Word From Our Sponsor   Python Programmers let companies apply to you, not the other way around. Receive interview offers which include salary and equity information. Companies see each other's offers, and compete for your attention. Engage only with the companies you like.  REGISTER  Worthy Read Automatically Finding Weapons in Social Media Images Part 1 image processing I began to wonder if there wasn’t a way to automatically identify when a social media post has guns or other weapons contained in them. This post will cover how to use a couple of techniques to send images to the Imagga API that will automatically tag pictures with keywords that it feels accurately describe some of the objects contained within the picture. As well, I will teach you how to use some slicing and dicing techniques in Python to help increase the accuracy of the tagging.   How To Use Elasticsearch With Python and Django (Part 2), Populate the Database In this series, we are creating a Django app with Elasticsearch-based search integrated. The previous article focused on the creation of a basic Django app. As we cannot show the great applications of Elasticsearch features without data to use, we shall populate a database with automatically generated data in this post.   PyDataLondon Data Science Conference Schedule (May 6-8) - just published (videos made public post-conf) pycon If you are in london you should attend it. Lot of knowledgeable talks.   Anaconda and Hadoop --- a story of the journey and where we are now. ( Offtopic ) My first real experience with cluster computing came in 1999 during my graduate school days at the Mayo Clinic. These were wonderful times. My advisor was Dr. James Greenleaf. He was very patient with allowing me to pester a bunch of IT professionals throughout the hospital to collect their aging Mac Performa machines and build my own home-grown cluster. He also let me use a bunch of space in his ultrasound lab to host the cluster for about 6 months.   Building a location aware web app with GeoDjango postgres PostgreSQL has excellent support for geographical data thanks to the PostGIS extension, and Django allows you to take full advantage of it thanks to GeoDjango. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use GeoDjango to build a web app that allows users to search for gigs and events near them.   How to Create a Simple Python WebSocket Server Using Tornado tornado With the increase in popularity of real-time web applications, WebSockets have become a key technology in their implementation. The days where you had to constantly press the reload button to receive updates from the server are long gone. Web applications that want to provide real-time updates no longer have to poll the server for changes - instead, servers push changes down the stream as they happen. Robust web frameworks have begun supporting WebSockets out of the box.   A side-by-side Comparison of Django and Moya I've tried not to be disingenuous with the comparison, and I'm only going to compare like with like, so I can show code from both frameworks and let you draw your own conclusions. We cover Models, URLS, Views, Templates.   Planning Bus Trips with Python & Singapore's Smart Nation APIs The Singapore Smart Nation initiative is a government push to try and improve the efficiency of Singapore, as a country, using technology. Among other projects, there has been a push to make real-time data openly available so that everyone, from individuals to corporations, can use it creatively to make solutions to day-to-day municipal problems.   A Pythonic Way to Show Your Project's Badges, Supporting PyPI & ArchLinux AUR It's simply says "Badge/Pins/Shields/Medal or what so ever for projects. If you have an open source project check it out, it's pretty cool.   Jobs Calling for Python Developers at Revel Systems Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania Looking for Python Developers with different levels of experience. International company in Vilnius, office in the city center, highly skilled, creative and nice team to join. Let me know if interested: mpaskauskaite@strategicstaff. com Python Developer for one of the biggest Internet Search company at Astreya Partners Inc. , Mountain View, CA, United States Develop and deploy applications that support the product engineering teams. Partner with internal teams to define and implement solutions that improve internal business processes. Work closely with Client team to determine project requirements and translate/implement those requirements into technical designs. Build internal solutions, with custom dashboards assist the automation of business processes.   Projects pytrader - 517 Stars, 50 Fork cryptocurrency trading robot Metaphor - 84 Stars, 30 Fork Metaphor - Stagefright with ASLR bypass fail2ban - 78 Stars, 9 Fork Fail2ban web dashboard written with Flask framework. missingno - 54 Stars, 6 Fork Missing data visualization module for Python. tmux2html - 54 Stars, 3 Fork cat2: Render full tmux windows or individual panes as HTML reddit-is-gtk - 51 Stars, 3 Fork A Reddit Client For GNOME (with Gtk+ and Python) stylenet - 48 Stars, 3 Fork Neural Network with Style Synthesis nbflow - 8 Stars, 1 Fork A tool that supports one-button reproducible workflows with the Jupyter Notebook and Scons. ifconfig-parser - 8 Stars, 0 Fork Parse ifconfig output and retrieve values with goodies python-sqlite-orm - 6 Stars, 1 Fork A Python object relational mapper for SQLite django-inline-svg - 4 Stars, 0 Fork A simple SVG template tag for Django TwitterBot_Framework - 3 Stars, 0 Fork Only little knowledge in programming, you can run Twitter Bot.

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Continuous Delivery 101 Video od GoCD-a Ova serija video snimaka otkriva istoriju CD-a, koncepata, najbolje prakse, početak rada i popularne alatke. Dobićete holistički pogled kontinualne isporuke i bolje razumevanje i uvažavanje važnih koncepata. Python trikovi: Denova knjiga Python trikovi: U knjizi ćete pronaći najbolju praksu za Python uz jednostavne i praktične primere. Bićete korak bliže savladavanju Pythona, pa možete da pišete lep kod. knjiga Predstavljanje funkcije Vectorized UDFs za PySpark Ovaj blog predstavlja funkciju Vectorized UDFs u narednom izdanju Apache Spark 2. 3, koja značajno poboljšava performansu i upotrebljivost korisnički definisanih funkcija (UDFova) u Pythonu. pyspark Pipfile i Pipenv : budućnost upravljanja Python zavisnostima pip je odličan alat i koristi se već prilično dugo. Ali već tri godine, ljudi (saradnici) traže način da poboljšaju upravljanje paketima. Razmislite o super moćima kompozera, npm (ili još bolje yarn-u) u vašoj omiljenoj alatki. Ono što oni nude je (manje više) zamena za stari requirements. txt fajl  : the Pipfile. pipenv Korisnici nalaze greške? Pretražujete evidencije ceo dan? Pronađite i brzo ispravite prekinuti kod! advert Algoritmi sortiranja vizualizovani u Pythonu – Napravite umetničko delo pomoću Pythona Prošle nedelje bio je prikazan odličan post o algoritmima sortiranja od morolina, u kojem su prikazali animaciju nekoliko različitih algoritama sortiranja. Morolin je izgradio vizuelizaciju u Golangu. Danas ćemo pokušati da implementiramo našu verziju, koristeći Python 3. visualization Primer Word Cloud-a pomoću Maska Word cloud je prilično tradicionalan i možda je već zastareli način predstavljanja sadržaja teksta. Ipak, to je i dalje dobar način da se prenese ideja o tekstu. Ovaj oblik komunikacije može da se dalje poboljšava generisanjem word cloud imidža koji podseća na generalnu ideju teksta. Ovaj članak prikazuje kako da generišete takav word cloud. visualization Razumevanje Distributed Tensorflow-a Jedno od najvećih i najboljih ažuriranja do sada u tensorflow-u je Distributed Tensorflow funkcionalnost. Ona omogućava da skalirate trening na više mašina. Uputstvo na adresi https://www. tensorflow. org/deploy/distributed je odličan za ljude koji su dobro upoznati sa funkcionisanjem tensorflowa. Ali terminologija nije objašnjena. . tensorflow Kako možete da zamenite SQL filtriranje za filtiranje Python liste. Nemojte da filtrirate velike količine podataka u Pythonu kada pokušavate da kreirate kontrolnu tablu. Umesto toga upotrebite bazu podataka, zato što je ipak ona za to kreirana. Benchmark Pronađite najbolje programere Mi pomažemo kompanijama kao što su Airbnb, Pfizer i Artsy da pronađu dobre programere. Dozvolite da ga pronađemo i za vas. Počnite danas. advert Primena tehnika grupisanja u anketnom skupu podataka Prošli put smo primenili problem regresije, što je Supervised učenja. clustering Data Retriever 2. 1: Python interfejs, Autocomplete funkcija i više Veoma smo uzbuđeni predstavljanjem novog Data Retrievera, softvera za brzo i jasno analiziranje podataka. new release PyPy Status Blog: Kako da učinite kod 80 puta bržim Često čujem da su programeri veoma srećni zato što PyPy čini njihov kod 2 puta bržim. Evo jedna kratka lična priča koja pokazuje da PyPy može daleko više od toga. pypy Filteri sa više tabela u SQLAlchemy Za moj tim u Springu, jedna od prednosti prebacivanja sa Go-a na Python je ta što postoji mogućnost da upotrebimo zastarelu, testiranu ORM biblioteku kao što je SQLAlchemy. Kada sistem koji spajate raste i sadrži više od pedeset tabela, naučićete da cenite ovu moćnu alatku. SQLAlchemy Brži pokreti u Pythonu Mi kreiramo Python biblioteku visoke perfomanse i otvorenog koda za robotsku simulaciju koristeći MuJoCo mehanizam, koja je razvijena u proteklim godinama našeg istraživanja robotike. robotics, simulation Istraživanje policijskih podataka Sjedinjenih Država pomoću Pythona data science 1M rows/s iz Postgresa u Python asyncpg je nova, potpuno funkcionalna Python klijent biblioteka otvorenog koda za PostgreSQL. Građena je specifično za asyncio i Python 3. 5 async / await. asyncpg je najbrži drajver među Python, NodeJS i Go implementacijama. async Sakupljanje Twitter podataka pomoću Pythona – Alexander Galea's Blog Ovaj post opisuje generalno kako moj Python 3 skript za pretraživanje tweeta funkcioniše. Twitter ograničava maksimalni period mogućnosti pretraživanja tvitova na oko nedelju dana. Skript može da pretražuje tvitove postavljene i pre više od nedelju dana. Twitter takođe ograničava maksimalni broj tvitova koji su preuzeti u intervalu od svakih 15 minuta. twitter Projekti curequests - 136 Stars, 3 Fork Curio + Requests: Async HTTP for Humans intro_ds_algo_py - 52 Stars, 16 Fork Programi iz moje naredne knjige, predstavljaju strukture podataka i algoritme u Pythonu. scrapy-admin - 8 Stars, 1 Fork A django admin site for scrapy. html-similarity - 0 Stars, 0 Fork Upoređivanje html sličnosti pomoću strukturalnih i stilskih statistika statically - 0 Stars, 0 Fork Kompajlira funkciju ili klasu pomoću Cythona. Upotreba anotacija za deklaracije statičnog tipa.  

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Dobrodošli u izdanje 402 Python informatora. Pređimo odmah na linkove za ovu nedelju. Od našeg sponsora  Pronađite Python posao na Vettery-uVettery je online tržište za zapošljavanje koje je specijalizovano za programerske uloge i pogpuno je besplatan za korisnike koji traže posao. Zainteresovani ste? Pošaljite svoj profil i, ako je prihvaćen, možete primiti zahtev za intervju direktno od vrhunskih kompanija koje traže Python programere. Članci, tutoriali i razgovori Matplotlib TutorialU ovoj seriji o Python programiranju, naučićete kako da upotrebite Matplotlib biblioteku. Matplotlib biblioteka nam omogućava da kreiramo neke grafikone lepog izgleda da bismo vizualizovali podatke u jednostavno razumljivim formatima. Ova serija obuhvata različite teme kao što su: prilagođavanje grafikona, različiti tipovi grafikona, unos podataka u grafikon u realnom vremenu i tako dalje. 99 načina da proširite Jupyter ekosistemKada god neko kaže ‘Možete to da uradite pomoću ekstenzije’ u Jupyter ekosistemu, često nije jasno o kakvoj vrsti ekstenzije govore. Jupyter ekosistem je veoma modularan i proširiv, pa postoji puno načina da ga proširite. Ovaj post je namenjen da obezbedi brz rezime najčešćih načina proširenja Jupytera, i linkova koji će vam pomoći da istražite ekosistem ekstenzija. 10 jednostavnik trikova da ubrzate analizu podataka u PythonuSaveti i trikovi, posebno u programerskom svetu, mogu da budu veoma korisni. Ponekad malo hakovanja može da vam uštedi puno vremena. Prečice ili dodatni moduli ponekad mogu da budu veoma korisni i mogu da poboljšaju produktivnost. U ovom članku pronaći ćete neke od mojih omiljenih saveta i trikova koje sam koristio i spojio u formu članka. Bolje petlje: detaljniji pregled iteracija u PythonuPythonove petlje for ne funkcionišu na isti način kao petlje for u drugim jezicima. U ovom članku ćemo detaljno opisati Pythonove petlje for i opisati kako one funkcionišu “ispod haube” i zašto funkcionišu na način na koji funkcionišu. Long Short-Term Memory Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks se često koriste za rešavanje različitih sekvencijalnih zadataka. Otkrićemo kako ove mreže funkcionišu i kako možemo da ih implementiramo. Statistika za dinamičko određivanje cena u pozorištuKako da odredite cenu za Broadway šou? Online/Inkrementalno učenje pomoću Kerasa i CremeaU ovom tutorialu ćete naučiti kako da izvršite online/inkrementalno učenje pomoću Kerasa i Cremea na podacima koji su preveliki da bi se uklopili u memoriju. Kernel PythonMagija minimalne standardne biblioteke. Promena Django Rest Framework Viewsetovamali savet kako da napišete neke krajnje tačke u Django Rest Frameworku. Uvođenje veće bezbednosti u višekorisničke Django aplikacije pomoću alatke django-scopesKopiranje StackOverflowaAutomatsko prijavljivanje u Django aplikaciju pomoću eksterne autentifikacijeŽelite da sarađujete na Cpythonu : Priključite se ovde !!Interesantni projekti, alatke i biblioteke oppiaAlatka za zajedničku izgradnju interaktivnih lekcija. PyVista3D crtanje i analiza mreže pomoću modernog interfejsa za Visualization Toolkit (VTK). AutomagicaAutomagica je Smart Robotic Process Automation (SRPA) platforma otvorenog koda. Pomoću Automagica, automatizacija međuplatformskih procesa postaje jednostavna. Pomoću ove biblioteke otvorenog koda želimo da obezbedimo sveobuhvatan i konzistentan omotački program oko poznatih i manje poznatih biblioteka za automatizaciju. Kloniranje glasa u realnom vremenuKlonirajte glas za 5 sekundi da biste generisali proizvoljni govor u realnom vremenu. craves. aiKontrolisanje robotske ruke na osnovu vida, ekonomičan sistem. hazymazeČita i igra lavirinte u proširenoj stvarnosti. BrancherPython paket za korisnike za diferencijalni probabilistički zaključak. pydoroPomodoro tajmer za terminal. Nova izdanjaTensorFlow 1. 14. 0Python 3. 7. 4rc1 i 3. 6. 9rc1Zato 3. 1Predstojeći događaji i vebinariKreiranje pomoću Pythona - Boston, MABiće razgovora o sledećim temama Učenje novih trikova starog CAD-a pomoću Pythona Nosorog, piton i skakavac ulaze u bar  Avanture u Dunderlandu: Predstavljanje Python Data Modela - Philadelphia, PAU ovom razgovoru ću pokušati da pojasnim neke stvari. Opisaću Pythonove double-underscore (“dunder”) metode, koji kombinuju ideje od preopterećenja operatera, dodatke i nasleđivanje, ali ih Python implementira na jedinstven način. Opisaćemo kako mogu da se upotrebe da bi klase simulirale ponašanje Pythonovih internih tipova kao što su liste i rečnici. San Diego Python Meetup June 2019 - San Diego, CAGovorićemo o sledećem Testiranje koda u Pythonu Natural Language Processing Division i modulo: Kako ih Python tačno izvršava Neizrecivi horor otkrića da niste napisali testove pandas on Apache Spark - San Francisco, CASledeći događaj uključuje Reynold Xina, suosnivača Databricksa, koji će nam ispričati kako možemo konačno da kreiramo projekte zasnovane na pandas, koji su beskonačno skalabilni upotrebom Databricksovog novog "Koalas" projekta otvorenog koda. Nakon toga će Googleov Hanoi Hantrakul govoriti o "Magenta" projektu, Googleovoj inicijativi upotrebe Al-a za poboljšanje ljudske kreativnosti. Analiza podataka pomoću Pandas i Altaira - Washington, DCGovorićemo o praktičnim aspektima analize stvarnih podataka pomoću Pythona, Pandasa i Altaira istraživanjem skupa podataka koju je kreirala policija Merilenda. IndyPy Bytes: Diversity In Python - Indianapolis, INGovorićemo o alatkama i radnim okvirima za analitiku visoke performanse u Pythonu.  

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Python nedeljni pregled Dobrodošli u izdanje 404 Python Weekly-a. Pređimo odmah na linkove za ovu nedelju. Od našeg sponsora  ScoutAPM obezbeđuje jednostavan interfejs za nadgledanje Python aplikacija. Praćenje N+1 upita baze podataka, izvora prekomerne upotrebe memorije, abnormalnosti performanse i tako dalje. Vratite se kodiranju upotrebom Scouta.  Isprobajte ga danas sa besplatnom probnom verzijom od 14 dana Novosti DjangoCon Australia 2019: Prodaja ulaznicaDjangoCon Australia je jednodnevni događaj organizovan kao posebna grana u okviru PyCon AU. Govoriće se o najboljoj praksi, zajednicama, saradnjama i sadašnjosti i budućnosti Djangoa, i DjangoCon Australia 2019 će biti najveća konferencija do sada. Članci, tutoriali i razgovori Kako sam upotrebila Python i dostupne podatke za izgradnju interaktivne mape Beergardensa u EdinburguGeokodiranje javnih podataka o stolici i stolu omogućava da uživate u hladnom piću. Python standardna biblioteka Serijal u toku, u kojem vas Reuven Lerner vodi kroz celu Python standardnu biblioteku, počevši od ugrađenih biblioteka. AWS Lambda sa Pythonom: Kompletan vodič za početak radaU ovom postu ćemo naučiti šta je Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda, i zašto je dobra ideja upotrebiti ga za sledeći projekat. Do kraja ovog tutoriala bićete spremni da integrišete AWS serverless radne okvire pomoću Python Lambda funkcija. Izgradnja GraphQL API-a pomoću Pythona & DjangoaU ovom tutorialu ćete implementirati sopstveni GraphQL u python i biblioteku graphene. Udaljeni rad na Raspberry Pi-u (ili Amazon EC2)U ovom postu ćete naučiti kako da izvršite programiranje sa udaljenosti na Raspberry Pi-u (ili Amazon EC2 serveru). Otkrićete kako da konfigurišete host mašinu za povezivanje sa ovim sistemima i udaljeno izvršite Python programiranje. Brazilian Heavy Metal: Istraživačka analiza podataka pomoću NLP-a i LDA-aAnaliza stihova najvećih bendova Brazilian Heavy Metal: Angra i Sepultura. Automatizacija ispravljanja grešaka pomoću GDB Python API-aPrethodno smo opisali kako je značajan deo vremena programera utrošen na ispravljanje grešaka i kako GDB može biti veoma moćan program koji će vam u tome pomoći. U ovom članku ćemo govoriti kako da postanete efikasniji u ispravljanju grešaka iskorišćavanjem GDB-ovog Python API-a. Generisanje teksta pomoću Pythona i TensorFlow/KerasaU ovom tutorialu ćemo objasniti teoriju o generisanju teksta pomoću Recurrent Neural Networksa, konkretno Long Short-Term Memory Networka, implementiranje ove mreže u Python, i upotrebu ove mreže za generisanje teksta. Dinamička promena veličina slike pomoću Python i serveless radnog okviraU ovom članku ćemo obezbediti primer kako da dinamički promenite veličinu slika pomoću Pythona i Serverless radnog okvira. Ispravka Django elemenataPython CLI alatka koja će vam pomoći da razlikujete verzije veb radnog okvira (Demo + kako je građena) Ad hok polimorfizam u PythonuKako da napravite pametan baby monitor pomoću Pythona, Raspberry Pi-a, Twilio SMS-a i perifernih senzoraPython tutoriali - Python Itertools Playlista Obrada multipart/form-data šifrovanja u PythonuJedan program napisan u Pythonu, Go-u i Rustu Interesantni projekti, alatke i biblioteke BytePSBytePS je visoke performanse i to je opšte distribuirani radni okvir za obuku. Podržava TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch i MXNet i može da se pokrene na TCP ili RDMA mreži. OnDemandMinecraftMinecraft server hostovan na AWS-u koji će se pokrenuti samo kada su igrači aktivni. Igrači mogu da pokrenu server pomoću jednostavnog korisničkog interfejsa koristeći besplatan Heroku server. PyCasbinBiblioteka za autorizaciju koja podržava modele kontrole pristupa kao što su ACL, RBAC, ABAC u Pythonu. yTermPlayerPuštajte youtube plejliste kao audio na linux terminalu. FoxcrossAsyncIO služi za modele naučnih podataka ugrađenih u Starlette. Sof-Dot-ProjectSkladište za programe koji koriste Sof-Dot sistem numerisanja. LinkedRWJednostavan CLI za kreiranje ličnog veb sajta zasnovanog na LinkedIn profilu ili JSON fajlu. RetroWrite Retrofitting kompajler prolazi kroz binarno prepisivanje. dronekit-pythonDroneKit-Python biblioteka za komunikaciju sa dronovima putem MAVLinka. htmldoomIntuitivni radni okvir za renderovanje HTML-a, visoke performanse. ripostePython paket za omotavanje aplikacija unutar prilagođenog interaktivnog komandnog okruženja. Nova izdanjaIzdata bezbednosna ažuriranja za Django: 2. 2. 3, 2. 1. 10 i 1. 11. 22Predstojeći događaji i seminari na vebu Dash 2019Dash je dvodnevna konferencija o izgradnji i skaliranju nove generacije aplikacija, infrastrukture i tehničkih timova. San Francisco Python Meetup July 2019 - San Francisco, CA Boulder Python Meetup July 2019 - Boulder, COOdržaće se sledeći govori Upotreba Vaulta za bolju zaštitu poverljivih podataka.   Pokretanje pythona u docker kontejnerima. PyMNtos Python Presentation Night #75 - Minneapolis, MNOdržaće se sledeći govori Šta je novo u verziji Python 3. 8, 2. deo Predstavljanje distribuiranih sistema w/ ZeroMQ Dr. Planelove, ili kako sam prestao da brinem i kako sam upotrebio Python za prikaz slika u realnom vremenu Mob Coding: Sudoku Solver - Princeton, NJPridružite nam se u noći zabave u kojoj ćemo pokušati zajednički da programiramo softver za rešavanje sudokua. Ne treba vam računar samo dođite i pripremite se da uzvikujete nasumične Python kodove. Edmonton Python Meetup July 2019 - Edmonton, AB Austin Python Meetup July 2019 - Austin, TX IndyPy Meetup July 2019 - Indianapolis, INPyAtl Meetup July 2019 - Atlanta, GA Naši drugi informatori NoSQL Weekly - Besplatan nedeljni informator koji sadrži novosti, članke, alatke i biblioteke, nova izdanja, poslove koji se odnose na NoSQL. Founder Weekly - Besplatan nedeljni informator za poslodavce i sadrži najbolji sadržaj, članke koje morate pročitati, vodiče, savete i trikove, resurse, događaje i tako dalje.  

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From Our Sponsor  Monitor the health and performance of your Python applications with Datadog's distributed tracing. Start tracing requests across service boundaries, troubleshooting slow requests, and optimizing your Python apps within minutes.  Give it a try with a free 14-day free trial. Google Interview Questions DeconstructedA series of posts on preparing for and understanding interviews at big tech companies, drawing from author's experience recruiting and interviewing for Google. The author uses real banned interview problems he and other Google engineers have used in interviews. The code is written in Python. Sensing the Air QualityA low-cost IoT Air Quality Monitor based on RaspberryPi 4. Building interactive SSH applicationsAfter the announcement of shell access for builds. sr. ht jobs, a few people sent me some questions, wondering how this sort of thing is done. Writing interactive SSH applications is actually pretty easy, but it does require some knowledge of the pieces involved and a little bit of general Unix literacy. OpenCV – Stream video to web browser/HTML pageIn this tutorial you will learn how to use OpenCV to stream video from a webcam to a web browser/HTML page using Flask and Python. Building a Parallel Task API with CeleryAn introduction to running parallel tasks with Celery, plus how and why we built an API on top of Celery’s Canvas task primitives. Stock Market Trends The purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to some of the tools used to spot stock market trends. How to train a neural net to play cardsIn this article, I'll use some basic machine learning methods to train a bot to play cards against me. The card game that I'm interested in is called Literature, a game similar to Go Fish. Dependencies Handling in PythonDependencies are a nightmare for many people. Some even argue they are technical debt. Managing the list of the libraries of your software is a horrible experience. Updating them — automatically? — sounds like a delirium. Stick with me here as I am going to help you get a better grasp on something that you cannot, in practice, get rid of — unless you're incredibly rich and talented and can live without the code of others. Contributing to PyTorch by Someone Who Doesn’t Know a Lot About PyTorch How to deploy Django project to Heroku using Docker Adding Actions to a PEG Grammar Django + Elasticsearch. Searching for awesome TED Talks  

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Articles, Tutorials and TalksEpisode #37: Python Cybersecurity and Penetration TestingHow secure is your application? Do you know the main vulnerabilities that most apps suffer from? How would you even start answer these questions? On this episode of Talk Python To Me, Justin Seitz is here to tell us all about it.  Local Binary Patterns with Python & OpenCV This post shows you how to use the Local Binary Patterns image descriptor (along with a bit of machine learning) to automatically classify and identify textures and patterns in images (such as the texture/pattern of wrapping paper, cake icing, or candles, for instance). Creating Advanced Excel Workbooks with PythonNo matter how strong the python tools are, there are times when you need to rely on more advanced Excel features to communicate your message or further analyze the data. This article will walk through some additional improvements you can make to your Excel-based output by: Adding Excel tables with XlsxWriter, Inserting custom VBA into your Excel file and Using COM for merging multiple Excel worksheets. GUI Programming with PythonThis is aimed at developers who are already familiar with Python but not familiar with GUI programming. I have two goals here. One is to provide examples and demonstrate that GUI programming is not as painful as most developers would expect. The other is to provide a high level view of the widgets that are available for you to use. Introduction to Chainer: Neural Networks in PythonIn this post we'll go through the process of training your first neural network in Python using an exceptionally readable framework called Chainer. We'll start by making one of the simplest neural networks possible, a linear regression. Then we'll move into more complex territory by training a model to classify the MNIST hand written digits dataset (a standard benchmark for deep learning models). If I were designing Python's import from scratchOr, Lessons learned from implementing import. Podcast. __init__ Episode 34 - Stuart Mumford on SunPyWhat is Solar Physics? How does it differ from AstroPhysics? What does this all have to do with Python? In this episode we answer all of those questions when we interview Stuart Mumford about his work on SunPy. So put on your sunglasses and learn about how to use Python to decipher the secrets of our closest star. Monopoly SimulationsIn this post we'll have a go at some simulations of monopoly. We will find out that the 'going to jail' mechanic of the game causes some drastic inbalances which you may want to be mindful of. If you want to win at monopoly, you'll want to be as close to jail as you can be. Time Zones in Pytz & DjangoTime zones, those stupid things getting in the way of shipping software! If you read the Django documentation on time zones and still feel lost, this article is for you. I'll assume you are familiar with the datetime library and know the difference between naïve and aware datetimes. I'll also assume you know some Django. PokeScrape 3: PyQt4 based PokedexIn this video, we will learn how to build a Pokedex (Pokemon encyclopedia) using PyQt4 (Python GUI library).  PyData NYC 2015 VideosBuilding a Virtual Personal Assistant with Telegram app and TelepotWhy you should use the Django admin: 9 tipsSQLite Spellfix Extension and PythonCreate Pong in Python [Time Lapse]Memory use and speed of JSON parsersBooksBuilding Python Real-Time Applications with StormYou will begin with some basic command tutorials to set up storm and learn about its configurations in detail. You will then go through the requirement scenarios to create a Storm cluster. Next, you'll be provided with an overview of Petrel, followed by an example of Twitter topology and persistence using Redis and MongoDB. Finally, you will build a production-quality Storm topology using development best practices. Interesting Projects, Tools and LibrariesZeroDBZeroDB is an end-to-end encrypted database. Data can be stored on untrusted database servers without ever exposing the encryption key. Clients can execute remote queries against the encrypted data without downloading all of it or suffering an excessive performance hit. funcfinderA tool for automatically solving problems of the form "I need a python function that does X. "ping-me A cross platform personalized Ping. The beauty of ping-me is its command line interface. Get all of your reminders done just by a single line command on your favorite terminal screen. ping-me will surely ping you at that time, no matter you are online or not. It will get to you on your phone device, smart watch and even SMS in worst cases. PyGazePyGaze is an open-source toolbox for eye tracking in Python. letsencryptThe Let's Encrypt Client is a fully-featured, extensible client for the Let's Encrypt CA (or any other CA that speaks the ACME protocol) that can automate the tasks of obtaining certificates and configuring webservers to use them. MaltrailMaltrail is a malicious traffic detection system, utilizing publicly available (black)lists containing malicious and/or generally suspicious trails, along with static trails compiled from various AV reports and custom user defined lists, where trail can be anything from domain name, URL or IP address. BoxelBoxel is a near real-time pixelator and Minecraft codec. BashhubBashhub saves every terminal command entered across all sessions and systems and provides powerful querying across all commands. BrainDumpBrainDump is a simple, powerful, and open note taking platfform that makes it easy to organize your life. django-devrecargarA Django app that automatically reloads your browser when a file changes. New ReleasesPython 3. 5. 1

Python Weekly 222




Articles, Tutorials and Talks Blowing the Doors off Bottlenecks with Python on AMD APUs Learn how to speed up Python programs using the integrated GPU on AMD APUs, using Numba, an open source just-in-time compiler,to generate faster code, all with pure Python.   Exploring U. S. Traffic Fatality Data The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) maintains a fatality dataset called the Fatality Reporting System (FARS). It contains detailed information about every fatal traffic crash in the U. S. , including the time of day, location with latitude and longitude, roadway type, and more. This notebook will hopefully provide some helpful Python analysis techniques as well as raise awareness of the very serious societal problem of roadway injury and death. City Chat with Python, Django and Twilio IP Messaging Looking for a new apartment in your city? Is it election day and you want to remind people to get out and vote? Want to poll residents for the best restaurant in their neighborhood? In this post, we'll build a messaging application where messages are broadcast to recipients based on the city reported by their browser location. By combining Python, Django, Twilio IP Messaging and the Google Maps API we'll take our best shot at making it easier to find an apartment, remind your neighbors to vote or poll your fellow city residents. Podcast. __init__ Episode 35 - Sylvain Thénault on ASTroid The Python AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) is a powerful abstraction that allows for a number of innovative projects. ASTroid is a library that provides additional convenience methods to simplify working with the AST. In this episode we spoke with Sylvain Thénault from Logilab about his work on ASTroid and how it is used to power the popular PyLint static analysis tool. Breaking into the Indian E-commerce Lets find out how India shops and how big is Myntra. Smile Recognition Using OpenCV and scikit-learn In this post, we're going to dab a little bit in machine learning and face recognition to predict if an image from a live webcam shows a smiling subject or not. Building a Rest API with the Bottle Framework This article provides a walkthrough of how to build a RESTful API service using Bottle. Detecting machine-readable zones in passport images In this post, you will learn how to detect Machine-readable Zones (MRZs) in passport scans using only basic image processing techniques. The MongoDB Statbox - Graphs of stats in 5cm by 6cm Using just a Pi Zero, a Unicorn Hat, a slice of Python and a plug-in of Wifi, find out how you can turn you database stats into shining beacons of information in the return of the TinkerTank. How To Make Python Run As Fast As Julia Episode #38: Continuous Integration and Delivery at Codeship Let's Build A Simple Interpreter. Part 7. Create Breakout (Brick Breaker) in Python Solving the GCHQ christmas card with Python and pycosat How to create Slack Bot using Wolframalpha API Airflow: Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls Books Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python You've bested creepers, traveled deep into caves, and maybe even gone to The End and back-but have you ever transformed a sword into a magic wand? Built a palace in the blink of an eye? Designed your own color-changing disco dance floor? In Learn to Program with Minecraft, you'll do all this and more with the power of Python. Begin with some short, simple Python lessons and then use your new skills to modify Minecraft to produce instant and totally awesome results. Learn how to customize Minecraft to make mini-games, duplicate entire buildings, and turn boring blocks into gold. Python Jobs of the Week Senior Games Server Programmer at Kwalee As our Senior Games Server Programmer, we need you to deliver high quality, innovative and extremely fun mobile games. You will help lead the design and architecture of our servers and implement server features to robustly support millions of mobile games players. Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries Kinto A lightweight JSON storage service with synchronisation and sharing abilities. aws-shell An integrated shell for working with the AWS CLI. pybind11 pybind11 is a lightweight header-only library that exposes C++ types in Python and vice versa, mainly to create Python bindings of existing C++ code treescore Score a Christmas Tree based on uniformity of lights, shape of tree, and colors used. Ares Python botnet and backdoor. PyGamii ASCII Game Engine write in Python. cyjson Fast and efficient JSON Parser for Python. Guesstimator Guesstimator is a program that searches the Google Places, Yelp, and Foursquare APIs to create a list of bars in the given location. Then, it combines their ratings as a Bayesian estimate to rank them more accurately. arrayfire-python ArrayFire is a high performance library for parallel computing with an easy-to-use API. It enables users to write scientific computing code that is portable across CUDA, OpenCL and CPU devices. This project provides Python bindings for the ArrayFire library. Layered Clean implementation of feed forward neural networks GoTimer A simple external bomb-timer for CS:GO, written in Python. wifiportal21 A bitcoin-payable wifi captive portal.
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